Perhaps one needs to sign-out and back in every time they start using MS Teams. Tech Community Home Community Hubs. Recovering Microsoft Teams messages: It shouldn’t be this hard. I think I'm using cached exchange mode (checked but not allowed to change), I'm using desktop client with O365.

Ex: Someone making naughty comments to a coworker via Teams chat.

But every time I unsave it, I click away and when I click back it reappears. When you’ve been using the chats you will find that history of the chats is available: I have found however that only the most recent 2 weeks worth is still there with the default bot message showing the date when I started my chats.

Currently our chat history is not being stored in the user mailbox conversation history. Look into retention policies for Teams, that is the only way you can remove Team chats. A couple of the meeting attendees could not see any chat history prior to their joining the meeting, but others who joined the meeting later on were able to see the full chat history. We have a Team that will get new members every few months and the new members don't need to see the previous chats. Community Hubs Home ; Products ; Special Topics ; Video Hub ; Close. How strange. The issue you will see is in other languages chat is translated or listed as conversation. on because there is no missed conversation to email from TEAMS, nor a missed conversation flag or tab in TEAMS, (that would be better) but let not reinvent, you already have it GREAT in SKYPE for business, so lets follow using that. This is a language-specific name, so it will differ if you use a non-English client. One of my colleagues tried exactly the same thing, but they saw no chat history.

If you add someone to a group chat, then as Adam said you can choose to show history or not. September 29, 2020, by

… Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Luckily, I can see everything in the web client. Then, you can pin it, or reference it by that name. This starts the chat. When I got to work and started Teams for Windows 10 I started chatting with my colleague again, but I was missing a big chunk of the conversation history. Because the folder is intended to hold data for compliance purposes, clients like OWA and Outlook desktop do not expose the Team Chat folder to users. But every time I unsave it, I click away and when I click back it reappears. The only reason we know about is because the "missing response" was the one with the answer and they were asking why didn't you answer it.