It is also restored if you re-open the right file display using Set DUAL=Toggle,ToggleLayout or similar. Fixed cosmetic/layout issue in config restore dialog (and possibly others) when translations had wider checkboxes than expected.

Directory Opus 9 went through several years of free updates before moving to v10 — and those that bought v9 got them all for free. 10%.

Added DOpus.filetypegroups property; returns a FiletypeGroups object representing all configured file type groups: Can be enumerated as a collection of FiletypeGroup objects. The MTP "Can Delete" flag is now mapped to the Read-Only attribute when copying files from MTP devices (assuming Opus is configured to preserve attributes).

That's strange! Just so you know, everything is configurable, so if you don't like something, you can probably change it. Detailed sync status and thumbnails should now work again as they did before Microsoft broke them. In the Rename dialog's preview list, when editing a single file name directly with macro mode turned off, the line being edited is no longer moved slightly to the left. Facebook GPSoftware heeft versie 12.22 van zijn bestandsmanager Directory Opus uitgebracht.

Save big bucks w/ this offer: Directory Opus Cyber Monday Deals 2019 | Start Saving Today!. See Details.

Can now be enumerated as a collection of strings (one for each file extension). Hardware Info, DPG Online Services B.V. Those characters are now also filtered out when editing user command names, since they could cause other problems. Installed pro version on my two desktop computers -- the trial for 60 days. They didn't even do anything at Christmas. (Image paths were already fine.).

Added Availability filter type to the advanced filter control. When the folder tab bar is on the left or right, it can now be resized using the Set TABWIDTH command (in addition to dragging and double-clicking the splitter, as before). If you've ever used Explorer to copy a file, you already know exactly how to do it in Opus as well.

Metadata should work for .vnd Visio files now as well as .vndx. Numeric sorting now works with any length numbers (previously it would only work reliably for 19 digits or so).

We'll hopefully have it fixed up for the next beta, We've just released a new DisplayFusion version (, Yeah, that was an incompatibility between the DisplayFusion mouse hooks and the Directory Opus mouse hooks. @clay user, There is no ongoing sale foe Directory Opus at BDJ at the moment, You can see the ongoing sales at this link. The new MatchExt() method returns True if the group matches the supplied file extension. Note that Undo can not be used to restore these files automatically, however you will be able to retrieve them from the recycle bin manually.

At the time, you advised "Since the hooks are Last In, First Out, if you make sure that Directory Opus is launched after DisplayFusion, it will get the hook messages first, and then send them off to DisplayFusion when it's done."

Fix for unnecessary errors in the script log when scripts which use Shell Properties (File Explorer columns) ask about files within archives and other things which the shell doesn't understand.

Fixed script test-runs from the button editor showing the wrong line numbers in error messages if they began with // style comments.
Sub-Folder/File count columns now auto-size correctly again. Ok, I was able to reproduce this on another machine here and I've added it to our list.

Show Coupon Code. I might want to use version 11 on one computer and version 10 on another so I don't upgrade.

We doubt many used the option as no one noticed or reported that it was broken for so long, and it never worked that well in the first place. Disabled the OneDrive bug mitigations as they seem to be no longer needed.

This is a suggestion for software that we might feature on BitsDuJour. Door gebruik te maken van deze website, of door op 'Ga verder' te klikken, geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies.

Hosting door True. Code & Design. For scripts which use Shell Properties (File Explorer columns), removed a second source of potential errors which most scripts would not handle (nor want to handle).

Set TABWIDTH=auto,both or Set TABWIDTH=widest can be used to make both tab bars the same width in a dual-display window.

Fixed scrolling/painting problems after using the Duplicate Finder with Sort newly created and copied files turned off.

which have been moved to other drives. I believe he could certainly afford a better upgrade deal or a new license deal for current users. Upgrade an existing licence (existing customers) Get a free 60-day evaluation licence (available to everyone to test-drive the new version) If you own Directory Opus 9 then you are entitled to a 40% discount. After I had rebooted only once, I immediately used Startup Delayer to delay Dopus so it launches after DF. Fix for modes other than Details/Power, where shift + cursor did not select the expected range if you had just changed the selection via certain commands. Registered Directory Opus 11 users can upgrade from as little as $50 AUD (~$37 USD, £28 GBP, €33 EUR). WHENEXISTS=replace,recycle). It has a sister page that takes a look at new features in Directory Opus 11 as I start using them.

Fixed icons in some dialogs getting clipped slightly at 125% DPI scaling.

Similarly, if you go to Preferences and turn on Tiles / Vertical Layout, all groups in Tiles mode file displays will be expanded automatically. Added DOpus.LoadThumbnail method, allowing a script to retrieve a thumbnail (which can be displayed using a static control in a script dialog). My trial has ended but I really want the pro version of Dopus now I've tried it. Simple request dialogs now use minimal widths for multi-line messages. BDJ doesnt buy any licenses and sell for discount. This makes the Microsoft Raw Extension usable as a viewer within the Opus preview pane. The option to color folders which are Favorites now works with Favorites defined using env-vars and aliases. Menus listing columns from multi-column scripts are now sorted by name. OFF. Fixed a problem where could return a non-functional object in some cases. This is a site where software vendors post discount offers. Menus generated by Go FOLDERCONTENT are now sorted according to locale rules. The only reason I haven't gone to version 11 is the fact that you loose version 10 license when you upgrade. Sub-Folder/File count columns now remain blank until calculated (instead of showing zero while calculating).

The Folder Format group Collapse checkbox is now ignored when a file display is in List or Tiles (Vertical Layout) modes, since they do not support collapsed groups. As far as possible, Opus works just like Explorer does. The active tab group name for the right file display is now cleared if you close the right file display entirely. Fixed some rare/potential cases where a folder change could wait forever if something failed.
(This previously only worked in Details and Power modes.). Directory Opus adds a “Light” version that is very feature-rich. Directory Opus for Windows - the Ultimate Windows File manager and Explorer Replacement.

The Item object now has a new groupsobject property which returns a FiletypeGroups object rather than a Vector (which is what the existing groups property returns).

Made it easier to edit a new, empty toolbar docked to the side of the screen. If you add or remove a script package (.osp file) containing icons, Opus automatically loads or unloads the affected icons again. Fix for slow scrolling in folders with a large number of files when labels using filters were active. It's been out a few months, it's time for a discounted offer for new or upgraded software! Added workaround for the Visio preview handler hanging Opus. Here is what I did.

Before we start configuring Directory Opus, I'll give you a tour of the interface. The same problem occured last year. As of Directory Opus 11, a toolbar's shortcuts can stay active even when the toolbar is turned off. Code. Hopefully the 129 AUD will be discounted more than 10-11 percent between now and my expiration date. Fixed crash which could happen if you used Shift + Mouse Wheel to move back or forward through the history list and span the wheel faster than the folders could be read. Fixed problem with @hidenosel and similar not working correctly in a right-button drag and drop context menu if the drop originated in a different Lister.

If you bought Opus after 31st December 2010 then the update is completely free! Het programma kan 60 dagen worden getest; daarna moet een licentie van 89 Australische dollar worden aangeschaft, wat neerkomt op ongeveer 55 euro. Most extensions go through LibRaw by default, but we provide the option to use the old code in case the new library doesn't work with a particular camera.

Updated Raw Digital Camera plugin with CR3 support. Added workaround for Windows issue where VLC's file type context menus do not work if VLC is not the default video player. The MatchExt() method returns a new FiletypeGroups object containing only the groups that match the supplied file extension. Alt + Left Double-Click file type events can now be triggered via Alt + Return. To upgrade, you do not need to uninstall DO 10.

Otherwise, this coupon always works: LN111117DC. The "close" event for the Tab.WatchTab script notification system wasn't being sent.