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It would also calm me and my overanxious brain. (January 2012):] Not sure how good an artist I would have been, but I still like to paint. I light a candle, brush my teeth, say a prayer and on we go! I find I never get across what want to get across and things be slightly twisted [sic] or said in a way that you think you didn't say them. Who are his parents?

Maybe they were just lying. I do get quite tired, but I don't let it stop me. That's lovely, but anything more than that is quite scary. Brilliant. I just have to be aware and take it steady. [on how whenever she gets nervous, she starts to talk (September 2010):] I just can't help myself. Well my favourite elevenses would be a cup of tea, milky cup of tea, with custard creams, and I quite like Marmite on anything, preferably a crumpet. I'm half Irish. I wasn't the best. I will keep going until I am kindly and politely asked to leave! Getting dressed up is fine; wearing lovely dresses is always fun for girls, but doing press in such a concentrated, intense way is not easy for me. I think we could all use a little more love in the world. Ambition in women can often be misrepresented as something ugly.

Although uncool is the coolest, isn't it really? It was one day many years ago. Hawkins is British as per nationality and ethnicity wise she's of Irish Catholic ancestry. Finding the purity of Elisa, and getting her soul right - her energy, her essence - was such a delicate, fine thing.

I don't have preferences, I just love working on a good script.

He works on the internet - he has his own company designing webpages - but he's a very talented writer and comic.

I work on a more instinctive level and it was good to completely throw myself into something else. He doesn't tell you, "Oh that's amazing.". That would be a real sign of progress, wouldn't it? And I don't want to be, really. Maybe it will dissolve as the clock strikes midnight and I'll be left standing in my pants.

Sally Hawkins is an English actress. [on Poppy Cross in Happy-Go-Lucky (2008)] It's weird because a lot of men couldn't stand her, whereas women really liked her. [on stage play Constellations (2012-2013):] I also try to do a few energy exercises to focus. When I chew things over or analyze too much, that is when I can trip myself up. I admire him so much.

Sally Hawkins' Early Life And Education.

(2010). Invariably, your work life has an effect - if you've had a bad day it can just bleed into your home life, you take it home and go over it in your head and torture yourself. [on Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019):] Oh God, I'm so worried about that. I know how naff that sounds but I do, and besides, I'm not interesting. When you say something with a smile, it makes the world a happier place and everyone appreciates it. Love is love - and it's magic when it happens. [on what artists inspire her] This is almost impossible to answer as I am inspired by so many and all! I'm dull! I'm not a glamour puss. I was still in drama school.

I mean I'm still dealing with equal pay issues. A similar sense of humour. It's an important story, tackling mental health in a really unusual way, and I just adored, adored doing it. It's what I value; I value that it's a part of myself, my heart, it's sacred who I am in my private life. It's nice when fans appreciate your work and people stay after the show to say hello and well done. I'll know that they want an easy interview to pigeonhole me, or for me to come out with these amazing sound bites. [on her part in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)]: Oh, I don't even know if I made the final cut. He's influenced by so many films and Taxi Driver (1976), I know, is one of the big ones. [on Hollywood sexual predators (2017):] When rape is involved, things need to be fully accountable. (2008). Nerves and stage fright can be very difficult to overcome and deal with. [on director Mike Leigh's method:] ...there's you, and then there's your character, and there's a danger that if you allow yourself to believe that they're you, it can get into some shaky territory.
I look up to him. But I think you just do, and you don't know what is expected of you or what you're supposed to do, I mean nobody tells you those things. I like to be comfortable. That intense focus really freaks me out. She's a character who you hope everyone will relate to and love. I'm bit of a hoarder so probably could open a little shop full of treasure and shiny, girly stuff. I'll be stabbing in the dark with this answer (laugh) but when I see friends who have very loving and successful marriages and relationships and when I see my own character, I think friendship is the key to a hearty, supportive marriage and relationship. You say something, things you would rather forget, and then they are out there. Copyright © 2004 - 2020Offices in Amersham, United Kingdom and Mountain View, USA. My skill set is limited I would be useless at most things!

I hope that still happens (laugh), I really do. Acting I get. [on the most important lesson that life has taught her] Go live it. I never thought that I'd be lucky enough to work with him once let alone twice. She would garner another Academy Award nomination for starring as a mute cleaning woman in the American romantic supernatural film The Shape of Water (2017). We're very similar in some ways and very different in others. It really instilled something in me, gratitude, really, and the fact that you have to work hard in this life if you want to get anywhere, and nothing is owed to you. Does that make sense? Then that gets repeated, rather like a Chinese whisper. We were replicated about a thousand times. I'm nowhere near interesting enough for the press to make up stories about. It would be selling the stuff on I'd find difficult. I went to a very good school where we were encouraged to be as independent and strong as we liked and it was quite a shock when I got out into the world to discover how women were patronized and undermined in the workplace. I'm not recognised in the street, and I wouldn't like to be.