But this one is amazing too! “Guess the hunger has affected my vision.”, Barkface’s whiskers twitched. “You smell of kittypets.”, “Kittypet passed our borders and tried to steal my catch,” Tallstar lied. Editions: When Tallstar dies at the end of Tallstar's Revenge Jake appears to him as a ghost and guides him to StarClan, where the pair are reunited. Also Known As

If you're looking for a full list, find one here! “This will feed the Clan well! Due to this, Tallstar refused multiple times to start a war with ThunderClan and aided Firestar's clan against ShadowClan. Semi-Canon He prefer sleeping in the open, but it was only the best shelter there was.

Pushing through the grasses, he perked his ears at the sound of scuffling.

Later Talltail eats a poisonous rat which makes him sick. Tallstar arched his back, stretching his limbs and back. Tallstar realizes it may be time to introduce Firestar to his father. For your Clan.”, Tallstar was stunned. Current: Jake sat up, licking his chestfur down. “You’re back,” Deadfoot meowed. Kate Cary has also said that in her head she sees Tallstar and Jake as mates.

Jake is noted to look exactly like his son, Firestar. His paws came in contact with soft fur, and he heard a yowl of surprise. Tallstar never took a mate or had kits. He skidded into a Twoleg fence with a killing bite to the prey’s neck. Their yowls mingled together, along with moans of pleasure. He is mistakenly depicted as a non-tabby. Wayne McLoughlin,[2] Owen Richardson[3] Jake and Tallstar (then Talltail) first meet when Talltail is cornered by a dog. After their mission was completed, Jake went back to his housefolk, vowing to never forget Talltail or their adventure together. This ask account is really nice! He still missed his warrior duties, but he liked performing leader duties also even though there were hard decisions to be made.

Jake and Tallstar (then Talltail) first meet when Talltail is cornered by a dog. Loner:

Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. He approached the oblvious prey.

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Siblings: His mind went back to the time Tallstar, known as Talltail, traveling with Jake through the Twolegplace. Names It was slightly cold. means a lot, guys! He mounted him, their tails still twined with each other's. Official Reprint “Of course. Inside Kate's head, she sees Tallstar and Jake as.

Names- Tallstar, Jake Genders- Toms Rank- Loners Note from Admin: This is AU, Jake had a first with both of his mates and he ran away with Tallstar RP's are welcomed! Talltail stared at the stars twinkling above them. Book appearances Before Jake could reply, a brown and white tabby jumped on the fence. "Yes?" Kit: Half of them will have white on them like Tallstar. However, inside the publisher's head, they are "good friends".

“Take this. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.

It remains one of the most popular ships within the Warriors fandom. Resources Sons:

Also hug Jayfeather! Jake[4] Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. When it's time to say goodbye Talltail is heartbroken, asking Jake to come with him back to his clan. The kittypet didn't mind. Hardcover, E-book His eyes widened, fur flattened, and tail dropped at the ginger tom sitting on the fence in front of him. Tallstar also was more friendly towards Firepaw when he joined ThunderClan and became its leader, Firestar, because he knew that Firestar was Jake's son due to the resemblance.

Summary I’ll take this bird to Morningflower.” He grabbed the prey, wrinkling his nose at the smell of kittypet, and padded off to the Nursery. Jake would never forget that night, even when he had kits with two she-cats.

The grass was soft underneath his paws with no undergrowth to cover him from any cat's siight, but he didn't care. He poked his head out of the den, more comfortable to be in the open. Deadfoot was in the clearing, organizing patrols.

He wondered if StarClan was watching over him. So much happened, yet time passes too quickly. All this time, he knew Fireheart was his son. He crossed the border, praying to Starclan a patrol wasn’t near, and ran after the rabbit. How could he not know? Details Again, he kept reminding himself of his Clan and the warrior code. When he found out that ThunderClan were sheltering Brokenstar, he felt shocked so did rest of the Clan and ShadowClan.
"I-I love you.." He winded his body around Jake's, a deep purr rumbling in his throat. "Faster!" Oh StarClan.. Will they punish me?

This section summarizes Jake's significant Novellas appearances. “I chased him off, giving him a few scratches.”. Chapter-by-chapter notesAllegiancesCharacter list You can't have paws in two worlds, he thought to himself.

Loner[2] Rogue[3] Kittypet[4] XXask-LionBlaze.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Join the community to add your comment. How could he reject this offer? His green eyes shone with adventure.

I want you to have it. Talltail thrusted out of him. He approached him, sniffing his pelt. Looking for a shorter overview? "Well.