Its effective adaptations in recent years demonstrate that the studio and its talented employees are capable of building a brilliant franchise out of Christopher Paolini’s work. Liam Hemsworth was born on January 13, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia, and is the younger brother of actors Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. He is known for his work on The Last of Us (2013), BioShock Infinite (2013) and Batman: Arkham Knight (2015). 1) The director was not worthy and lacked the skill for a high demand movie. Sort by: View: 28 names 1. As much as I would love a remake of the movie or a TV show let's think realistically. Angela reads eragon his future that has important effect on him. He worked for his father's welding firm before he decided to become an actor. Eragon more than doubled its reported $100 million budget. The audience ignorant about the source material will always be larger than those who do. Working with the authors and the series’ fans ensured smooth transitions to the big screen. He attended Pattison College in Binley Road, Coventry, where he discovered his love for acting. I definitely agree with you on what you said about the visualizing aspect. - Arya is unconscious during the trip to Varden, which is to save her life, and they are being pursued by kull, not soliders. We, the undersigned, represent the Inheritance Cycle fan community. Since his breakout role in The Station Agent (2003), he has appeared in numerous films and theatre plays. He took part in many theatre productions all over the UK, from ... Actor | Your first statement is a "No-True Scotsman" fallacy. Lucas's family quickly noticed, when he was at a very young age, that he had an affinity for ... Anne Jacqueline Hathaway was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Kate McCauley Hathaway, an actress, and Gerald T. Hathaway, a lawyer, both originally from Philadelphia. The film industry often defines a “flop” as a movie that fails to earn back its budget. Young Jeremy didn't prove very fond of figures. We have an official Discord server:, Press J to jump to the feed. He is an actor, known for Gosford Park (2001), Can You Ever Forgive Me? What do you guys think? Updates Petition Disney to remake the Eragon movie and recognize its potential. Peter Jackson was born as an only child in a small coast-side town in New Zealand in 1961. If someone like Peter Jackson or Del Torro were to direct, then you might expect a good film that followed the books. During his early years, Liam worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, a truck driver, an assistant architect and an ... Actor Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes was born on December 22, 1962 in Suffolk, England, to Jennifer Anne Mary Alleyne (Lash), a novelist, and Mark Fiennes, a photographer. With a massive list of awards that includes over 41 Oscar ... Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. But before he became a famous actor, he intended to pursue a career in law.Strong was born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia in London, England, to an ... Grey Griffin was born in Fort Ord, California. There's a host of other fantasy series that are just like the Inheritance Cycle. What works for one, doesn't always work for the other. While the fans of the book facepalmed incredibly hard at all these bullshit changes, a typical viewer would just see it as a remake with less action. Clement was educated at Makoura College in Masterton, NZ. Huge part of the plot seeing how he is taken to Galbatorix where a dragon, Thorn, hatches for him and they are bounded by the evil king in the ancient language agaisnt their will. Helena Bonham Carter is an actress of great versatility, one of the UK's finest and most successful.Bonham Carter was born May 26, 1966 in Golders Green, London, England, the youngest of three children of Elena (née Propper de Callejón), a psychotherapist, and Raymond Bonham Carter, a merchant ... Actor | From the age of six, Emma knew that she wanted to be an actress and, for a number of years,... Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to Jennifer Anne Mary Alleyne (Lash), a novelist, and Mark Fiennes, a photographer. Actor, producer, writer, and director Til Schweiger is Germany's best-known actor and also the country's most successful director. Ansel Elgort Actor | The Fault in Our Stars . His father is Filipino, and his mother has Greek ancestry.When WCW officials told him he'd never make it in sports entertainment, Bautista pushed himself ... Vin Diesel was born Mark Sinclair in Alameda County, California, along with his fraternal twin brother, Paul Vincent. I also added characters from the other books. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. 2) Poorly picked cast, it seems they worked with a low budget and rushed production. He attended Pattison College in Binley Road, Coventry, where he discovered his love for acting. All equally deserve it over the Inheritance Cycle. - Eragon had a vision of Arya; when Eragon is imprisoned in Gil'ead by the shade and discovers her there, there is a fight when murtagh and saphira rescue them both which includes the shade. He is of Dutch (from his immigrant maternal ... Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia, to Leonie (van Os), a teacher of English, and Craig Hemsworth, a social-services counselor. The only time a fantasy world was successfully brought onto the big screen was LotR, and even then Jackson had to cut out and change a lot from the books. Whose home is where the varden are hiding, inside the mountain not OUTSIDE. Since my extreme disappointment of the Eragon movie in 2006. They have two children. _^, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, This Subreddit is dedicated to the Eragon series, also known as the Inheritance Cycle, written by Christopher Paolini (/u/ChristopherPaolini). Ansel Elgort is an American actor, known for playing Augustus Waters in the romance The Fault in Our Stars (2014) and the title character in the action thriller Baby Driver (2017). Her television work includes recurring roles in The Newsroom (2012) and American Horror Story (2011): Freak Show, and regular roles in Extant and Mr... Lupita Amondi Nyong'o was born March 1, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico, to Kenyan parents, Dorothy Ogada Buyu and Peter Anyang' Nyong'o. The majority of the public would just view it as a remake of a shitty movie, which followed an identical storyline, with less action. so now in 2020 does anyone know whether Eragon will head for a remake or will it just stay in the trash forever destined to stay there. (2018) and Hudson Hawk (1991). Since then, he has been involved in many films and theater productions on both sides of the Atlantic. His brothers are actors Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. Hounsou has graced the catwalks of Paris and London as a popular male model. He has been married to Joan Washington since November 1, 1986. Four of his siblings are also in the arts: Ralph Fiennes, an actor; Martha Fiennes, a director; Magnus Fiennes, a... Born in Roseau, Minnesota, Garrett John Hedlund is the son of Kristi Anne (Yanish) and Robert Martin Hedlund. The Inheritance Cycle holds the potential to match the success of recent book-to-movie adaptations, including Twilight, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter. He is of Dutch (from his immigrant maternal grandfather), Irish, English, Scottish, and German ... Actress | If someone comes along that wants to make it, and has a good plan and a good plot in mind, then I could easily see it happening in the next decade or so. With more than 51 Million admissions no other German filmmaker drew more people to cinemas. He is the son of Barbara Anne Brereton (Sharpe) and Paul Dugan Irons, an accountant. Because let's face it, to anyone not concerned about following the book's plot, it would be the same movie but without the flying smoke dragons and killing ra'zac. Personally, I have the books visualized, and have held onto these visualizations for over a decade now, so I will never be able to break away from them. The tall, handsome and muscular Scottish actor Sean Connery is best known for being the original actor to portray the character of James Bond in the hugely successful movie franchise, starring in seven films between 1962 and 1983. Mainly that they have both critically and finically successive that of transcending into culture and classics. Coster-Waldau's breakthrough performance in Denmark was his role in the film Nightwatch (1994). Also Eragon is supposed to suffer a horrible slash in the back. Along with the Kull. He visited mainland England only once a year. We have followed the world of Alagaësia and its beloved characters for over a decade and have become one of the longest-lasting fantasy communities in the book world. He graduated from the University of East Anglia and is probably best known to film audiences for his roles in the... English film actor, director and author Andy Serkis is known for his performance capture roles comprising motion capture acting, animation and voice work for such computer-generated characters as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001-2003) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), ... Djimon Hounsou was born in Cotonou, Benin, in west Africa, to Albertine and Pierre Hounsou, a cook. When a friend of his parents bought him a super 8 movie camera (because she saw how much he enjoyed taking photos), the then eight-year-old Peter instantly grabbed the thing to start recording his own movies,... As one of the best known, awarded, and financially successful composers in US history, John Williams is as easy to recall as John Philip Sousa, Aaron Copland or Leonard Bernstein, illustrating why he is "America's composer" time and again. With her films grossing over $5.5 billion worldwide, Jennifer Lawrence is often cited as the most successful actor of her generation. Eragon Reboot Cast by evwo | created - 17 Jan 2016 | updated - 17 Jan 2016 | Public Since my extreme disappointment of the Eragon movie in 2006. Apa was born on June 16, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand as Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa. He is the eldest of six children. Lucas Daniel Till was born in Fort Hood, Texas, to Dana Lyn (née Brady) and John Mark Till, a lieutenant colonel in the army. Because of him we probably won't have a good Eragon movie. We, the undersigned, represent the Inheritance Cycle fan community. Sean Bean's career since the eighties spans theatre, radio, television and movies. - Hadaarac desert isnt even showed. Christopher Paolini’s books have sold close to 40 million copies since Eragon’s release in 2003. I hate the director of the movie. He wound up ... Actress | Richard E. Grant was born on May 5, 1957 in Mbabane, Hhohho, Swaziland as Richard Grant Esterhuysen. Remake the Eragon movie, part one of the Inheritance Series, correctly. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.