A bite from a red diamond rattlesnake can be lethal.

Sometimes a rattlesnake bites but does not inject venom. These are called "dry bites." In the meantime, washing and bandaging the bite is recommended. When provoked, the snake will swing into an impressive hostile striking position with its neck held high in a loop and its head lowered to strike. Following an ol… Bite severity depends on how much venom the snake chooses to inject. This species is of a mild disposition and has one of the least potent rattlesnake venoms. Rattlesnake rattles, said authority Anders Nielsen, likely evolved on the Great Plains – according to one theory – as a means for the snakes to warn bison not to step on them.
The red diamond rattlesnakes venom increases in toxicity at the animal matures. The Cedros island rattlesnake, crotalus exsul, lives on Cedros Island. Smart News Keeping you current Why Rattlesnakes Are Just as Dangerous Dead or Alive After receiving bite from decapitated Western diamondback, Texas man required 26 doses of antivenom The species is mainly nocturnal and crepuscular during excessive hot weather, but also active during daytime when the temperature is moderate. "Tissue damaging properties of venom," said the University of California at Davis, "are 6 – 15 times greater in adults than juveniles. Try to remember its color and shape so that you can describe it, which will help in your treatment. The venom from the majority of rattlesnake bites will damage tissue and affect your circulatory system by destroying skin tissues and blood cells … Even a dead snake can bite and inject venom if the jaws open and close reflexively when they are touched. A dry bite may still require medical attention. Crotalus ruber is the mainland version of the red diamond rattlesnake. Severe as the effects of the red diamond rattler's bite may be, it causes fewer deaths each year than bee stings. Nonetheless, a bite from this species is still a medical emergency and can be fatal without prompt antivenom treatment. Emergency services should always be contacted in the case of a rattlesnake bite. Typically not an aggressive snake, the red diamond rattlesnake is venomous and is defensive against anyone who antagonizes it. Don't try to capture the snake.

Red Diamond Rattlesnake Red diamond rattlesnake is a moderately large, poisonous, pit viper species occurring in the United States and Mexico.