To rate lists on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Izar: Pronounced “ee-SAHR”, this striking celestial baby name comes from the historically isolated Basque region of northern Spain. Zeke: Usually encountered as a cool short form of Ezekiel, Zeke can also be a standalone name of Arabic and Aramaic origin, meaning “shooting star”. The abbey was destroyed several times, but a refounded Stella Maris monastery is still considered the headquarters of the order. My daughter is named Lyra Yvaine. It was this form that was etymologized by Eusebius. By continuing to browse or by clicking “Accept Cookies,” you agree to the storing of first- and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. If you are tossed upon the waves of pride, of ambition, of envy, of rivalry, look to the star, call on Mary. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC.

Searching for a name is a very important and fun process as it’s the very first gift you will give to your baby.

To rate lists on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Danica: The personification of the morning star in Slavic folklore, Danica sounds like a cross between Danielle and Monica, but feels far fresher than both. Our Lady, Star of the Sea is the patroness of the Netherlands. In Greek mythology, Astraea is the goddess of justice, innocence and purity, but it was also the code name used by pioneering author, spy and modern-day feminist icon Aphra Behn. From Altair to Vega, we’ve already delved into the gorgeous array of names belonging to individual stars and constellations, but how about all of the brilliant baby names with “star” in their meaning? [4], Another opinion[clarification needed] states that Jerome himself interpreted the name as meaning "star of the sea" or Stella Maris, by relating it to a Hebrew word for star, מאור (ma'or), from the verb אור ('or), to be light or shine.[3]. Emma Waterhouse — better known as @katinka around these parts — joined the team in 2017, writing about everything from.

The Slavic pronunciation is “DAH-nee-tsa”. Namid: A solid-sounding Ojibwa name with the gloriously evocative meaning of “star dancer”. © The star on Mary's robe alludes to her epithet of Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea. [13], The Apostleship of the Sea has for many years now, been commemorating the Feast of Stella Maris, Our Lady, Star of the Sea, with Mass each year in September for seafarers. It ranks in the Mexican Top 100 and the US Top 1000, just behind its slightly more popular sisters Estella and Estelle. Hover over or click on the dots that represent a year to see how many babies were given the name for that year, for both genders, if available. As Nameberry’s head moderator, she also helps to keep our active Forums community ticking. The etymologization of the name of Mary as "star of the sea" was widespread by the early medieval period.

[6], Pope Pius XII in his encyclical Doctor Mellifluus also quoted Bernard of Clairvaux in saying: "Mary ... is interpreted to mean 'Star of the Sea'. This means that if two or more names have the same popularity their rankings may differ significantly, as they are set in alphabetical order. Stella Maris Lighthouse on the Uruguay River near the town of Concepción del Uruguay in Argentina. Molly: Baby Name Popularity Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Paschasius Radbertus in the 9th century has an allegorical explanation of the name, writing that Mary is the "Star of the Sea" to be followed on the way to Christ, "lest we capsize amid the storm-tossed waves of the sea." And which others would you add?

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Our Lady Star of the Sea is the patron of the AOS. Names for an astral baby. Robert Bellarmine (writing c. 1600) deprecated this use of the title, preferring the allegory of Christ as the morning star as the "brightest star of all", classing the less-bright polar star as "paltry" (exigua).[8]. The words Star of the Sea are a translation of the Latin title Stella Maris. The more babies that are given a name, the higher popularity ranking the name receives. Required fields are marked *. brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster, a star system in the constellation Serpens, a spiral galaxy in the Andromeda constellation, "star-maiden" she ascended to heaven to become the constellation Virgo, brightest star in the southern constellation Triangulum Australe, brightest star in the constellation Ursa Major, third brightest star in the constellation Orion, one of the twins that make up the constellation Gemini, a comet named after the centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher, an old term for the "evening star" of astronomy, denoting the planet Venus, a double star in the northern constellation of Boötes, a small constellation visible from the northern hemisphere from spring through autumn, an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases, a star that suddenly increases enormously in brightness, then slowly fades back to its original luminosity, "heavenly" goddess of astronomy and astrology, third brightest star in the constellation of Draco, "point at which the sun seems to stand still", star system in the constellation of Ursa Major. see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the soundssounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations names S ea baby names and what they mean, for sea, wave, ocean, with 87 results. [11] Our Lady, Star of the Sea is an ancient title for the Virgin Mary. Yvaine: Although it was likely inspired by the masculine Yvain or by the similar Igraine, both from Arthurian legend, Neil Gaiman’s character in Stardust lends the name a celestial secondary meaning: “My sisters called me Yvaine, for I was an evening star”. Double star!! The Cornish Steren, also meaning “star”, is a steelier alternative. Originally arising from a scribal error in a supposed etymology of the name Mary, it came to be seen as allegorical of Mary's role as "guiding star" on the way to Christ. Pinging is currently not allowed. The Walters Art Museum. You can reach her at For reaching this meaning the Hebrew name Miryam (מרים) had to go through a series of transformations: in Judeo-Aramaic it became Maryām, rendered in Greekas Mariam (Μαριάμ). Also see Star Names and Moon names.

Twila: One of the many proposed origins for this bewitching name is that it may be a Cajun corruption of étoile, the French word for “star”. "[5], Anthony of Padua also wrote of Mary as Star of the Sea. Under this name, the Virgin Mary is believed to intercede as a guide and protector of seafarers in particular. The idea of Mary as a guiding star for seafarers has led to devotion to Our Lady, Star of the Sea in many Catholic coastal and fishing communities.

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If a name has less than five occurrences, the SSA excludes it from the provided data to protect privacy. At a gathering during the Stella Maris Mass in Westminster Cathedral in 2016, Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols said, "Caring for seafarers is a profoundly Christian thing to do.". Devotions to this title of Mary are found in the popular Catholic hymn, Hail Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star and the ancient prayer Ave Maris Stella. Dara: A soft yet strong unisex name with roots in several languages, Dara means “star” in Khmer, but its other meanings include “gift” (Serbian), “fruitful” (Irish Gaelic) and “wealthy” (Persian). [ Suggest Names … Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","aa4c1df5e46a911cc43addd5e401dc18");document.getElementById("f9d6c7f7f4").setAttribute("id","comment"); If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission". The plainsong hymn "Ave Maris Stella" ("Hail, Star of the Sea") dates from about the 8th century. Maristela: Like the balletic Marianela, this elaborate Spanish and Portuguese name originated as a combination of Maria and Estela. Your email address will not be published. We're excited that you have an opinion about this user-generated list, "Stardust and Moonbeams". It was this form that was etymologized by Eusebius. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" and also in accordance to amazon associates programme operating agreement. Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Goleen Church of Our Lady, Ireland. Anahita is the name of... Arnav. Hester: An underused vintage variant of Esther, steeped in literary history: Nathaniel Hawthorne used it for the heroine of his 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter, and more recently British authors Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials) and Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) have also created characters by the name. It’s traditionally feminine, but could certainly work for a boy as well. In the medieval period, stella maris came to be used as a name of Polaris in its role as lodestar (guiding star, north star); it may have been used as such since Late Antiquity, as it is referred to as ἀειφανής "always visible" by Stobaeus in the 5th century, even though it was still some eight degrees removed from the celestial pole at that time. Note: The data above is from the Social Security Administrator of United States, (more info here) from Social Security card applications for births in US for every name, from 1880 up to the present year. Invocation of Mary, Mother of Jesus, among other names and titles, Hom. If you are thinking of giving your baby the beautiful name Mary, spread the love and share this with your friends. The widely sung "Sicilian Mariners Hymn", O Sanctissima,[9][10] also reflects this devotion. The name Anahita is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "a river and water goddess". Astraea: Fresher than Aurora, but with the same pretty yet powerful appeal. The name Mary is of English, Hebrew origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world. Names for an astral baby. The name's popularity and ranking is announced annually, so the data for this year will not be available until next year. Its Sindarin meaning is “star sun”.

Adoption of these girl names reached its peak during 1920-1929 (USAGE OF 10.3%) and has become significantly lower since (USAGE 1.2%, 88% LESS), with names like Marla becoming less trendy. It has been in use since the late Middle Ages.