Matt Sain (i), Ingrid Burnett (i) HOW TO BECOME A POLL WORKER. opacity:1 !important; Three statewide ballot measures were certified for the 2020 ballot in the state of Missouri.. One ballot measure, a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment, appeared on the August 4, 2020 primary ballot. Elections in Missouri Learn about all of the 2020 elections in Missouri by following the links below. 500 character limit. Nicolene Radke, Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot: For general information, voter registration, & voting information: Phone: 417-582-4340

Consequently, voters in Missouri may present either photo or non-photo identification at the polls and cast regular ballots without signing affidavits. Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot: .candidateListTablePartisan td { margin:0; November 3, 2020 General Election . President Donald Trump won the Republican primary. David Woody, Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot: Michelle Sherod, Ryan Myers  [7], To vote in Missouri, one must be 18 years old, a United States citizen, and Missouri resident. To register to vote in Missouri, you must be a resident of the state.

Five state executive offices are up for election in Missouri in 2020: the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer. Eric Wulff, Jason Bean  [3][4][5][6], In Missouri, all polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.  Pettis County Missouri. Michael Davis  In 2016, Donald Trump (R) won 120 out of 163 state House districts in Missouri with an average margin of victory of 39.8 points. Russell wrote, "Because the affidavit requirement of sections 115.427.2(1) and 115.427.3 is misleading and contradictory, the circuit court’s judgment declaring the affidavit requirement unconstitutional is affirmed. font-size:0.8em; Further, the circuit court did not err in enjoining the State from requiring individuals who vote under the non-photo identification option provided in section 115.427.2(1) to execute the affidavit or in enjoining it from disseminating materials indicating photo identification is required to vote. A full term on the court is 12 years.

Jason Shaffer, Terry Brown  color:#696969; Frequently Asked Questions About Elections, Frequently Asked Questions About Registration, Frequently Asked Questions About Election Work. Note that the dates and terms of participation for presidential preference primaries and caucuses sometimes differ from those that apply to primaries for state-level and other federal offices, which are the subject of this article. Submit our FORM to update your voter registration record. Eddy Justice 

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