He is not listening to me since I want to cancel. I tried to cancel my subscription by e-mail but did not get a reply. He tells me I can listen to SiriusXM on my cell phone or on the TV. Bet you that many companies are hoping that we will drop dead or get killed in an accident & therefore, the automatic renewal will go on & on & on & on & on. For the record, I hate "automatic renewals". Even Facebook has started massive advertising a year or so ago. I haven't used them at all ... . When you want to be transferred to the U.S. office and politely DEMAND it, it always happens, at least in my experience. Most importantly, your smartphone has built-in memory, and likely an external micro memory card expansion capability, you can fill it full of your favorite music MP3 files and stream to your hands-free entertainment system via Bluetooth. Many people already stream video all day long. One of their operators told me, "I can't understand how you can turn down this deal!" Now I get to listen to more than the 5 same songs XM played every day. We’ve got the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t bother signing up for or renewing SiriusXM. It's a rather new sales tactic. It's all too confusing to me, especially when I'm trying to learn the many features of the car itself. I tried to cancel my subscription by e-mail but did not get a reply. The future of mobile internet will involve higher bandwidths. Why pay for something, if you could get it cheaper or free? Think twice before subscribing to SiriusXM or renewing an existing subscription. So my point is run over you data limit pay the cell company Big Bucks…Bad idea using in place of Sirius unless you can afford a $110 month unlimited data plan…lol then you say its the same as Am/FM Radio…Not in a million years as I have it in my BMW and you cant find Techno Music on my local radio stations or talk shows which is nice to hear sometimes! It sounds self-explanatory, but customers have an interesting explanation as to what they mean by satellite radio being a luxury. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hello, smart tech consumer. I unsubscribe, and that gets me a few weeks off from their emails. The customer satisfaction with the company is terrible. It kills scenery & it hurts my ears. JavaScript is disabled. I'm the middle of the road & very neutral guy. It would seem that the truth is wireless internet is actually the next best thing. Ya, I know. I’d like to dump it DH for some reason wants it. This means that if you were on a long road trip (an ideal candidate for mobile entertainment) you’re going to hear the same songs replaying. Why can't I talk to someone from North America? Or, you can say "Sorry, I don't understand your accent, please transfer me to an operator with less of one" and they do. It's nice, but I can live without it. Science? Times are tough and that means saving money is a must. Why are you paying for satellite radio when your smartphone already has more options? JavaScript is disabled. I have a SiriusXM trial in my car and it’s about to end next week. By streaming your own music files, you wouldn’t be using any of your smartphone data plan allowance. OK! There’s no in between or home for people that are more neutral or don’t completely agree with the radio programs. I tell him I don't have a smartphone. Also, it’s seems to me that It is too Canadian centric. This happens very frequently and is a result of wireless radio signals being blocked from line of sight. The man on the phone offered one package that I didn't want and stated so.