We might gain new insight into business and personal relationships now. As the Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Uranus, we find it easier than usual to tap into novel ideas. When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. You crave attention today! Creativity: Excellent ~ Love: Excellent ~ Business: Fair, Yesterday   Today   Tomorrow Taurus Your Personal Jupiter Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra Posted in Taurus astrology Time to find more fun, satisfying work opportunities and a more vibrant, healthier you as Jupiter beams in your best prospects in 12 years Taurus! October 17, 2020 In Relationship . We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments. Bring Good Luck to your Place with Feng Shui. Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio from October 13th to 27th, and then in Libra from October 27th to November 3rd. We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments. Or, enter your birthdate and get a quick transit or forecast report. In an attempt to see both sides of any given situation, Mercury in Libra can be a vacillating energy. Love interests or partners are intrigued or receptive right now. Something’s triggering all sorts of emotions and feelings. You might want to engage in just about every activity except work. Taurus Tomorrow Horoscope Friday, October 16, 2020. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. Your feelings may seem to muddy the picture, but in truth, they're helping you out since an overly intellectual or logical take on a situation doesn't always do you favors. It’s a good time to think about ways of improving our negotiation skills. Free Horoscope Reports; Love. He will be too egotistical and dominating to coexist with. This influence helps us get in touch with what we most love and cherish, and it aids us in narrowing our focus to our advantage. In most ways, the day plays in your favor, dear Taurus, and your best bet is to limit distractions. It can be more challenging than usual to make quick decisions, as we can sit “on the fence”. Read full quote, © Copyright 2020 - Horoscope.com, Inc. - All rights reserved. This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Every person in the world is special, so try not to act as if you're the only one who is. Six-Month Forecast For Taurus Education, communication and expanding your psychological and intellectual horizons are all on offer, even if taking a boat or a plane to distant parts is not. There can be a strong urge–or need–to break free from old patterns in our relationships. This is a time for demonstrating your commitment and expressing your confidence in both yourself and someone special. We are more inclined to employ charm rather than aggressive behavior in order to get what we want during this cycle. The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters sensible Capricorn at 2:44 AM EDT. Venus forms a trine to Pluto, and the need to share or enjoy life on deeper levels is strengthening. It’s probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to our partners but privately resenting the fact or thinking ourselves martyrs for doing so! However, we should watch for impulsive moves and hot tempers with the Moon square retrograde Mars this morning. Superficiality simply will not do with the Sun in Scorpio. We’re reaching for our joy, and we are seeking to grow, expand, and improve. Superficiality simply. This can not be considered as a good combination as far as sign compatibility is concerned. Oct 16, 2020 - You may be able to zip through chores like lightning today, Taurus. AstroSage Yearbook is a channel to fulfill your dreams and destiny. Here’s to a fun, happy, and successful day! Taureans Tomorrow October 17, 2020. Calculator. TAURUS get ahead of the pack with your FREE HOROSCOPE for tomorrow with me Astrologer Patrick Arundell . The desire to experience something new, exciting, and bold can figure strongly. Sun is in Scorpio from October 22-November 21, 2020. Sunday 18th October, Taurus 21 April - … Mercury enters retrograde zone/shadow on September 23, 2020, at 25 Libra 54, Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, 2020, at 11 Scorpio 40Rx, Mercury leaves its retrograde zone/shadow on November 19, 2020, at 11 Scorpio 40. As the Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Uranus, we find it easier than usual to tap into novel ideas. The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius. As we try to get the words just right, we could fall short with sensitivity. This is not regarded a good sign compatibility. It is regarded as a good match by Vedic astrologers. Sun is in Scorpio from October 22-November 21, 2020. Tomorrow's Taurus Horoscope October 16, 2020 While frustrations with your routines, health, or work can magnify this week, dear Taurus, they also motivate you to make a fresh start. Take the high ground and you will certainly prevail. Your free Taurus tomorrow's horoscope by Easyhoroscope.com. Jealousy, vindictiveness, beating a dead horse, and manipulative are some of the more negative expressions of Scorpio.