“It’s hard.” (As someone who hasn’t seen her own mother in person since February, I get it.). 2 half-confirmed. Demar, 26: “I may have fallen for you already,” the spin instructor tells Clare. Interesting choice producers. Mr. West Virginia, or whatever his name is, reveals he has information on Yosef. A random woman cheers her on from the boardwalk. After reminding viewers 87 times that Clare is 39 (this may be even more mentioned than Colton’s virginity), we get this chef’s kiss of a scene with Chris Harrison set up at a rose-adorned desk telling Clare via video call that The Bachelorette is back on. I have so many questions, mostly because I want an exact replica of this masterpiece in my home. Robby, 31: He’s an insurance broker from Florida and kind of looks like every other white guy who’s ever been on this show. I love seeing what dumb, hilarious and actually pretty good entrances these men come up with, but straightjacket guy takes the cake. Biggest reunion ever! West Virginia says Yosef was messaging a woman from his hometown repeatedly things like, “Hi, beautiful.” Yosef says he has way too much respect for himself to message someone repeatedly who doesn't respond back. As we head into the first cocktail party, I couldn’t help but notice the absence of water on the driveway, a feature that’s become synonymous with the Bachelor franchise. Just look at her: “I knew it!” Clare gushes. But to give credit where it’s due, Jay appears to keep the damn thing on all night. But Yosef is obviously pretty pissed at “mini-McConaughey” (I’ll admit, the nickname made me laugh), because he immediately tracks down Clare and tells her that Tyler C. is “trying to drag my name through the mud.” Uh-uh. Tayshia is nowhere to be found in the “this-season-on” super-tease… unless this is the back of her head? “I definitely feel like I just met my husband.” She’s giddy and breathless. See you later, fellas! The show implies that the worst possible outcome for Clare, 39, is that her quest to find a hunky fiancé could be delayed. Hold up, we have our first salmon jacket of the season! Read "The Bachelorette" season 16 episode 1 recap for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' season of "The Bachelorette" 2020. No tears. Anna, don't think on that too long because it's time to meet the men. Mr. West Virginia decides to confront Yosef directly. Clare has been on 20 different Bachelor franchise series, where we watched her get her heart broken, rip a new one into the biggest a**hole in Bachelor history and even get engaged to a guy who seemed…nice. I have to set a good example for my daughter! Bad move, Clare! It’s finally time to “get this show going”?