Brown Cook announces candidacy, April 20: Ja'Mal Green announces candidacy, April 22: Neal Sáles-Griffin announces candidacy, May 10: Lori Lightfoot announces candidacy, August 6: Take Charge Chicago formally submits to the Chicago Board of Election its petition for a term-limits referendum question to be included on the November 2018 ballot, August 24: Trudy Leong announces candidacy, August 31: Chicago Board of Elections rules that the term-limits referendum question petitioned by Take Charge Chicago had collected a sufficient number of valid signatures to preliminary qualify for inclusion on the November 2018 ballot, September 12: Chicago Board of Elections rules that the term-limits referendum question petitioned by Take Charge Chicago is ineligible for inclusion on the November 2018 ballot due to improper phrasing, September 17: William M. Daley announces candidacy, September 20: Toni Preckwinkle announces candidacy, September 27: LaShawn Ford announces candidacy, November 14: Susana Mendoza announces candidacy, November 19: First day of petition filing, Catherine Brown D'Tycoon, Jerry Joyce, Toni Preckwinkle, and Paul Vallas file petitions, November 23: Conrien Hykes Clark files petition, November 26: Final day of petition filing, Dorothy A. Lori is passionate, family oriented, and she is the candidate I trust to serve our neighborhoods-not the corrupt political machine.…, "marc loveless on Twitter: "I'm attending Lightfoot for Chicago's event, "Southside Equality Illinois Day of Action with Lori Lightfoot" – sign up now to join me! You know what to do... punch 22 for Willie Wilson For Mayor! CHICAGO ELECTION RESULTS Lightfoot captured more than 90,000 votes and Preckwinkle received more than 83,000. Data on the map could lag behind overall city results by as much as an hour. CHICAGO (WLS) -- Five weeks from now, history will be made in Chicago and the city will have its first African-American female mayor. [60] The candidates differed on prospective term limits, with Preckwinkle opposing them, and Lightfoot advocating limited mayors and Lightfoot wants mayoral tenures and City Council committee chairmanship to two terms. Pat Quinn won't run for Chicago mayor, will keep pursuing term limits", "2018 Voters' Guide to the General Election", "Emanuel confidant Michael Sacks eyes Tribune Publishing", "City treasurer not running for re-election — or for mayor, either", "Pat Tomasulo is NOT running for Mayor of Chicago", "Ricketts family may not like Ald. #ChicagoMayoralElection, "Jeff O on Twitter: ". How much money is driving Chicago's mayoral election? Unless otherwise indicated, these individuals did not submit petitions: The following are prospective and speculative candidates that declined to run: Note that runoff totals include the amount raised in both rounds of the election. Thank you for trusting me with your vote! ", "Will Toni Preckwinkle's woes boost Susana Mendoza in mayoral race? Feb 27, 2019 at 3:30 PM . Still, the claim continues to circulate in some form online. @toniforchicago will bring her environmental leadership to the Mayor's Office by: ✅ Fully replacing lead service lines ✅ Fixing our recycling program ✅ Adopting 100% clean energy by 2035…, "Toni Preckwinkle adds Teamsters Joint Council to list of union endorsements", "Preckwinkle begins the task of trying to demonize Lightfoot Preckwinkle begins the task of trying to demonize Lightfoot", "Potential Candidates in the 2019 Chicago Mayoral Race", "Potential Candidates in the 2019 Chicago Mayoral Race – Illinois Sunshine", "New Poll Suggests Lightfoot Poised to Clinch Mayor's Race", "A new mayoral poll reveals a big Lightfoot lead—and a warning", "Poll shows Lightfoot trouncing Preckwinkle; CTU dismisses it as 'trash, "FIRST POLL: Lori trouncing Toni — CHUY's campaign chief heads Lori's team — BERNIE hits Chi", "Stand for Children IL PAC Poll: Lightfoot 58%, Preckwinkle 30%", "Poll: Lightfoot Stretches Lead Over Preckwinkle", "Three-Way Tie on the Eve of Chicago's Mayoral Election", "Preckwinkle Downplays Lightfoot's Endorsements From Former Mayoral Rivals", "New POLLING in Chicago mayor's race — Wife of tea partier JOE WALSH named to SAUER seat — KONKOL's back and writing", "Preckwinkle, Mendoza favorites to face off in mayoral runoff, CFL poll shows", "Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » Mendoza poll has bad news for Preckwinkle", "Trailing in mayor's race, Chico makes $1M buy on cable and commercial TV", "RAUNER's 4th pick — Polls show it's MENDOZA v. PRECKWINKLE — CUBS shout-out at 44th Ward forum", "Poll for challenger Lightfoot shows Rahm's 2019 re-election bid in big trouble", "Poll bankrolled by Rahm's biggest donor shows 'strong chance' for third term", "David Axelrod's mayoral-race forecast: 'Nothing would be totally surprising, "Mary Ann Ahern on Twitter: "One More Snapshot, Independent #ChiMayor19 Poll: Daley 15% Chico & Lightfoot 14% Preckwinkle 12% Mendoza 10% (Conducted Feb 12th – Feb 14th) (Reminder: snapshot, moment in time), "5-Person Dash to Finish of Chicago Mayoral Race, Poll Shows", "No bias. The elections were part of the 2019 Chicago elections, which included elections for City Council, City Clerk, and City Treasurer. ", "How Rahm Emanuel's surprise might shake up Chicago's mayoral race", "2011 mayoral candidate Gery Chico to get into crowded Chicago mayor's race to succeed Rahm Emanuel", "This morning, I filed to become the next mayor of Chicago. [40] She won the endorsement of the Chicago Sun-Times. For more coverage of the election, go here.. I also commended Toni Preckwinkle on her years of service and I hope they both can work together in the near future. ", "Rhymefest on Twitter: "Congratulations @LightfootForChi you have my Vote. “SHOCKING: 1,000+ mail-in ballots found in a dumpster in California,” the post said. But even when the companies do act on voting misinformation, the posts are often labeled or removed after they’ve been seen widely. All the polls are "singing the same song" – Victory, Ogden & Fry, We Ask America and now Tulchin Research. Read the Union's full endorsement of @LightfootForChi here: #TeamLightfoot #ChiMayor19, "Lori Lightfoot on Twitter: "I'm so proud to have the endorsement of @UniteHerelocal1! Check out election results and take a look at the latest coverage on the candidates. #ThePeoplesMayor #WeAreOne #ChiMayor19 #ChicagoElection…, "U.S. Rep. Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia, attorney Jerry Joyce back Lori Lightfoot in Chicago mayor's race", "Mary Ann Ahern on Twitter: "NEW Endorsement: @RepMikeQuigley announces support for @LightfootForChi #ChiMayor19, "A Compliment Being Questioned As Criticism In Mayoral Race", "Lightfoot picks up endorsements from laborers and another former rival", "Hard to believe that this photo was... – Sara Feigenholtz", "Comptroller Susana Mendoza backs former rival Lori Lightfoot in Chicago mayor's race", "Chance the Rapper backs Preckwinkle at rally, Mendoza endorses Lightfoot", "Susana Mendoza endorses Lori Lightfoot for Chicago Mayor", "Lori Lightfoot on Twitter: "NEWS: @RepAnnWilliams is on #TeamLightfoot!