Is any character truly safe? The truck was carrying heroin seized by police from local gangs, and three officers were killed in the attack. Who is Leila in Netflix series Grand Army? See you next week. For a start, DS Steve Arnott automatically assumed it was her, and we all know that when young Arnott jumps to conclusions, they are generally wrong. So I’ll assume you know the set-up. This article “Who is Leila in Netflix series Grand Army” contains spoilers. The fact that the hapless Malhotra (Maanuv Thiara) had a gambling habit and that’s why the gang had leverage is an interesting one – I can’t help wondering if Ted might be hiding a similar problem. SPOILERS! Three swift and final incidents follow: Slater’s gang is raided, with drugs found in a van outside his premises, clearly set up… but by the UCO? Spoiler alert: this blog is for people watching series five of Line of Duty (it also contains spoilers from earlier series). As usual, our anti-corruption heroes start with what looks like a straightforward case and rapidly find themselves moving their focus in a zigzag until they discover who the real target ought to be. So this season has a situation we’ve not seen before: the investigators cannot interview the person they’re investigating. Whether you saw the twists coming or not, this gripping opener had robbery, blackmail, murder, hijack and so, so much more, Sun 31 Mar 2019 17.00 EDT Another glossy and intelligent Jed Mercurio series hits the ground running on its return to BBC Sunday nights. Kate used to be his junior – and now she’s “one rank superior.”, Back in series four, it looked like Steve was being lined up for DI. Her wobbles over shooting a female police officer in cold blood had nothing whatsoever to do with being an undercover cop. Line of Duty recap: series five, episode one – who's playing the long con? You can unsubscribe at any time. Meanwhile, Hastings is shown calling someone who fails to pick up. Try to keep up! Read Lucy Mangan’s review of the first episode. Yet Ted was right – she had made a mockery of her position on AC-12, which is why she’s this week’s weasel even though her death broke my heart. They move on from Cafferty fairly quickly, but you have to wonder whether she might turn out to be crooked. Did you know Corbett had to be the undercover, or were you sure it was McQueen? It’s so secretive its files are protected on the police database by a Management of Police Information (MOPI) notice. He was the senior police officer who was running the show for organised crime. Given this is Line of Duty, he has to be playing a con of some kind but is it a con on the crooks or one on the police? The plot thickens. She declares that if Malhoutra had been recruited to help the operation, that should have been declared: this is a sign that the undercover work is going wrong, a line has been crossed and they need to go back to Powell…. He has her kidnapped – and when he opens up the back of her burner phone, he finds some kind of listening or tracking device on her microchip. Another glossy and intelligent Jed Mercurio series hits the ground running on its return to BBC Sunday nights. Hopefully we’ll find out…. More importantly, it was notable that despite Corbett’s air of suppressed violence and apparent control of the gang, it was McQueen who was being asked to do most of the actual criminal work, from taking out a police officer to setting up the drugs handover. Is he under the sway of some other H? Corbett seems to be calling the shots and has his own office in the back room of Kingsgate Printing Services, the gang’s HQ. PC Maneet Bindra confesses everything and must have made an arrangement to be a go-between with the gang because she’d be out of her job otherwise. In the meantime, the female gang member (the likely undercover officer) makes a successful deal with rival Slater. “Steve, are you okay to open a case number?”, Oof. Curse you Jed Mercurio – I’m now going to spend an unnecessary amount of time worrying about Maneet’s baby. He worked as a civilian administrator within the police and was involved in organising the processing and disposal of controlled substances, which is why they targeted him for this hijack of the ED905 drugs convoy; by pretending to help him consolidate and pay off his gambling debts, Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) gained enough information to blackmail him into passing on the relevant information. We have narcotics traded. Not only is she played by Sian Reese-Williams (Hidden), too good an actor to waste on one scene, but the ploy used was very similar to the one that brought about Lindsay Denton’s downfall in the first season. If you’ve been watching Line of Duty from day one, you’ll know that there is a lot to take in and it is fast-paced. Steve and Kate spent the whole episode assuming that Lisa McQueen was the UCO (undercover officer) operating inside this OCG (organised crime group), but then – surprise, surprise – it turned out she was just a bona fide criminal. SPOILERS! H, finally. And who is he really working for? And another big revelation: Stephen Graham’s “balaclava man” John Corbett is an undercover police officer! No wonder he seemed under pressure this episode, storming out of the interview with Maneet and rushing to label the late unlamented ACC Hilton as H, a move that I saw as born of desperation rather than guilt (yes, as far as the “Hastings is H” theories go, I remain as deep in denial as Ted is about his wife having left him). So… is Hastings actually the real “H”? Anyone keeping tally of this show’s obsession with hands should note that McQueen spent a lot of time trying to get control of hers, particularly in the toilet scene where she was forcing it to stop shaking. What game is he playing? You can check out our, Fear the Walking Dead season 6, episode 2 recap – “Welcome to the Club”, The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Tyger and the Lamb”. Next, Bindra meets with the gang, offers to get more police information, and is summarily and bloodily executed for her double-crossing nature. Or does the truth lie somewhere in between? Still, the beard is clearly not hindering his Tinder chances, even if he wasn’t in the mood to swipe right. But first, let us raise a toast in silence to the season’s first death: poor, out-of-her-depth PC Maneet Bindra (Maya Sondhi), who simply wanted to protect her useless cousin and now leaves a newly born baby motherless.