Our adult pair are kept i… Keeping childreni in a glass type aquarium will require a minimum20 gallon long type tank for a single snake or 30 gallon long for a pair. At night, temperatures can be in the mid 70’s. Childrens Pythons need a humid-ity level of 60 percent. Humidity/Water Since they are from Australia, they do not require a high amount of humidity.

In the day time, the hot end of the enclosure should be set at 88–90 degrees fahrenheit, and the cool end at about 80 degrees.

Ours enjoy having a varied environment to explore, including using toilet paper tubes to thread through. A small water dish is fine for them.

Pythons love fresh water! Use a thermom- Children's pythons can reach a full adult length of approximately 3', although 2.5' is much more common.

Children’s pythons can be housed in pairs or trios, however they should always be separated when feeding in order to ensure there are no mishaps. They do like to climb and will make use of any available branches or other ‘furniture’ inside the cage.

Do not use hot rocks or anything similar to heat your cage because they get extremely hot, and have melted the scales off of many reptiles. clean water available to them at all times. Having a water bowl also lends humidity to their environment which helps them to shed.

There is nothing proven that UV lighting will benefit Children’s pythons, so they are not needed. This will, in effect, provide a thermal gradient which allows the snake to regulate its own temperature. Heating & Humidity: Attach a low wattage heat mat to the bottom of the bin (on the exterior), covering 33% to 50% of the cage.