Baker Capitol Cider’s (*818 E Pike St) downstairs Ballast Bar hosts live music, literary readings, drawing groups, and art talks. It is the center of LGBT life in Seattle and also a center of the city's counterculture, while also home to some of the city's grandest mansions and many attractions. Below is a print-friendly map of the buildings and grounds cared for by the Architect of the Capitol. Print-friendly map of Capitol Hill. Mjychabaud22 A map of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (Wikipedia – CC BY-SA 4.0). At Rock Box (1603 Nagle Pl), you can belt out your go-to karaoke songs in one of 12 private rooms with full service or hang out in the lively bar and broadcast your talents to a larger crowd. Baker 9X Rainier Beach, Columbia City, Seattle University, Broadway 10 Capitol Hill, Downtown 11 Madison Park, Capitol Hill, Downtown 12 Interlaken Park, Seattle University, First Hill, Downtown 47 Summit, Downtown Seattle 48 U District, Montlake, Central District, Mt. Capitol Hill is the most densely populated residential[citation needed] neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, United States. Lying directly east of the downtown retail core, Capitol Hill is unofficially bounded to the east by 23rd Ave, to the west by Interstate 5, to the south by E Union St, and to the north by E Interlaken Blvd. Seattle is the western terminus of I-90 and is on the I-5 corridor, about 140 miles (230 km) south of Vancouver, British Columbia, and 170 miles (270 km) north of Portland, Oregon. Capitol Hill is Seattle's most densely populated neighborhood and the heart of the city's counterculture. 8 Seattle Center, Capitol Hill, Central District, Mt.