Although Max tries his best, eventually he realizes he loves the monsters but cannot be the leader or parent they need and returns home to his mother with a better appreciation of what she goes through. By the end, Max says that Carol is out of control after Carol ripped off Douglas' arm. proceeds to argue with Carol over his behavior - explaining that life on the island was difficult and Carol's constant temper tantrums were only serving to worsen things. He's touched me very much. He certainly has done just that in Where the Wild Things Are, which may not be meant for young kids but at least avoids the adult content of his other films, like Being John Malkovich and the recent Her. Where the Wild Things Are is a children's book by Maurice Sendak. In the Spike Jonze film, Max is an angry little boy in a wolf costume who is very intelligent and resents that his sister feels too old to spend time with him and that his mother's life is too busy to give him the attention he desires. In the end The Wild Things weren’t wild at all, they were human. In raging anger Carol lost his temper and rips off Douglas' arm and went on a rampage, chasing Max through the forest and threatening to eat him - however K.W. [14], Jonze kept in close consultation with Sendak throughout the process, and the author approved creature designs created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. [56] The home media release was accompanied by a Canadian-produced live-action/animated short film adaptation of another Sendak work, Higglety Pigglety Pop! At first happy, he eventually grows tired of acting like a wild animal and goes back home. "[22], Film classification agencies have tended to assign "parental guidance" ratings rather than general or family ratings. Other releases include an eight-inch articulated figure of Max in wolf costume and smaller scale sets of the characters released under their Kubrick figure banner. [53] In an interview with Newsweek, Sendak stated that parents who deemed the film's content to be too disturbing for children should "go to hell. Max gains some maturity when it comes to dealing with others and his problems, Carol is out of control after Carol ripped off Douglas' arm, when she swallows Max to keep Carol from eating him. So he's touched me. Max finds Alexander alone in the fort. it turns out that pretty much all of the monsters had him figured out from the get go. It was also released a mere day apart from another movie with similar hipster appeal. There is no blood and Douglas is not in any pain, he is just annoyed with Carol. For the film's trailer, Arcade Fire provided a re-recorded version of the track "Wake Up" from their album Funeral. Best line: (Douglas, when his arm is pulled off during Carol’s vicious tantrum) “That was my favorite arm!”. The film was met with mostly positive reviews and appeared on many year-end top ten lists. It’s based off the classic children’s picture book by Maurice Sendak (which my mom read to me growing up), but the tone of the entire film has a distinctly adult sensibility. Change ). Although the book inspired him as a child to work in special effects, he felt filming it was a "horrible idea. Carol. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from There are two film adaptations, the more recent one directed by Spike Jonze of Being John Malkovich fame with a soundtrack by Karen O. Most of the following tropes will deal with the film version (see Adaptation Expansion). Michelle Williams was originally cast as the female Wild Thing KW only to leave the project after her voice "didn't match the original vision of how the Wild Thing should sound".