If your snake is big enough, he will straight up consume your dog alive. Not to mention the love and affection of just about every person who has ever walked the planet. Most snakebite stories inspire empathy, but sometimes you hear a snakebite story and you think to yourself, "Eh ... that person kinda had it coming." Most snakes, for example, need some sort of light to keep them healthy and strong, while a rosy boa requires nothing of the sort. It seems like the logical course of action. Snakes in Australia are so common that people can't get away with just checking under restaurant tables and making sure all's clear before using the toilet. Kelly received four vials of anti-venom and had to undergo three surgeries or risk losing her hand. You wouldn’t want to keep a king snake in too humid of an environment, nor an anaconda in too try of one. On top of all that, snakes require specialized care and habitats. Are all snakes legal to own? Fear of snakes kept our ancestors alive. According to Newsweek, an Australian mom was packing her child's lunch in 2018 when she found a hatchling eastern brown snake curled up inside it. Down the hatch. Salmonella is a bacterial infection affecting the bloodstream, but more often than not, the intestines. The penis ended up being fine. That’s just obnoxious. You get a chill down your spine and then you go admire the tree frogs. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. According to CNN, that's what Milo Sutcliffe did, but then the head of the decapitated snake enacted some cold revenge and bit him on the hand when he tried to pick it up. The giant eyes of a snake! All rights reserved, Cheposait Adomo was walking home from a party. It's not like it's ever going to have another chance. A bit of a horror story from my experience at PetSmart Shortly after Christmas, I went and got me a corn snake. To bring this nightmare to life for you, we've put together a list of 5 terrifying toilet snakes. Compared to a black mamba, the bite of a python is not terrible. Let’s take an even closer look at some of the things a snake needs that you may not have been aware of. It turned out to be a rattlesnake, but the snake apparently forgot to mention to the boy that he'd invited a few friends over. What Temperature Is Too Hot For Labradors? Sutcliffe needed 26 doses of anti-venom and spent five days in a medically induced coma. There's a YouTube video of the incident, if you dare to watch: This has to be the worst story of all. In 2009, a young girl, only two years old, was strangled to death by her families escaped 12-foot long Burmese python. Down the hatch. I would personally consider that a great service. Horror as baby attacked by 2-foot pet PYTHON that slipped into the crib and tried to EAT his foot . Yes, you read that correctly. So you're working the night shift at a zoo, and you walk by a 10-foot Burmese python in its enclosure. One evening in Kenya, Cheposait Adomo was walking home from a party when a 6.5 foot black mamba coiled around her ankles and bit her three times. He learned his lesson, though. Remember, just because you put an animal in a cage, doesn’t mean he’s happy to be there. Best of luck with future trips to the bathroom. It's called ophidiophobia, and like its better-known cousin arachnophobia, it's actually served a useful purpose in the evolution of human beings. The moral of the story here: If you for a second think it looks like there is a snake in your bed, or anything you would not want to be there, turn on the lights and make sure it’s not!! Snakes, on the other hand, do not hold such a revered place in the human imagination. Happily, no one got bitten by the lunchbox snake. For thousands of years, we’ve enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with these animals. According to National Geographic, snakes have also appeared in toilets in Australia, South Africa, and even here in the U.S. (sorry guys). Snakes do not require daily walks in the park and they are quiet during the day and at night. I used to think that was an odd thing to be afraid of, until today. Try to put them in a metaphorical straitjacket, and they’ll screw over your metaphor, escape your fake jacket, and go straight to eating your family dog. Why do snakes make for the worst pets? Being eaten by a snake ranks high on my list, but potentially even worse, is pooping oneself to death. Did you ever cook with your mother as a child? So the lesson here is not, "Don't decapitate rattlesnakes" (though many people will tell you to just leave them alone). We hate to break it to you, but snakes crawling up toilets is a real-life thing that happens outside of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now, getting bit by a headless snake is not the same as getting bit by a whole snake. Cats are the same way. Salmonella causes abdominal cramps, fatigue, but most common, severe diarrhea. National Geographic says the black mamba is "widely considered the world's deadliest snake." One day, as you’re driving to your exciting job as a pet food technician, your car is forcefully thrown off the road by some massive force from above. I have a friend that is absolutely terrified of a snake climbing up through the toilet while he is using it. These stories seem to answer the question, but in this article, I suggest what to do if you do get bitten, and how to avoid it. Think snakes don't slink around cold, rainy places like Seattle? Things they can’t feel locked in a cage. Suddenly, you feel that same unstoppable force grasp you around the waste, and you are whisked away from all that you know and love to parts unknown. Oh yeah! Those that do are often unaware of the potential harm it could cause them, or our snake friends. And if that's not horrible enough, one of the rescue workers who responded to the scene said in a rather shockingly flippant way that snakes come out of toilets all the time in Thailand, but you know, it's usually not such a big deal because they "mostly would [bite] at legs or butts." Myrick was taken to a nearby hospital, where she received anti-venom. It thinks to itself, "I want to eat that guy." The fact of the matter is, snakes are very different from our own species and it is difficult to tell what they may exactly need. Either way, people are discovering snakes in their toilets, and it's unbelievably horrifying. When they do get out they can end up in some pretty interesting places. On weekends, you like to take your family out on the lake for some quality time. A snake can only stare at you. Okay, that last one isn't a snake, but it's very terrifying. Even more terrifying is when these brutes get out and start attacking humans. Venomous Pomeranians that will go for your jugular even after you've decapitated them, but still. When I first heard about a zoonotic disease I thought it was the name of a rocking new metal band. Zach has been a writer for Embora Pets since early 2019 and has become a valuable addition to our team. Snakes are great swimmers and some species can stay under the water for an hour at a time. But some run-ins are terrifying no matter what. They hang around us and get to nosh to their heart’s content on all the obnoxious rats that our egregious amounts of waste attract. Published: 20:15 EDT, 7 July 2012 | Updated: 21:49 EDT, 7 July 2012 We each have our own personal preferences. You think to yourself, "That snake looks like it wants to eat me." Dogs worked on the farms and pastures of the humans of yore. So really, that means if you live in black mamba territory you should sleep in a cement room with no doors and windows and you should never ever leave unless you can wrap your entire … You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 8 Surprising Signs of Erectile Dysfunction, Why You Get a Boner When You're Dead Asleep, Real Men Share What It's Like to Have a Huge Penis, Does Your Junk Look Smaller? "Leave them alone." "Going back home, I don't see myself going back in the same room or the same bed. No joke. We may earn a commission through links on our site. National Geographic says the black mamba is "widely considered the world's deadliest snake." Can you really blame him? Rattlesnakes are scary, but compared to some of the world's other snakes they're kind of like Pomeranians to Rottweilers. Arrieta should not have entered the python's cage, and he especially should not have entered the python's cage late at night while he was the only employee on the premises. The next thing you are aware of is being crammed into a cage too small for you to stand up straight in, and two large, black, unblinking eyes watching you. This headline says it all: "'Agitated' venomous cobra pulled from toilet." Wasn’t that a fun mental experiment! Authorities discovered a total of 24 snakes hanging out in their home. According to CNN, he lost so much blood that he had to be transferred to a local hospital. Perhaps most important of all, if your dog is hurt or sick, he is sure to cry out in pain or at the very least whine motionless on the floor. Think swine or bird flu, or even the salmonella that we just discussed. They get a free easy meal, and we get to live without gross, unsanitary rodents scurrying around all over the place. Every time you come home for work, Mr. Doggy-Face rushes to the door to greet you with an affectionate lick. Find it here. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Size and diet are not the only things in which a snake may require special care.