Katie Hankinson Photography, 04/15/2019 as told to Sarah Chase Shaw, 07/02/2020 Freestyle couldn’t have developed without competitive venues like the X Games to showcase its stars, and the X Games is synonymous with Buttermilk—the late-January event has been held here since 2002. Stand in the Tiehack parking lot, and look for the steep pitches on the hill. Photography by So anything ungroomed on West Buttermilk that isn’t steep enough to ski until several days after a blizzard likely won’t suffice. Park riding quickly gets real, as the hits seamlessly transition from jumps intended to send you up to fifteen feet on upper Teaser to upward of thirty-five feet by the bottom of Spruce Park at the base area. Admit it. Rebecca Weiss Look for quarter pipes, buffalo bumps, and rainbows—the park crew changes it up when they can. By Not many ski resorts can boast a mountain dedicated for specialty use but Aspen has just that with the Buttermilk ski area. Jumps get progressively larger down the trail, and boxes and rails that begin flush with the snow can grow to more than a foot off the ground by the bottom. “Bumps” – that’s a restaurant, not a terrain — is located at the base but is better for events or large groups. The West Buttermilk Express, built in 2004, services beginner terrain on the west face of the mountain. Britta Briscoe Once you get your ski legs under you and are ready to try something a bit harder, the Tiehack side of Buttermilk has great groomed advanced/single black diamond runs. Buttermilk Ski Area refers to a ski hill and an unincorporated community surrounding it in Pitkin County, Colorado.It is frequently considered the easiest skiing mountain in the Aspen area. It’s enough to leave any parent wondering: Will my kids want to ski? While we did not ski, the weather was incredible here for January. Buttermilk is part of and easily accessible from Aspen. This is a three-day camp where students ski with professional park riders and test their abilities at the different parks. Kids love tree trails. Buttermilk Ski Resort belongs to the large Aspen Snowmass complex, offering great skiing and snowboarding for all levels of skier but catering particularly to snowboarders and beginning skiers. COVID-19 SAFETY INFORMATION: KEEPING OUR GUESTS, COMMUNITY, AND EMPLOYEES SAFE. At the Hideout, Aspen Skiing Company’s new 7,500-square-foot, $5 million childcare facility, two two-story play areas beckon kids with rope cribbing, a firemen’s pole, funhouse walls, and giant bells (no whistles ... yet). By And it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time on the slopes, or your first attempt at snowboarding or park jumps. SnowPak was founded in 1992 and we have over 25 years of experience and have been organizing ski trips … And consider taking a lesson—it takes more than just nerve to land jumps safely. Skiing Buttermilk Not many ski resorts can boast a mountain dedicated for specialty use but Aspen has just that with the Buttermilk ski area. [citation needed], Buttermilk is anchored by three high speed quads. The “Buttermilk Glacier,” formed of the last remnants of slopestyle features, provides ample snow for kids’ snowsports programs well into the middle of summer. But don’t stop there; sample the pipe yourself. Instructors certified in freestyle skiing and snowboarding can generally progress a seasoned rider with no park experience to clearing jumps in Red’s Rover and spinning 180s in less than two days. And, yes, turns you earn are that much sweeter. Photo Credit: Telluride Photography by Buttermilk is also easy to get to, right of the main road leading into Aspen, and has a shuttle running to Highlands every 20 minutes. The key to any new sport is repetition, and you can session Red’s Rover on West Buttermilk in ten minutes, including the ride from the midway loading station on the West Buttermilk Express chair. For kids there is Panda Peak, a area specifically designed to be kid friendly, giving young ones a comfortable place to experience the joy of skiing, nurturing them for the bigger runs to come. “Bumps” – that’s a restaurant, not a terrain — is located at the base but is better for events or large groups. Not many ski resorts can boast a mountain dedicated for specialty use but Aspen has just that with the Buttermilk ski area. Buttermilk is the perfect beginners area with low angle and wide open runs that are groomed to perfection every night. Dear Meredith: Is It Okay to Stay in My Aspen Bubble During Covid-19? Its mellow slopes and rolling hills cater to people trying to get their ski-legs. Buttermilk has also been the host to the ESPN Winter X Games multiple times. Anyone who’s tried to ski greens on a powder day knows you don’t get anywhere without at least a little pitch. The character gets his name from Buttermilk’s own Ned Ryerson, a.k.a. After the thrill-seekers are gone, Buttermilk’s crew reshapes the snow there into miniature features such as banked S-turns and tiny rollers that even beginning riders can enjoy. Afterward, Buttermilk’s groomers reshape the moto mess into a mini halfpipe that thrills little riders while helping them break out of their pizza-pie wedge stance. Click here for high res photos: http://bit.ly/WhatsNew2019-20 From the end of Mr. Bill, get back on the lift at the midway loading station, or slingshot to the bottom through the big berms in Moose Alley in the tree island just below the bottom. Pick the pitch you want, and seek it out—on or between the runs. You obviously meant to get off the bus at Aspen. Buttermilk is home to the Winter X Games, The Crazy T'rain Park and X Games superpipe. You’re in luck – Almost every resort in Colorado serves local brews…, Photo by Jeremy Swanson at Aspen Snowmass. At Buttermilk, snow pros specialize in every type of snowsport, can ride any terrain, and have intimate knowledge of all four mountains—and they thrive on the energy new riders bring to the sport. For a brief period between the X Games and construction of the equally awe-inspiring Red Bull Double Pipe, Buttermilk’s twenty-two-foot superpipe wants you to ... be careful, because this thing is huge. Looking for freshies three days after a storm? Expect the same level of experience and professionalism as instructors from Aspen on a mountain that is suited for beginners. I was able to ski the remaining five days on my own (blue/green trails). To find your ideal Buttermilk, read on. Buttermilk is known as the beginner’s ski resort in the Aspen/Snowmass area. Nervous about getting back into the sport? Want to sample some local Colorado-brewed beer on your visit to a Colorado ski area? 07/10/2020 Buttermilk is one mountain with two personalities. The view from this mountain is incredible! Photography by These are ideal as they are not as intimidating as the black diamonds on Aspen or Highlands but still steeper than blue runs. Follow the “Preride. Instead of reading the map, practice reading terrain. By But it’s the instructors who define the experience. It is family.”–Katie Ertl, Senior Vice President of Mountain Operations, Click on each activity to verify dates and times of operation. Like to après? Buttermilk has park features even where it has no parks. They do have homemade pasta, pizza, and other hearty eats that the kids will enjoy. Note, this park closes for one month following Christmas for the Winter X-Games/Aspen Snowmass Open. Adam Gilbert/Big Beard Creative, 09/03/2019 Aspen. They were terrific! • Terrain Park: Buttermilk is consistently rated number one for “Best Terrain Parks” by virtually every authority. By the time Jacob’s reaches Spruce Flats at the start of the expert line, skilled riders can be sending twenty-five-foot jumps. Its five parks are designed to accommodate all levels and styles of skiers. Looking for an opportunity to bring along your four-legged friend on a ski vacation? Aspen Snowmass introduces a weekend of discounted access for worldwide 2019-20 season pass holders.