Then think of some things you DON’T like about each season! His friends try to help him see the good side of it while he hangs on to winter. It will be up to the other animals to cheer Bear up and help him see the bright side! Mountain goat              my neighborhood I didn't care much for this twist on welcoming spring. That means there will be no more snow forts or throwing snowballs or easily tracking his friends. Start by marking “The Thing About Spring” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Different story line, cute. Neither of the boys I watch liked it very much and I don't recommend it in general. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser, Creepy Carrots or Creepy Pair of Underwear Only $7.99 with Purchase of Any Kids' Book. For each criticism Rabbit voices, his buddies explain why the changes are positive: “‘The thing about spring,’ said Rabbit, ‘is that it rains when you’re not expecting it!’ ‘But rain brings out the flowers,’ said Mouse. Books about seasons are popular, so I decided to write one of my own. Pleasant, WI, 2014-12-22Rabbit is apprehensive about winter turning to spring, and his friends Mouse, Bird and Bear help convince him that spring is equally wonderful.Rabbit's concerns run from not having snow to play in and find his friends' footprints in to how bad Bear smells when he wakes up from hibernation to unpredictable rain showers to longer days: "I am a cranky bunny when I don't get enough sleep!" This cute book shows the up and down sides of both seasons. 3-6), ©1997-2020 Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc. 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011. The Thing About Spring (Picture Book) : Kirk, Daniel : As his friends Bird, Mouse, and Bear celebrate the arrival of spring, Rabbit finds more and more things to dislike about the change of seasons until, at last, he admits that spring can be full of pleasant surprises. This is one bunny that worrywarts and contrarians of all ages will appreciate. He likes the snow! The month of March has arrived and the season of cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and greener gardens is just around the corner. Simple Fare: Spring/Summer is a beautifully illustrated cookbook featuring seasonal, market-driven fare that encourages readers And I wake up at about 5 in the morning and I hear the birds, it is a good start . Other stories start with a title. Ages 4–8. (Picture book. Between the Christmas lights and summer nights, spring can seem a long way away. Rabbit is actually grumpy about spring coming, which is pretty funny this winter (specifically, yesterday's windchills were 20 to 30 below). Its coming brings new colors and smells, and is cause for celebration on the part of many. We’d love your help. Spring meant daffodils in the beds of our garden and fragrant new flowers on the buddleia my grandfather planted. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. -trees unfurl leaves, filling hills and horizon with green, bright and lush…, -peonies burst and their scent rides the breeze, filling the space around an overflowing vase on my counter with a perfume better than anything that comes in a bottle…, -mowers rumble over lawns and along strips of grass next to roads and the just-cut-grass smell tickles noses…, -sometimes the sky grows dark with heavy clouds and wind blows and rain cascades from above and when the storm subsides everything looks new again and you’ll see a rainbow if you remember to look…. ( Log Out /  The interactions between the animals have an anthropomorphic nature, and I am sure that children will relate to the mixed emotions of the advent of Spring. Overall cute, but the main character was very boring and kind of depressing at times. VERDICT A fun and engaging addition to seasonal collections.—Maryann H. Owen, Children's Literature Specialist, Mt. That means there will be no more snow forts or throwing snowballs or easily tracking his friends. Rabbit is a bit of a party pooper about the arrival of spring and his friends try to convince him of all the good things and all he can think about is all the winter thing he will miss. Whale                           the North Pole If you picked a polar bear up from the Arctic and dropped him in Peru, he would not be a happy bear! by Harry N. Abrams. It would fit in beautifully. And since books come out in the fall and the spring, it wasn’t hard deciding which season would be the most fun to write about. as if to say “Wake up, don’t miss a minute..” and the cardinal lands on the front stoop railing next to the pot filled with geraniums just as red and for a moment is still, reminding us to pay attention. He’s sad that winter is over and all the snow is melting. The prolific and beloved author John Grisham, known for his courtroom thrillers, is back this month with a new pageturner, A Time for Mercy,... Spring is in the air! Rabbit gets talked into liking spring by his other animal friends. Daniel Kirk has written a lively and humorous tale with the gentle message that change can be fun. Rabbit's biggest problem is that the long, warm days of running around in the spring make him very thirsty. Daniel Kirk (author of the endearing "Library Mouse" series) has created a unique tale about the transition from winter to spring. (Feb.), 04/01/2015PreS-Gr 1—Rabbit is grumpy. I’m never sure what he’s thinking when we put him in the snow, but he seems to have a great time. Rabbit's pals, Bear, Bird and Mouse, are excited about the coming of spring but he can only think of all the winter things he'll miss, but eventually admits spring can also be full of great surprises. There are sure to be some. A little long, but cute story about saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring, even if you're sad to see winter go. Ah, Spring! It's only on the book's final page that he finds a reason to celebrate. The illustrations will make readers smile since the other creatures seem so happy and poor old. Illustrations, created using pen and ink with their color and texture added digitally, are varied and pleasing. 12/15/2014The arrival of spring makes Mouse and Bird “feel warm and happy,” but their friend Rabbit finds a lot to complain about. A rabbit tries his hardest to keep winter here rather than have spring arrive, to the dismay of his friends. Is it okay if you disagree? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As a matter of fact, my bunny loves to dig in the snow during winter months. Make a list of animals, and a list of places. One of the most fun things about writing stories with more than one character is that I get to explore friendship, one of my favorite themes. I’d call it, “The Thing About Fall.” I’ve already decided that Bear is the animal who isn’t going to like the coming of Fall, because it’s almost time to hibernate, and he doesn’t want to go to bed. VERDICT A fun and engaging addition to seasonal collections. house Chanel Chanel: The Making of a Collection traces the design process of the world-renowned fashion house, revealing how a collection is created. In The Thing About Spring, all of the animals have to convince Rabbit that the arrival of spring is a good thing. Kid's books don't always need to make sense, but this book just seemed unnecessary. I wondered if I could make one of my characters NOT like spring. The Thing About Spring is a book that began with a catchy title, and went on from there. Well, my 14 month old is not ready for full out picture books yet. This is a fun story about the pros and cons of the changing of the seasons. Change ), ( Log Out /  You can view Barnes & Noble’s Privacy Policy. Let's have a drink! Everybody loves spring! He has a counter-point for all of their points, however in the end he agrees that Spring brings surprises. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In The Thing About Spring, Rabbit, Bird, Bear and Mouse are different animals, with different sizes, diets, sleep and play habits, and so on. Rabbit, on the other hand, grumpily responds to all their positive comments about spring with his negative rejoinders. For each criticism Rabbit voices, his buddies explain why the changes are positive: "'The thing about spring,' said Rabbit, 'is that it rains when you're not expecting it!' See if you can come up with convincing reasons why it would be good: for mom to give you candy for dinner every night. Members save with free shipping everyday! Going to have to find some spring board books to read! This lesson plan pack includes: - Detailed Lesson Plan with Examples - Text Dependent Questions - Key Ideas and Details Graphic Organizers - Character Feelings Graphic Organizer - Writing pages - Craftivity Pattern and Instructions - Jpegs for uploading to Seesaw - Graphic Organizers for Google Slides. Interesting background style for the illustrations. Spring is in the air! Spring is coming, and most of the animals are excited. Lisa, your Thing About Spring prose poem is newness for sure. notes: rabbit laments the coming of spring and the changing of the seasons while his friends try to make him see the "sunny side". When Matt and his family move to a new neighborhood, they don’t realize they’ve inadvertently stumbled into the middle of massive upheaval ... From the award-winning author of the bestselling Library Mouse series comes a biographical picture book ... From the award-winning author of the bestselling Library Mouse series comes a biographical picture book Rabbit however, is not excited. 'And the worms,' said Bird." He and the other animals drink the melted snow and cheers to spring. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Scorpion                       the Mississippi river Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. You captured the rebirth of the earth, in all its glory, perfectly. A fun story, sweet pictures and a good message in choosing to look on the bright side. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) and down arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+down arrow) to review and enter to select. In a pleasing nod to young readers’ enjoyment, the text makes good use of repetition and pattern…the animals are appealing in their appearances and in their obvious devotion to one another—even to the Eeyore-like Rabbit. February 17th 2015 There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There are animals living all around the world, from the frozen north to the heat of the equator. Whoever heard of such a thing!? For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Be the first to ask a question about The Thing About Spring. I like the illustrations. The thing about spring is that it involves change, and that bothers Rabbit in this sweet picture-book about the seasons and learning to accept the different things they bring. There are more flowers now and soon our monsoon season will start. the fabled elfin city of Hunaland at the North Pole. This is called the art of persuasion! But how could I write a story about something everybody loves, when there’d be no surprise or challenge? Even though spring officially starts on March 20, we couldn’t wait to reveal these 10 reasons why we love spring so much. Modern’s Turbine Hall The works of New York–based artist Kara Walker (b. Cute rhymes aside, I don't have much love for this book. Rabbit however, is not excited. Spring is in the air! Another day begins. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Would you be interested in combining your photo and part of your poem for an image poem to offer to my spring gallery of artistic expressions? Illustrations, created using pen and ink with their color and texture added digitally, are varied and pleasing. Children will enjoy this! The snow helps him to tell where his friends have hopped too. Well there's one in every bunch. Other stories start with a title. He's sad that winter is over and all the snow is melting. This is cute. coming back for more. Submit your email address to receive Barnes & Noble offers & updates. The thing about spring is the newness, like starting a book nobody has read yet. It's only on the book's final page that he finds a reason to celebrate. ‘And the worms,’ said Bird.” Illustrations, created using pen and ink with their color and texture added digitally, are varied and pleasing.