You can get a detailed Urdu analysis of Capricorn's personality, relationships, love life, health, wealth, profession, diseases, nutrition, lucky color, flower, and stone. Leave me out!!! These issues can be cured with good and healthy diet. Capricorn Personality in Urdu – Capricorn Qualities in Urdu (22 December to 19 January) Awfully Ambitious. With that, comes practicality, not only in their daily material lives but also in the choices they make. More for me and those I love!!! provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information found on this website. Saturn is a symbol of limitation that makes the Capricorn possessive. 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Perfect partners for possessive Capricorn are Taurus and Virgo. All the information of good and bad qualities of Capricorn are provided. These unpleasant aspects of Capricorn also left lousy effect on its life if they cannot be treated on time. I like that, and that’s how I am too! A Capricorn’s love and care go way beyond physicality. Capricorn Horoscope in Urdu their ambitions take them to the highest level of success. And so, you can pretty much imagine the amount of control that they exert just to see things through their way. Not only are Capricorns highly competitive, they are also very reliable, solid, and mature. A Capricorn will not choose to play cheap. One thing is for sure, though. I think this is like 99 % me as a capricorn, i could not stop laugh at the accuracy. Wishful thinking is simply not in their vocabulary. Sometimes i wonder is it because its men that dont listen or is it that hard to find a good worker. Urdu Horoscope of Capricorn is monthly updated. You are rock solid, dependable, responsible, highly-oriented, goal- oriented, logical and clever. And passion…can’t forget the sensuality and passion♑️, I was born on 31 December and I think I’m a wiredo,that’s what people think about me the way I analyze things are first and I kinda give crazy ideas which later turn out to be the real deal, but yet I think I’m really a wiredo,I drink faster,eat faster and do everything with a speed,this is crazy life for me. If there is any need for a Capricorn to prove anything, they would rather that it be big enough to flat-out silence those who doubt them. Also, a Capricorn does not like giving room to failures. A Capricorn knows they can have it, because they are calculating, practical, disciplined, and controlling. I am a capricorn and you got the caring one right but the no remorse 1 wrong i lost my grandma at 5 and i still sad now and i am not controlling. If you are not going well towards your goals, you will keep trying and one day you will achieve the desired objectives. Getting truly serious is the name of their game and they can do it like nobody’s business. Not unforgiving! Capricorn likes Reliability, Professionalism and purposeful life. I am way too loyal!!! I will prove it can be done by a girl and do it twice as fast. To a Capricorn, pessimism is important. Friends Your state of mind of the day will settle comfortably in sharing and opening. You might not see a Capricorn being touchy-feely with their loved ones, but that should not bother you if you belong to the lucky ones that they hold most dear. People find it difficult to choose their life partner. They can switch off business mode, too. This sign governs the people born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January. I love peace more than money!! In cases where a Capricorn is a little too confident for their own good, showing loyalty in public is but a small game to them. These unpleasant aspects of Capricorn also left lousy effect on its life if they cannot be treated on time. These are REAL Capricorn traits and attributes… all them mfs ain’t real Capricorn’s and don’t have the true spirt of one. No room for stupidity. For a loved one, they might not notice this at first, but once the big picture starts showing itself in all its glory, they will find that the Capricorns emotional investment to them is simply priceless. See the Capricorn eminent personalities (famous people born in this period) and also the positive and negative Capricorn personality traits. Brief Information about Capricorn in Urdu, برج جدی - شخصیت کا تجزیہ Capricorn Men and Capricorn Women Personality details. And while the other signs are busy judging their towering standards, the Capricorn is busy calculating down to the smallest detail on how they can make it happen. Oct 16, 2020 - This is a terrific day for you, Capricorn, and you will find that the fast pace of the day suits you well for what you need to get done. And you should not look for that anymore. If they want revenge, they will take the high road and make sure that the one who wronged them have the best view from below. And mind you, Capricorns do it with flair. Saturn is a symbol of limitation that makes the Capricorn possessive. See the Capricorn eminent personalities (famous people born in this period) and also the positive and negative Capricorn personality … Once I believe! Especially to those that’s not!!!! It is the official brand of their game. But how creative ...More, Businessmen will be absolutely enthralled to recei...More, During the initial days of the month, there is a d...More, As per the Capricorn Horoscope 2020, the planetary...More. Yes, they can definitely intimidate you because of their authoritative vibe, but do not mistake that for pride. What’s more is that they will prove it and watch the people around them be in awe while they are at it. It is their nature, a glaring Capricorn personality trait. You tell them what to do so their work could get done easier, quicker and more time efficient. On the other hand, when it comes to personal ties, they are as reliable as they are with their career. Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. They are simply too busy with something else, to realize that the Capricorn is already working on it, all the while ignoring their irrelevant opinions. You are well suited for being a doctor, accountant or a Lawyer. I am a true Capricorn. Capricorn personality in urdu / Hindi - Capricorn Star - Burg e jadhi Family You do not have to go headlong and join a heated debate for which you have no idea what really triggered it. I feel you on that one hundred percent , All those explanations remind me to myself, i am cardinal Capricorn born in January , Wow, I don’t know what to say but I’m a Capricorn and abolitely none of this relates to me it’s all quite opposite. It is like cooking without fire to them. FREE Janmkundali for the detailed analysis of your Birth Horoscope Ruling Planet : Saturn Capricorn Traits : The Capricorn-born people are the most determined of the entire Zodiac.The most prominent qualities of the Goats, as they are called, are that they are ambitious, conservative, determined, practical and helpful. However, they are very unforgiving and they are merciless at it. So, without further ado, let me break down the personality traits of this zodiac sign, starting with the positive. How are Capricorn Star Sign Men in bed and sex life. Sagittarius – Capricorn cusp or Capricorn – Aquarius cusp. I am a Capricorn too. You do not want to cross a Capricorn, ever. Most Capricorns will give us the impression that they are a force to be reckoned with. they get paid. They grow their skills with the passage of time and this thing leads them to the success. However, to a Capricorn, this is something absolutely achievable. This is a true Capricorn personality trait, in that you can never find a Capricorn without it. Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign. Thus making them good decision-makers. They dream, they just like to keep it real. And once I see it! They will not think about killing you for wronging them. It is true, some signs may just find it unrealistic and some might just get overwhelmed. I believe in hard work and high standard. I remember mentioning that a Capricorn is highly competitive, but I never specified just how high. They are determined to accomplish any kind of task related to their interest. It also gives information about Capricorn professions and job. This frightening personality trait is natural. I am a drama free Queen!! UrduPoint provides its readers with all sorts of information about Capricorn star in Urdu. You can trust them because they never betray friends. Capricorn Young Girls in Urdu جدی لڑکی ایک نظر میں, Details of Capricorn Girls Larki, Love Life, Girlfriend, Romance, Crush and Dating, Find information about about Capricorn Star Sign Girls beauty, looks, education and future in Urdu Horoscope Section. I AM A CAPRICORN, SAGITTARIUS SIDE OF IT, I AM AMBITIOUS BUT NOT LIKE THAT, THEY MAKE IT SEEMS AS THOUGH ALL WE THINK ABOUT IS MONEY AND SUCCEEDING. Urdu Point daily horoscope website also provides the attributes of Capricorn girls. Practical minded Capricorn dislikes Fantasies and ridicule. Lol!! Capricorn are Pessimistic and grumpy. They take a pause as well to think about the past and the future. Capricorn Horoscope – in detail. This is for the Capricorns who already have much experience in life. Unlike the Aquarius’ dripping sarcasm, a Capricorn’s sarcasm is a bit gentler. Instead, this trait intensifies as they grow older. It’s amazing to read this… Seems as if the writer completely knows about me. Capricorn Personality Traits and Eminent Personalities, The Positive Capricorn Personality Traits, The Negative Capricorn Personality Traits, Capricorn Eminent Personalities and 13 Interesting Personality Traits. I’m capricorn 12/26 and you pretty much hit it on the head..except the patience part, I am a Capricorn or at least I think I am but after reading this I’m really starting to rethink my life because only two things on here describes me and that is caring and loyal so I don’t know anymore, Wow……im a Capricorn 15/1 and i was laughin out loud seeing myself described here……u aint tell no lies here yo……all true…….most def. They do not show remorse for their decision, mainly because this does not involve their emotions when they decided to cut the relationship with the person who wronged them. Know The Future Of Joe Biden In The 2020 US Election. Capricorn Love & Work Compatibility. However, that experience is reserved only for the faint-hearted or ones that do not trust the Capricorn because they are more pessimistic than the Capricorn himself. There is no turning back. Capricorns know how to share their abilities and lead without prejudice. There are some negative points of Capricorns. Whether the situation is good or bad, the Capricorn will always approach it in a business-like manner. One of the Capricorn personality traits is discipline and as far as pride goes, they know where they have to stop. Their tend to prefer beautiful things and you have to have a dashing personality for being in relationship with Capricorns. But I can not see myself being controlling. Thank you. Pessimism is more so us moving in reality, we are TRUE REALISTs, and we are not in the business of stroking egos, or playing the “”making you feel good game”. Failures cannot stop your way to success.