Sonnets are my favorite form of poetry. Such a beautiful sonnet and I am also a fan of this artist whose paintings are so remarkable and realistic. Marie Flint from Jacksonville, FL USA on May 11, 2020: I too love willow trees. Thanks again, Ann. on May 13, 2020: Hi Devika. She finds it can reach out to help others. This sonnet is written in the Occitan format, with the rhyme scheme of abab abab cdcdcd. Why were you waiting for me and why were you weeping? I raised my head and came face to face with an article on my computer screen which read “Why Does a Weeping Willow Tree Weep?”. James bond!! I am so glad you enjoyed the sonnet. The weeping willow has always teased the imagination of the man who was able to create an aura of magic and mystery around it, inventing dozens of legends and fables that made it into a tree linked to the fairytale world, mythology and even Christian mysticism. In mythology and literature, the willow is symbolic of the moon, water, grief, healing, and everlasting life. The tree shook its leaves and to my utter perplexity I noticed it had eyes and mouth of its own, I looked around and noticed my every move been watched by the trees surrounding me. My mouth opened and closed but nothing came out, I wanted to stand up for the human race but how could I? I love all his paintings and those of other Impressionists too. The wailing swiftly ceased and now I was scared of the pin-drop silence that had descended upon the forest. I also love to see a weeping willow next to water. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories with the willow tree - how sweet that is. From northern Asia, S. matsudana has sharply toothed leaves, whitish beneath. Bond! Weeping willow tree, so graceful is she,with delicate tendrils to gently sway at the will of playful Zephyr's soft breeze,a vision of quiet calm to the day. Thanks again for your kind words. For they will not always Humans give various reasons as to why they think I weep but today I called you here to tell you the actual reason behind it.”. Willow trees seem to have a bond with humans and I love them, too. Isn’t it sufficient? As a feminine spirit, the willow tree is associated with emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. on May 10, 2020: Thank you so much, Will, for that very sweet comment that just lifted my spirit. It is attuned to the ebb and flow of the lunar tides. In mythology and literature, the willow is symbolic of the moon, water, grief, healing, and everlasting life. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it. I bet you love the lily pond paintings. Inspiration for Weeping Willow Sonnet comes from my love for the graceful willow tree and the impressionism paintings of Claude Monet. Brutally hacked with axes, cut with saws, mutilated and handicapped just to be turned into a showpiece or furniture in your houses. Psalm … One variety, S. matsudana tortuosa, is called corkscrew willow for its twisted branches. Sometimes you need For instance, the sorcery teacher Hecate was the Greek goddess of the moon and willow tree. Imported from USA. The Willow-Tree Poem End Three Sunsets and Other Poems It's the perfect summertime getaway. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.