The black market pangolin trade is primarily active in Asia, particularly in China where the population can be considered as vermin. This means that in 2018 the weight of a shipment containing pangolin scales averages at under ¾ of a tonne, compared to around 200 kg in 2014.

Sadly, this demand is driving transnational smuggling of pangolin scales to the extent we see today, the supply of which to illicit markets is undoubtedly increasing.

In recent years, the price of pangolin has increased sharply in the international market, driven by demand from China. Photographs taken before its closure show snakes, porcupines and foxes crammed into cages.

Other seizures have been reported in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam. On February 24, China announced an immediate ban on trading and eating many wild animals, including pangolins.

It has not yet been confirmed where the virus originated or how it initially spread to become a pandemic with people more than 31,000 infected so far across the world. Many are transported live to ensure meat is fresh, but a large number die of hunger or thirst during transport. The genome sequence of the novel coronavirus strain separated from pangolins in the study was 99% identical to that from infected people, China's official Xinhua news agency reported, adding that the research found that pangolins to be “the most likely intermediate host”.

This comes as The Guardian reported last week that endangered pangolins were among many wild animals on sale at a market in Wuhan, in the central Hubei province of China. Trade in the pangolin was banned worldwide ... Pangolins have become so rare that they may fetch as much as $1,000 a piece on the black market. The Dutch Postcode Lottery grants the Wildlife Justice Commission permanent beneficiary status, New report analyses unprecedented levels of pangolin trafficking, urging stakeholders to tackle it as transnational crime, The Pangolin Crisis Fund and the Wildlife Justice Commission join forces to fight pangolin trafficking, Wildlife crime: the soft underbelly of organised crime, Join our webinar “Wildlife crime: The soft underbelly of organised crime”, World Elephant Day: No room for complacency in the fight against ivory trafficking, Our new investigation reveals the geographical shift of ivory trafficking within Southeast Asia, Using intelligence to tackle the criminal elements of the illegal trade of Indian Star tortoises in Asia. "This latest discovery will be of great significance for the prevention and control of the origin (of the virus)," South China Agricultural University, which led the research, said in a statement on its website. She was reportedly meant to have a caesarean but did not receive one, Asteroid 'taller than Nelson's Column' racing towards Earth's orbit at 30,000mph, NASA has dubbed the asteroid 2020 TGI, thought to be travelling at 8.53 miles per second. Operation Typhoon was an 18-month long investigation into the trafficking of ivory and rhino horn in Lao PDR. As I approached the side of the pit, I'm left speechless. "Since 2000, tens of thousands of animals have been traded in each year internationally, from countries ranging from Pakistan to Indonesia in Asia and from Zimbabwe to Guinea in Africa," says Dan Challender, co-Chair of the new IUCN Pangolin specialist group, quoted by the Mongabay website. We will continue our collaboration in the future through preventive actions, which is important to saving pangolins. As a result, two out of four of the Asian species — the Sunda, or Malayan, pangolin, and its Chinese counterpart (respectively Manis javanica and Manis pentadactyla) — are endangered and the other two are near threatened, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). “It’s the most widely distributed species in Asia, but, as a result of illegal trade, it’s now critically endangered. Before we left the release site I took one last frame. Customs officers discovered the scales —from about 7,500 pangolins—in 101 woven plastic bags hidden aboard the ship; they’re worth more than $2 million on the black market. 170 pounds) of scales with an estimated street value of $1.8 million. A spokesmen from the police said that pangolins were four to five deep. In May 2011 a record haul of 7.5 tonnes of pangolin meat was discovered at Tanjung Priok port in north Jakarta, concealed under a layer of frozen fish in crates on their way to Vietnam. The meat is considered a great delicacy and many believe the scales can cure various diseases, including asthma and certain cancers, as well as boosting virility. Despite this, their research had already caused the Chinese government to spring into action. The pangolin's large scales are made of keratin, the same material as fingernails and rhino horns, and account for 20 percent of its weight. The creature is said to be worth around $3000 in a black market and will later be sold by the buyer at around a whooping $1,500 compared to the black market price.
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The shipment was valued at HKD 42 million and estimated to represent approximately 14,000 pangolins. In addition traffickers often inject them with water to increase their body weight. "You can only draw more definitive conclusions if you compare prevalence (of the coronavirus) between different species based on representative samples, which these almost certainly are not," he said. Please donate to Wildlife Conservation Society: While a proportion of the demand for pangolins is for its meat, the greatest value lies in its scales, used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Two days later I'm back in a taxi heading out to huge cleared block of land, several kilometers from the warehouse. Price: $1 to $6 per cc. ", • This article appeared in Guardian Weekly, which incorporates material from Le Monde, The scaly anteater is less well-known compared with other illegally hunted species, but it is highly prized by traffickers, Endangered ... the plight of the pangolin is not helped by its low profile compared with threatened species such as elephants, lions and tigers. It's 6 a.m.; upon arrival I see a pit next to an excavator.

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Despite the scaly anteater being protected, poaching is on the rise. This increase indicates that the smuggling of pangolin scales is happening on a greater scale and is more organised, but also that the detection and reporting of smuggling may be improving. Hong Kong SAR and China continue to be persistent hotspots for seizures of pangolin scales, recording 28.3 and 27.5 tonnes of seized scales respectively between 2014-2018. You can unsubscribe at any time. During the last five years, an estimated 140 tonnes of pangolin scales have been removed from illegal trade, and the rate at which they are being seized is growing significantly. “Unlike the Cape pangolins that Maria knows, the Sunda spends much of its life in the trees. But Dirk Pfeiffer, professor of veterinary medicine at Hong Kong's City University, cautioned that the study was still along way from proving pangolins had transmitted the virus. Express. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

In April 2017, we launched Operation Pluto to investigate the organised trade in pangolins and their parts with a focus on the most relevant countries, including Vietnam. The pangolin black market is fueled by its scales, not its good looks . The anteater's low profile merely makes matters worse. But, Sir David went on to detail a heartbreaking tactic that has been more recently exposed. ... remedy. Smugglers also ship pangolin innards, including fetuses, for traditional medicinal purposes. But, there are still fears among international conservationists that this will only cause the black market to thrive, hiking up the price of the prized delicacy.