After the Transfer, your ANZ Personal Loan will be transferred to DBS’ Dana Bantuan Sahabat. DBS will create a new account to replace your old ANZ account during the Transfer. ~^#DBS Bank Ltd (DBS) today announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of ANZ’s retail and wealth …

Sharpen your game with insights from the brightest minds at DBS . How do I calculate the interest for savings or current account in DBS? Your ANZ Mobile Banking and Internet Banking account will not be transferred to DBS. For more information on DBS Saving Account Regular, please click here. To learn more about the terms and conditions on opening and using your DBS account, please click here, You will receive DBS Saving Account Regular. During the registration, you will be asked to create your Username and Password.

Please contact DBS if you have any additional enquiries. You will receive nett accrued interest from ANZ during the Transfer.

All your ANZ Reward Points / Mileage will remain valid and be transferred to DBS. You can visit the nearest DBS branch to obtain a new cheque book, free of charge. What will happen to my Fixed Deposit Account? After the transfer date, please use your new DBS cheque/bilyet gyro to pay third parties. The Bahasa Indonesia version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Bahasa Indonesia versions. We are committed to providing convenience in our banking services, and strive to work with agility and innovation to bring satisfaction to our customers. Acquisition of ANZ Retail Banking & Wealth Management Business. DBSLivefresh#DDMMYY#last 4 digits of your digibank. The acquisition has added a large customer franchise to DBS in Indonesia … After the Transfer, the interest for your savings and current accounts will follow the applicable savings/current interest rate in DBS. Setelah penyelesaian bisnis ini saya yakin Anda ingin mengetahui lebih banyak mengenai DBS. Incoming fund transfers to your old ANZ account will automatically be transferred to your new account in DBS during the support period. After the transfer date, your old ANZ cheque book will no longer be usable. Your ANZ Debit Card, Credit Card or MoneyLine Card details are required to set up the account. ATMs: (i) BCA, Maybank, BNI, BRI, Bukopin, Danamon, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Panin, Permata & OCBC NISP via the ATM’s payment menu, (ii) Any ATM in Indonesia on the Bersama / ALTO / Prima network via the transfer menu, using the DBS Bank Code: Other bank’s platforms: (i) Clearing (SKN). You can use the Live Chat function available in the digibank Mobile Banking Application. If not, what is the new bank code for DBS? We are the largest bank in Singapore and Southeast Asia with over 280 branches in Asia. Your standing instruction will automatically be transferred to DBS, except for standing instructions that are registered via ANZ Internet Banking/Mobile Banking. ANZ Signature Priority Banking Visa Debit Card. Tidak ada perubahan terhadap penawaran produk dan layanan dari ANZ untuk saat ini, semua aplikasi pinjaman akan diproses sesuai dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku. This website will keep you informed on our benefits, how we build relationships with our customers and help you grow your wealth. ", "Once again DBS shines as a leading light in banking.".

How do I calculate the interest of my deposit? To link my ANZ Credit Card to my bank account in ANZ Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, I first need to request for linkage. You can view your ANZ Reward Points/ANZ Mileage in your digibank Mobile Banking Application or monthly credit card statement. For further information, please click here. There is no need for this. Will I still have to fulfill the remaining 4 months in DBS? After the Transfer, you will receive a DBS Welcome Letter with details of your new banking relationship with DBS. How do I set up an account in digibank Mobile Banking Application? What will happen to all my deposits accounts after the Transfer? Nasabah ANZ General Banking dan nasabah ANZ Signature Priority Banking akan bergabung dengan DBS Treasures, sedangkan nasabah ANZ Private Bank akan bergabung dengan DBS Treasures Private Client. Your ANZ Debit Card, Credit Card or MoneyLine Card details are required to set up the account. ANZ and DBS target to complete the Transfer in Indonesia in February 2018, or at a later time as will be notified to you. Does the same apply for the digibank Mobile Banking Application? For further information, please click here. ** Nasabah ANZ Private Bank perbankan korporasi akan dialihkan menjadi DBS Treasures Private Client. You will not be charged monthly administration fees for savings or current accounts. After the transfer date, your existing ANZ Credit Card can still be used just like in the past, with no change to the Credit Card number and PIN. Applicable terms and conditions, payments, interest rates, fees and benefits will continue to be effective until further notice.