Browns fans quickly grew tired last season of watching Mayfield repeatedly leave the pocket either from real pressure or expected pressure, and subsequently see a play breakdown almost before it started. Jim Pete (@JimPeteEHC) We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Adding Conklin and Wills to incumbents Joel Bitonio at left guard and J.C. Tretter at center was enough for PFF to boost the offensive line back up the rankings, with Steve Palazzolo putting the Browns at No. Jeff Nomina (@SportsNom) F They might be seconds-long plays, like Odell’s 50-yard scamper last Sunday. Hell, I’ve cherished imaginary moments that never even were, like LeCharles Bentley being introduced in his first home game in his hometown. Brendan Porath (@BrendanPorath) The #Browns upgraded at each tackle position and skyrocketed up our 2020 offensive line rankings Dive into the key metrics analyzing each of the team’s starters⬇️ Cleveland never came close to matching Pittsburgh’s intensity from start to finish. On one of the most important plays of their season, the Browns had absolutely no hope of succeeding. 3 pass-blocking grade at 90.9. Andrew Schnitkey (@RockWFNY), Associate Editors: As good as moments can be in your mind’s eye, there’s nothing like the real thing, which is – knock on all the wood you can – what we have right now. The most exciting thing about the Browns line is, barring injury, disease, famine, locusts or some other act of God, it should only get better. So, yeah, the Browns offensive line is having a moment. Conklin has the No. Jake Burns (@jake_burns18)

The front office made it their mission to rebuild and improve the offensive line after last season. Can Cowboys keep Cardinals' Kyler Murray contained on MNF? (As for how long a moment can last, well, Sarah Weinman argued this July that true crime has been having a moment for three centuries, so you tell me.). Moments are hazy. 13 grade in the league since 2016, including the No. Still, Conklin is a clear upgrade at right tackle, and the most immediate gains should be seen in the run game. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. On to Cincinnati—again: Cleveland Browns Week 6 Winners and Losers, The Browns’ Respectability Would Never Come Easy, Instant Insights: Browns get bullied by Steelers, lose 38-7, Browns, Steelers Rivalry Week Preview: WFNY Staff Chat, Ballin’ Browns, Bron’s big Finals, bon voyage to the NBA bubble – The Nail in the Coffin, Episode 183, When the Browns needed him, Myles Garrett answered the bell every time, Browns ex-coaches throughout NFL: WFNY Staff chat, The battle of the trenches should decide the winner of Browns vs. Steelers, 4-1 and on to Pittsburgh: WFNY Staff Chat, Recapping a Steelers Blowout of the Browns, Browns Friday Fumble - Week 6 - Pittsburgh Football, Browns Friday Fumble - Week 5 - Indianapolis Colts, 3-1 Cleveland Browns - Jake Burns Joins Josh Poloha, Browns Outlast Cowboys in Offensive Explosion, Browns Friday Fumble - Week 4 - Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Football Over Washington Football, Re: On to Cincinnati—again: Cleveland Browns Week 6 Winners and Losers. Mike Hattery (@snarkyhatman) Memories...WINNER: Rashard. 3 as offseason work is paying off. You can see in the n-gram chart at the top that when it comes to usage, having a moment had a few minor moments during the twentieth century, but it wasn’t until the twenty-first that having a moment really began to have its moment. Conklin’s success was always probable, but Wills also hitting the ground running is a complete win for the Browns. Orlovsky made the same observation about Baker and the pre snap vs post snap reads. He heads into a pivotal Year 3 where many offensive linemen take steps forward in development. Jacob Rosen (@WFNYJacob) that the offensive line finished the season ranked at No. And deservedly so; OL coach Bill Callahan has quickly molded one of the NFL's best blocking units. The Cleveland Browns offensive line is being praised far and wide, and those guys, whose very job description is antithetical to public acclaim, have earned every bit of it. They’re moving people at will, building an aggressive, physical, potentially contagious identity, which, if you can name the last Browns team to have an identity on purpose, next round’s on me. First play after the two minute time out, 5 yard gain , not out of bounds. They’re fogs to be either flown through or, if you’re lucky, basked in. The Cleveland Browns struggled with numerous issues during the 2019 season, many of which that were self inflicted.. That was most evident along the offensive line… Brownies & Frownies: Steelers brine, baste, grill and devour Browns 38 - 7, Important divisional matchup set the tone for the remainder of the season, Chiefs vs. Bills, Cardinals vs. Cowboys - Monday Night Football. I have my misgivings about them, moments, but they’re good things. Jay Cannon (@JayTCannon) “He’s being the hammer, not the nail. Except: I don't think that ridic sundial-speed playcall where Baker got hammered was a screen. But just because past moments in Browns history have exploded in a hellfire of Brownsiness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy them when they do come along. Troubling. Wills, Joel Bitonio, J.C. Tretter, Teller and Jack Conklin are paving the way for a league-best rushing attack and giving Baker Mayfield time to gain fluency in a(nother) new offense. Conklin has been plug and play in his first year in Cleveland. Pro Football Focus ranks unit at No. That attention to detail extends to his assistant, Scott Peters, who calls upon his experience as both an NFL veteran and an MMA gym owner (really) when teaching hand placement and hip movement. But the guys doing the running behind them are also thriving in the early season. 4 with an average of 5.2 yards per carry. Dan Parker (@DP_Cannon) For all the star power the Cleveland Browns have on offense, their identity is their offensive line, which has been impressive through two games and should only get better. Browns offensive line among league’s elite after 3 weeks Pro Football Focus ranks unit at No. It’s likely no coincidence that Mayfield has looked much more comfortable in the pocket — outside of the Week 1 game against the Ravens — than he did in 2019. Instead of rushing to try to get to where Mayfield was, Matthews barely engaged with right tackle Justin McCray and instead traveled to where Mayfield was going. (As for how long a moment can last, well, Sarah Weinman argued this July that true crime has been having a moment.