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Not happy. Anyone else getting errors when trying to use?

As far as we’re aware there’s no Lloyds Bank service status checker either, other than the official Twitter page for users to check whenever the service has an outage or is undergoing maintenance. Share on Facebook. Lloyds bank app on my android phone producing some random logon issues. Lloyds Bank plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 119278. Let us know if you are having problems signing in, in the comments section and check here regularly for the latest status updates. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Learn how your comment data is processed.

trying to login from Australia, 9hr time difference. It has taken out the man from the old dark age to this era of technology and has made everything easier, simpler and much faster. Looks like there’s a big issue with Lloyds banking not working this morning, as of 9am UK time today. An Insect in Browser Can Stop You From Using the Internet.

Why is My WiFi so Slow (and How to Fix it)? error occurred while processing your request.

Please try again.”. @JulianLeach16 @Barclays Online banking not working today. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still no joy. Make it unscannable, i.e., write it in some creative ways like “ABC [at] Gmail [dot] com.”. Down for 3 days already .I can log but no operations or balance shown at all. Hide your email address and avoid unnecessary publishing it on different sites. My internet for all other services is fine. Similar problems on Lloyds Bank downdetector. I am in South Wales. My broadband provider EE say it’s not their end as do Lloyds so I don’t know where to go to rectify this.

This communication is not limited to people only. Same old error code…, this has been going on for weeks cannot log into my account..error code..[Error: 1007 ID: 84630811] 24/08/2018..i will be changing banks soon..internet banking is supposed to be easy and why i am at it..has anyone noticed the decrepid service going on in the actual bank now. The message on the screen:unfortunately Lloyds Bank stopped. Is internet banking down? Keep a record of the dates you haven’t been able to access your account services and how much this has cost you, to use as evidence. Just got the 1400004 Error when trying to log into Internet Banking..?

It does indeed Bill, it is a common surname over in Hong Kong! Link opens in a new tab. Lloyds Bank plc.

US 2020 election: Who does China really want to win? This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.”. Very slow with some pages not opening. Some such uses include: Also, read Why is My WiFi so Slow (and How to Fix it)?

Also, visit Blockchain Technology Social Networks [Infographic].

Hackers hack someone’s property through the internet; they sneak into private files and sensitive data of people.

Have to turn I pad off.??

Can’t seem to find any relevant reports/updates. Like every other thing on the world internet also has some advantages and some disadvantage. Sometimes you might have a permission denied error. They really are the worst at online banking.

Hi, I cannot access Lloyds Bank online, it won’t let me log in. Down today, 6th June 2018, at 18:00 and 14:00 GMT, I’m not able to amend standing orders on mobile app today. Never download the file if you recognize it as spam. The Smile app and online banking platform are both currently unavailable, affecting around 40,000 who use the app and online banking on a typical day. Both App and browser logins aren’t working for me. New researchers are in progress for its betterment.

After entering first 2 of 5 sections the app freezes when clicking continue from section 2 and doesn’t reach section 3.

Been trying for 2 hours. Internet and modern technology are the prominent aspects of globalization. I got this message when I try to enter the website: ”Sorry, an error has occurred [Error: 1007 ID: 66065375] Although the internet has united this whole world into a global village, there are still some issues with that need to be resolved. No doubt the internet has given us so many comforts. If you are looking for internet problems today, then you have arrived at the right place. © 2020 BBC.

Try it. “error 1007”, Same error as Sally, when will it be working? PDQ machines have a security error since around 10am this morning , Been getting this message all morning! I can’t log on to my Lloyds account – doesn’t get as far as the Welcome screen to enable customer id and password to be entered. ………just read some more comments and i am on PLUSNET as well……is it their problem or Lloyds?…………I also have a Halifax account and they are part of the Lloyds group i think and that is working perfectly??

That’s twice in one week Not acceptable.
The information on the Internet should be authentic and should pass through different resources before being posted.

Link opens in a new tab. If you are coming to the end of your mortgage, credit card or loan payment holiday, we will contact you before it ends, there is no need to call us.

Read about our approach to external linking. We’re sorry but an error has occurred whilst processing your transaction……”. You can see how well our services are currently working below. TSB is a bank that offers financial services including accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards.

Unable to access via App or Chrome tab on Android and iPad. down all day today in Surrey 25 jan. The content of such type should be filtered first then posted. It means on: Friday 16th October between 1am and 6am you won’t be able to: View credit card account balance(s). We’re sorry but Internet Banking is currently unavailable. Buy-to-let mortgages: what’s happened to landlord deals since COVID-19.

There is no solution to this question until now. Anyone else can’t log in right now? How To Create a Web Page for Free? Some of them are for fun but many of them create a dispute between people, they work as adding fuel to the fire.

We’re working on Internet Banking this weekend. There’s a problem… It is the repeated threatening behavior by someone. I can”t see my balance and others because of this: “Lloyds Bank system error ‘1400004’ which gives you the message – “We’re sorry but Internet Banking is currently unavailable. I can’t transfer money to my other bank account it’s coming up with this error saying it don’t accept express payments 9200786

Input and Output Devices for a Computer – Working & Examples, How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast? The Smile app and online banking platform are both currently unavailable, affecting around 40,000 who use the app and online banking on a typical day. Thanks for reading . Should be back to normal now guys, try again! All I get is this…Sorry, an error has occurred [Error: 1007 ID: 18.6e02655f.1522168289.647ddfd Now I am getting annoyed!!! If something isn't working and it looks like it should be, please let us know. Is this what other people have been experiencing? Hi and thank you for the update Ng Turbo….their website access seems to be functioning at present….may I ask you a personal question, would the Ng part of your pseudo have any connections to Hong Kong as my wife shares the same family name and she originates from HK? [DES vs AES vs 3DES], Stateful vs. Stateless Firewall: Comparison & Key Differences, 10 Best Motherboards for i7-9700K [in 2020] – Top Rated Picks, 5G network: Do You Really Need It? It cost TSB a total of £330m for customer compensation, fraud losses and other expenses. Money: ‘We’re sorry that our Smile customers have been unable to use our mobile app and online banking as they would usually in recent days. My Lloyds commercial banking app won’t open.

I wasnt even logged in – rather was trying to log in.

2020-10-13 15:02:59 ... @nietzeltweets @usbank it’s been 24 days of account issues on the bank’s end and I still can’t access funds.