But if you do head down there beware of locals offering you drugs. This beach is more lively than Ipanema, and I preferred it for the people watching, and the soccer/vollyball being played at all times. Today, I’ve invited someone special on the blog to talk about my next destination: Rio de Janeiro. Tous droits réservés. Ipanama Beach is where you'll usually find Rio's fashionable set, Hundreds gather each year on the rocks at Arpoador Beach to watch the sun set, Nestled in the lee of Sugarloaf Mountain, Praia Vermelha boasts one of the most dramatic settings of all Rio's beaches, Thrillseekers head to the rocks that mark the eastern boundary of Praia do Leme, Leblon Beach fronts one of Rio's most exclusive neighbourhoods, making it a good place for a bit of celebrity-spotting in the sun, Praia do São Conrado is unique among Rio beaches for the local hang-gliders and paragliders who float down from the steep hill behind, At 18km long, there's something for everyone at Praia da Barra, including surfing, swimming and sunbathing, Prainha's out-of-the-way location makes it a peaceful spot to escape the hectic throngs in Rio's busier neighbourhoods, Swimming isn't advisable, but the sands of Praia do Flamengo make a pleasant place to stretch out and take in the views of Guanabara Bay. And next to Ipanema, you have the beach of Leblon. Some good more secluded and probably cleaner beaches mentioned here. Chances are the heat will get to you at some stage however and you'll want to cool off in the water. Keep in mind that both Ipanema and (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. You can go to the beach in Rio any time you want. I have just been scammed by a taxi in Rio for a lot of money. The beaches are so wide and long, there is plenty of room for everyone, it never seemed crowded to me. As a rule, when visiting Rio: DO NOT wear valuable jewelry in public (i.e. • The best budget hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. Thank you Cristina and Annie, Thanks Paula! Personally I think you'd be nuts to swim in the water there, but if you want to take a chance to ruin your trip go ahead. You'll often hear applause over the surf as the last rays fade behind the horizon. The neighborhoods are divided by a canal, that connects the big lake of Rio de Janeiro with the ocean. This is also the sight of perhaps the largest New Year's Eve party in the world. In a neighbourhood with some of the continent’s most expensive real estate, the beach is suitably calm and family friendly. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. :), En utilisant ce formulaire, vous acceptez le stockage et le traitement de vos données par ce site afin que nous puissions vous contacter. This technique can also work if you're unlucky enough to be the victim of a mugging. After time to rest and freshen up, Juani took us on a walking tour so we could get an introduction to Brazil’s most famous beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema. Related: What are the most popular tours in Rio de Janeiro? If you cross the Ocean Avenue, there are lots of outdoor cafes that have amazing food, especially seafood! We are renting an apartment In Rua Belfort roxo copacabana, arriving next week. The postos define the tribes that grace the sands. The robbery happened on Copacabana beach around 11:30AM, the place and time are supposed to be safe. s there a beach within walking or cycling distance where it would be clean enough to swim? Copacabana is the most renowned, but the local favourites Ipanema and Leblon are growing in popularity among tourists. Copacabana Beach is illuminated at night by very large lights, giving the entire scene a surreal look and feel. I put my pin into the machine but it apparently did not work so he drove away from the centre to a place where he said he had a signal and tried again. I only recommend products I use and love myself. Not the poisonous medusae and the wild animals, but the ordinary robbers, whose doomsday sacrifices are daily dozens of people, are the main danger of the beach. The parade of flesh on Rio's beaches might have you on the prowl at night, but be careful if you suddenly come across an overly friendly local. Cases of armed robbery at the beaches of South Zone during daylight are really rare and quite improbable to happen. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. Enjoy your stay! Just how safe is Brazil for travelers? I should have asked a taxi driver to drop me off right at the entrance. As I said on tip number 2, avoid going by yourself to distant beaches. Amateur and semi-pro surfers from the favela invariably occupy the water at the rougher eastern end of the beach, while at the other, clear blue water makes for excellent swimming. Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) can be seen just off the coast on this end of the beach. The Brazilian Current runs northerly from the Antartic and its freezing. Going as far as Ihla Grande or Buzios for beach during Olympics is probably not so smart considering it will be quite difficult to get accomodation there now. Not sure about Joatinga on that page though since I think there's report of sewage coing out the the river from Lagoa de Tijuca which is close to taht beach. I discovered a few hours later that 2 large payments had been take. The wide sands are perfect for a range of activities, be it slacklining between the palm trees by posto um (lifeguard tower one), volleyball on the courts by the roadside or bodyboarding on the break that whips off the rocks at its eastern extremity. especially the part about the favelas. But the best place to capture the daily spectacle is from Sugarloaf Mountain. Ipanema/Leblon beach also has an outlet to a canal connecting to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas which looks cleaner than the bay but is also very heavily polluted. The 2.5 mile long beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most recognizable beaches in the world. But one thing I highly recommend, specially if you are planning to visit Rio during summer season, is to avoid the beaches on Sundays. Otherwise you can ask someone nearby to keep an eye on them, the Cariocas (Rio's residents) hate crime as much as you and will be happy to oblige. The kiosks had been rebuilt into fancy looking ones, and there were fancy new toilet & shower areas one stair down from street level.Copacabana has had a reputation as a more "vulgar" place. All are incredibly crowded during high season but somehow there's always space available, whichever you choose. Another option is to walk across the street from the beach to one of the many casual outdoor restaurants to enjoy cheap eats and cold chope (draft beer- pronounced "show-pee"). The wealth of Ipanema and Copacabana are dramatically juxtaposed to the crowded poverty in the city's favelas, which often results in violent clashes and crimes. The beach is where Rio's great division ends. If you’re planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, take a look at Lonely Planet Make My Day : Rio de Janeiro. Lifeguards patrol the water between September and April. :), Very helpful and appreciated. 3 young people grabbed my wife's purse and my bag, and then ran away. Made famous by the nightclubs, casinos, and hotels in the 1950s - Copacabana Beach is lined from one end to the other with tourist class and luxury hotels, indoor and outdoor restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The hills of São Conrado are filled not just with luxurious homes of the well-to-do, but also one of the biggest favelas in Latin America, Rocinha, providing a dramatic backdrop to a beach somewhat cut off from Zona Sul. Please be aware! Beautiful Copacabana Beach is what usually comes to mind when one thinks of beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Girls should note that although Brazilians are comfortable with bikinis apparently crafted from dental floss, topless sunbathing is not allowed. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Copacabana beach is one of the most famous on the planet: the iconic, waved boardwalk design, tiny bikinis and striking landscape make for the classic Rio beach experience. So, girls can wear bikinis, shorts and a t-shirt, or a simple summer dress. However, there are several ways to make sure one bad experience doesn't ruin your trip. If you're not convinced I guess you need to travel south/west or north/east of the city to find more secluded beaches (beyond Niteroi to the northeast and beyond Recreio to the southwest unless Barra de Tijuca beaches are cleaner). Seems like the city is preparing for Olympic Games 2016 and World Cup soccer 2014. If your newfound friend seems overly interested in where you're staying, they may be organising a buddy to help clean out your belongings. Happy travelling! What are men attitude towards a woman alone, 6. The city's yellow cabs are a good option if you're in a hurry and are a little cheaper as well. The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, From the hip crowds of Ipanema (pictured) to the jurassic beauty of Prainha, the gold-sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro are second to none. If this happens, keep your hands in your pockets or hold your bag to your chest. Getting there:Surf Bus; or taxi (around R$160/£33 from Copacabana), • Where to stay: the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro by district. A less manic way to handle it is to head up a little earlier to avoid the lines, take in the daytime view and have a drink at the hilltop bar while you wait for the sun to drop.