Liz comments on how Maka appears to be slacking off after she had made Soul into a Death Scythe. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. One night, Black Star is outside looking up at the sky. In Soul Eater Not!, Kim is shown to befriend Jacqueline, one of her bully victims (who has a secret crush on Kim), after the latter discovers her witch identity and helps keep it a secret. 36] He manages to become a death scythe after defeating Arachne with Maka and eating her soul, gaining the ability to use sound waves and sabotage enemies with his "Soul Hack" attack.[ch. DWMA has issued an important written exam. She has long black hair tied up in a ponytail and large indigo eyes. The pair go to the Village of Needles located in East Asia. Agreeing that this will be their last battle, the two battle. However, Shinigami quickly says that it will be no problem at all, much to their surprise. However, Tsubaki manages to defeat Masamune, who regains his humanity. He cannot stand having someone else get more attention than himself, and will proceed to beat down anyone more popular than him so he can be pop… Convinced of his power, the Will, along with a crying Tsubaki, agree to help him, saying that their souls will go alongside him. Each "Noah" is a personification of a sin-themed chapter from the Book of Eibon, each created to replace the previous one that was killed. Black Star grins and states that although she may be breaking the rules, Maka is still a top student, and Tsubaki smiles in agreement. Because of her accepting nature, she can see the good in people who, at first glance, do not seem to have anything likeable about them (such as with her partner, Black Star, and Mifune, even though he had joined Arachnophobia). However, he saw this as pity, since she inherited most of the genetic weapon powers that should have gone to him, being the eldest. Her high accuracy allows her to shoot a target up to 10 km away with a 1 mm margin of error. 51, The Book of Eibon (エイボンの書, Eibon no Sho) is a grimoire written by Eibon that contains all of the wizard's written knowledge. She was staring at Soul, contemplating asking him out. When Soul protests, Maka says that she likes his songs. However, lacking his father's aspect of fear and starting out as a child, Kid grows and develops his own personality.[ch. Clay Sizemore, Spending time with Black☆Star and her other friends, To help Black☆Star achieve greatness at the Academy and become a well respected reaper. However, her confrontation with Masamune allows her to mature and be more confident with herself, and she denies that she is a flower without a fragrance, and proves it to her brother by defeating him. She is also generous and kind-hearted, up until the point that some people even take advantage of her (Liz does this twice, once in the anime when she asks her to do an essay for her and another time when Liz pretends she cooked Tsubaki's food in order to impress a boy she likes). He is fond of children, which originally led him to leave the mafia family he was employed to after being ordered to capture Angela. Meanwhile, to combat against Arachne's awakening, Stein starts the class by teaching the students about Chain Resonance. To make a fair guess, remember that Crona is taller than Maka, Soul, Patty, Kid, Black*Star and other characters from the series, but shorter than Tsubaki, and Liz. Black Star arrives late into the lesson, having recently beaten up a student in a fight. They originally join Kid to exploit his wealth and authority as a shinigami, but grow closer to Kid over time and outgrow their greed.[ch. Black Star and Tsubaki arrives first in front of Sid's troops some distance away from Baba Yaga's Castle. This leads to a fight, and Stein decides to let them have a break, in which Maka goes to ask Stein to take Black Star out of their team. Tsubaki replies that even camellias have a fragrance. He dislikes being compared to his older brother Wes, a famous violinist, and is reluctant to play music for other people.[ch. She is a young but dedicated student who takes after her mother, another prodigious meister. They capture Death the Kid, and she hopes that she can convince him she is right, noting he could get killed for his actions. 5] However, when he is unable to assist Shinigami battle Asura due to helping Stein defeat Medusa, Spirit is assigned back to being Shinigami's weapon.[ch. I'm pretty sure, at least. 51, Medusa (メデューサ, Medyūsa) is the first major antagonist introduced in the story, a snake-themed witch who contains over a thousand snake familiars inside her body that she can use in her Vector Arrow spell.[ch. The Will remarks that Black Star is trembling, and the Meister is in tears. 28] She later acquires her most powerful form, the Uncanny Sword (also known as the Enchanted Sword) after absorbing the soul of her corrupted brother Masamune.[ch. Kilik Rung | Tsubaki is a tall, attractive and rather well-endowed young woman of Japanese descent of around sixteen or seventeen years old. She takes part in the Battle of Kuregai Hill, and Gy wields her as part of the Stealth Force. 22] Though his intensified madness wavelength greatly influences the manga's plot, Asura remains largely absent until he is discovered by Maka to be hiding on the cartoonish moon in Earth's atmosphere.[ch. Mifune smiles and agrees. The kanji in her last name, 'Naka' (中) means 'inside' whilst 'Tsukasa' (務) is a word usually used as a verb, meaning 'to endeavor. At some point while still in Japan, Tsubaki once trained with a powerful martial arts student, Meme Tatane, who would later be her classmate at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.[18]. 1] She is mistaken for a witch by Maka and Soul at the beginning of the story because of her witch-based clothing, such as her pointed hat, forcing them to restart their soul collection after they collect her soul, which she survives since cats have nine souls.[ch. Black Star is transformed into a girl, who is well-endowed, which he does not hesitate to declare. 82,83] Both Tsar and Feodor are stationed in Ukraine, where they are killed in battle against Crona.[ch. Tsubaki tries to explain that his advanced five senses make for the best counter against a Medusa's Soul Protect but he is unrelenting in his annoyance, claiming that the 'human radar' Maka should be here instead, mainly because Crona might be here. During Arachnophobia's fall, using the Book of Eibon to summon various monsters sealed within its pages, Noah collects Kid. Upon joining Spartoi, Tsubaki's attire has changed completely. She becomes fascinated by Tsugumi, believing her to be the most average commoner of all, and desires to become her partner. Eibon (エイボン) is the physical embodiment of madness through knowledge.[ch. Her younger sister, Patty, is known to be extremely childish, but is able to maintain a cheerful attitude in any situation that is replaced with an insane, psychotic anger when motivating her teammates or when angered. She also misses a point on Professor Stein's written exam because, when faced with a trick question, she chooses to believe that he 'wouldn't do something like that to them' despite the professor's clear sadistic nature. Black Star immediately tries to fight him using Tsubaki in Uncanny Sword form, which worries her since they have not been able to use it properly yet. The Big Man is Showing Up Here? She has a very magnanimous, polite and gentle personality and always tries to help or comfort her friends even when she has no idea how to help. Al Capone's men do not hesitate to attack them, and the two are forced to retreat using Tsubaki's Smoke bomb Mode. She wore a sash that looks similar to Black Star's grey riveted straps that wraps around her waist twice and hangs down diagonally from right to left. Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré | In the end, he punches her straight into a dustbin a distance away, much to Tsubaki and everyone's dismay. 24,25] Upon Arachne's defeat, Giriko joins forces with Noah and fights Maka to avenge Arachne,[ch. Soul Eater: 10 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Facts Most Fans Don't Know The characters of Soul Eater drive the plot, including Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. She might need to let some of her assertiveness come out to play, even when she doesn't mind the task, though. Tsubaki hits her Meister over the head, and Black Star apologizes, and leaves Tsubaki to comfort Maka. "demon god"), is the ultimate antagonist of Soul Eater.[vol. Before their conversation can continue, Liz calls Black Star and Tsubaki to join Stein, Death the Kid, Maka, and Soul. As the Succubus appears, the 'male' members of the team (who are originally female) begin to be allured by the creature's sexual appeal. Determined to beat him, Black Star declares a duel with Hiro and Excalibur with Tsubaki, along with Death the Kid, Kirikou and their partners. Black Star and Kid return, disgusted by Excalibur, and later agree that they have great partners, whilst Tsubaki, Liz and Patty look on, confused. He thanks her and proceeds for the last move. Tezca is an old friend of Justin Law, and is devastated by his betrayal.[ch. When she is transformed into a male in the Lust Chapter of Book of Eibon, she has a very masculine build, tall and muscular, resembling her older brother Masamune. Shinigami thus gives them a mission in order to defeat Sid Barrett, their missing former teacher who was rumored to have died and come back as a zombie terrorizing the other students (apparently the rumor is true) and trying to get them to experience the freedom from the fear of dying. As a child, Tsubaki had a habit of pretending that she liked certain things in order to please others, such as when she told Masamune that she wanted to play ball when she really wanted to play house. Black Star once leaves her to clean the entire library at Shibusen in his stead, something which she happily does. 60] She is also adept at a skill called Soul Perception, which allows her to detect the souls of other people and measure their strengths.[ch. Hobby Tsubaki is seen laughing along with the others as they all fail to work together and end up hurting each other. While she does fail at her original goal, she is the sole person who ends up bringing him down. Black Star replies that his soul is now clear of indecision, and that he will overcome Mifune as he had been standing on the path that he had chosen to follow. His skin and clothes are interweaved with stitches. She has a very magnanimous, polite and gentle personality and always tries to help or comfort her friends even when she has no idea how to help. 2] Her multiple weapon forms are part of a tradition passed down by her family, descended from the first demon weapons created by Arachne.[ch.