Here are the steps. I found a good option on Amazon of a bag of the smallest mouse- the pinky mouse which is only a day or two old and a half inch to an inch in diameter. In the wild, they can take four to five years to reach adulthood due to inconsistency of meals and parasites. We love them by any name! No one has ever said to feed her live. As a general rule, feeding ball pythons once a week — or once every other week — is perfectly acceptable. But when I moved I switched from live to frozen with no problem. I figure if you are a new ball python owner than you most likely own a baby or juvenile. She will eat on her schedule, not yours. I have a 7 month old ball python and he’s only about 120 grams. Feed her chicks. But frozen thawed is still more humane. Normally, we feed one such mouse every other day, around 10PM. why? 17021 South Dixie Hwy. Sometimes, the shed is not as clean as it could be, but I can spray the dry skin with a sprayer and rub it off gently. Does My Corn Snake Need A Heat Lamp on Its Cage? It isn’t possible to make a ball python an egg-eating or fish-eating snake. My 3 year old ball python eats about 2 mice a week! But back to my main question; how often should I feed her? @Abraham – Yes, you should be. What Temperature Is Too Hot For Labradors? So they need to be housed in cages that are appropriate to their size, even if it means buying another cage. We had never owned a reptile before. This can be a great identifier that a snake is about to shed, as they will spend an increased time soaking in the bowl. During shed it can be as high as 80%. It’s been about 6 weeks since she last ate that first thawed pinkie and now she’s 3 months old and still hasn’t eaten since the first time and it’s going on 7 weeks and I’m getting worried. If the meal is about the same size as the ball python’s midsection, or slightly larger, you’ve chosen a good size meal. Some things that work when trying to feed a reluctant feeder that has the proper setup and is not in shed is to bag it overnight in a small paper bag with a frozen thawed meal. This is highly discouraged for several reasons. After I figured out what was wrong he ate like he was starving. The initial cost of a snake is just the beginning. My BP eats in his cage I never move him and he does fine, I have a rule that the moment he swallows his mouse I won’t touch him at all for 48 hours. Hi Sophia. Our snake is doing beautifully. They use scents as a tool in their hunting and can identify food vs. other items this way. Ball Pythons in the wild enjoy a varied diet of small mammals and ground dwelling birds.