I’ve always admired the graceful beauty of a willow tree with its long thin branches dancing in the slightest breeze. No wood is entirely rot-proof, but there is a good number of species that have superior rot resistance and can be used outdoors without chemical treatment.
We also had to bid farewell to our willow but because it interfered with our drain lines.

Maybe it’s because I lived in Los Angeles for a number of years where most of the trees (palm) looked like a telephone pole sporting a spike hairdo. The effort spent to handle these large heavy chunks of wood that will eventually dry out to a lightweight and fast burning firewood hardly justifies your time and energy. This job wasn’t fun and it was all the worse owing to the 90°-plus heat and high humidity. Return from Willow Firewood to Firewood Types. I personally don't care for the smell. Learn how to stack firewood using the Holz Hausen method. The heartwood is gray or reddish-brown with dark streaks. You can see the crotches on the top right area of the stack. You should allow willow to season at least one year before using it. Willow wood is also used in the manufacture of boxes, brooms, cricket bats, cradle boards, chairmans and other furniture, dolls, flutes, poles, sweat lodges, toys, turnery, tool handles, veneer, wands and whistles. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Most people say it stinks but some people actually like the way it smells. The neighbors across the street frequently commented how much they enjoyed it from their back patio view. I can see them as nice platters with the “feather” figured area running down the center. Sort of cremation, you might say.

I wondered about the willow because I’d observed over the years it was one of last to shed its leaves in fall and last to leaf out come spring. You should allow willow to season at least one year before using it. Willow was the wood from our fire wood stash that I got my hands on for practicing when I first started this journey last year. Willow River Lumber and Hardware. Can be used for making furniture and equipment. I have a very old dresser (well over 100 years) made from solid wide widths of Willow. Willow firewood has a high moisture content. Black Willow is kind of an OK wood, it's light, not terribly strong but very stiff, in fact they once used it for Wooden Legs! Not currently in stock, but please contact us to inquire about availability. ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive), If you don't see it here, just ask us for it using the. Before you decided to cut down a willow tree and process it as firewood, lets take a closer look at the tree and its firewood value to see why you might not want to waste your time with it.

Find out here! Nate, Steve, I feel your loss but I hope that you will plant another in its place. With 4 locations, Rex Lumber Company is Here to Serve You. I know the wood isn’t worth much as firewood, but I figure I’ll get a chance to enjoy that tree in a different way a few more times. Click here for more information. Mostly I’ve helped other friends cut up big limbs that crashed down in a storm.
Save up to 68% on 7 issues of woodworking projects and tricks. Overall, willow has a lot of qualities that are not desirable for firewood. Splitting willow can range from easy to difficult depending on the tree and the section of tree you are attempting to split.

I also set aside a couple of small crotches and a chunk from the base, painted up the ends with Anchorseal, and will use it turn something nice this winter. About 10 years ago, I found a young willow at a roadside nursery, plunked down twenty bucks and hauled the skinny thing home. This job wasn’t fun and it was all the worse owing to the 90°-plus heat and high humidity. Although the tree is technically classified as a hardwood, the wood itself is very soft and wet compared to other hardwoods like oak or maple.

Willow will produce 17.6 million BTU's per cord. Use the Campfire Can fire starter kit to make building your next fire quick and easy. Yes....you can burn it but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best firewood choice. April turned to May and finally, amid many lifeless branches, a few new shoots popped out and I felt a sense of relief.

I usually don't waste my time cutting willow for firewood, however, I would never turn it down if it was free and already processed. But in about four hours the willow was gone, the burnable parts stacked to further dry for winter’s fires.

In fact, unless you have a big chainsaw many people don't even have a bar long enough to cut through it. Privacy Policy     Advertising Policy     Share This Site     About Me     Additional Resources.

The gain is somewhat interlocked and has a uniform texture. ... Willow typically grows in the southern United States, and like swampy wet soil. Specialty Products / Non-Wood Items. Willow typically grows in the southern United States, and like swampy wet soil. There are many different species of willow trees. Hults Bruk Splitting Axe Review - Sarek Model, Building A Holz Hausen - Beehive Firewood Stack, Campfire Can - Build The Perfect Fire Every Time. Information Type Forestry Refined Material (in Refined Material) Category Material Description Processed willow lumber. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale.