Meaning ‘star’, there is nothing more fitting to name a child when they are born. Most important task is giving a name to the baby that would be parents usually do. For fathers, daughters are so special. Modernizing the royal family and families around the world, this gorgeous name will be a classic for years to come. Nick names can be used to shorten the official name.

But this taste of modern women names in Arabic may help you a lot to pick most easy pronouncing and spelling baby name with decent meanings and Arabic origin. MaSha Allah there are so beautiful Islamic names. The name of the hill where the quran was revealed to the prophet, Daughter of king bahman and mother of darab, Beatutiful Eyes, Fabulous friend, Paradise and Women of paradise, Rich, well-to-do, prosperous, happy, in pleasant or easy circumstances. With its name derived from the willow tree, its characteristics are slender and graceful. A playful modern name, Gigi is derivative of the traditional names Georgia and Regina. This page helped me for that. This page all popular Islamic names for baby girls. Meanings include ‘to breath’, ‘to live’, ‘desired’, ‘voice’ and my favourite ‘bird’. Is it pretty enough?
You can also see the most popular Arab names for boys (in case you’re not sure who’s on board!

Regal in its own right we have seen the name rapidly become modernized, especially within royalty. Known to be used as a shorten version of Estelle, Stella doesn’t need to hide behind another name. When I think of this name, my mind goes directly to one of the most iconic designers of our generation and the 20th century - Coco Chanel.
Choosing a name for a child is not something that one should take lightly. Just like this global superstar, this fun name will not go out of style anytime soon. Associated with princess names, Ariana is not only sweet but very pretty for any gorgeous little girl. Suggesting to be a popular choice within celebrity circles, Kourtney Kardashian named her daughter Penelope in 2012. Known for their stunning handbags, Celine is continuously keeping up to date with the latest styles and trends.

Modern Arabic Names: What a distinctive flavor of Islamic names for females Muslim babies you ever see online at one place, So we volunteers of Getnames are here to make you happy for providing cute Islamic names of female ladies just beyond of one click. Although it is suitable for both boys and girls, it has gained popularity as a baby girl name. They are unique and popular with good meanings. Although a modern name should be gorgeous it must be unique too. You can likewise analyze the pronunciation and meaning for different names. Found great suggestions here! When celebrities use a name, you know it is modern and cool. Our little princesses deserved to be named beautifully. Its status as an iconic name does not stop there. Who can forget the beautiful Gigi Hadid? All Rights Reserved. It has definitely been a name on the rise since the pop princess Ariana Grande has showcased her talent on the silver screen and on the stage. With it’s Italian origins meaning ‘light’, it is undeniably a feminine name.

It is also an origin from the native Aboriginal people of Australia which describe the name to mean ‘by the water’. Talking about the languages, popular girls names comes from different regions and languages including Arabs, Turkey, Iran, and so on. Due to its majestic tone, this modern name will stay in fashion for many years to come. Although Coco was not her birth name (originally Gabrielle), Coco lives on as a modern birth name rather than a nickname.