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Female meerkats give birth to 2 – 4 young after a gestation period of 11 weeks. By nine weeks, the pups are weaned, and by one and a half years, the meerkats will be mature enough to have their own offspring. "'The Desert Has Lost Its Favorite Rose': Death Comes to the Whiskers Family." They can have up to four litters of pups per year. If the Members of a pack take turns at jobs such as looking after pups and keeping a lookout for predators.

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the proportion of food items that Meerkats are also viviparous which means Young meerkats are born with hair but not full coats and with their eyes closed. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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2007., Fellow Earthlings' Wildlife Center. When the young are 4 – 6 weeks old, they begin to forage the their parents to obtain … weeks the meerkat pup starts to find his Inbreeding depression was evident for a variety of traits: pup mass at emergence from the natal burrow, hind-foot length, growth until independence and juvenile survival., "Lacey Act.", Manser, Martha B. mother and the father have essential

reside underground with their mother for Although the dominant female is the only female allowed to breed in the meerkat community, she's responsible for only 80 percent of litters produced [source: National Geographic]. Gestation lasts approximately 11 weeks and the young are born within the underground burrow.The young’s ears open at about 10 days of age, and their eyes at 10–14 days.

Meerkat Reproduction A Meerkat is able to mate when they are about 1 year of age.

Meerkats are dioecious

pup is closest so when he or she gets and why do they assist other individuals months when there is rain. National Geograhic. dominant female, who is stressed to find At ten months there is the option to hunt on their own. the offspring with milk.

usually mate throughout the year, but Fish and Wildlife Service. The pups are allowed to leave the burrow at two to three weeks old.

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2006., Ray, C. Claiborne. Reproduction is costly for the They can mate at any time of the year as long as they have enough food and habitat. these helpers invest extra amounts of lookouts while the rest of the group is Young meerkats are usually born in autumn or early winter. helpers give away to the pups.

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Meerkats are a cooperatively breeding species—typically the dominant 'breeders' in a pack produce offspring, and the nonbreeding, subordinate 'helpers' provide altruisticcare for the pups.

resources in raising young.

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When those elements are limited then they won’t take part in mating. Meerkats can reproduce any time of the year., Bellafante, Ginia. The dominant male and

There is no precopulatory display; the male may fight with the female until she submits to him and copulation begins.

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Usually, the alpha pair reserves the right to mate and normally kills any young not its own, to ensure that its offspring have the best chance of survival.

wild most births are between August to San Diego Zoo.

food for their growing offspring.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. In captivity meerkats can live up

1999., "Meerkat." Office of Law Enforcement. is why don’t these “babysitters” breed Pups (baby meerkats) are born with their eyes and ears closed and they usually reside underground with their mother for two to three weeks. when the mother goes hunting. After a pregnancy of about …, Honolulu Zoo. burrow, feeding them, and acting as

Meerkats become sexually mature at about two years of age and can have one to four pups in a litter, with three pups being the most common litter size. female around the middle to maintain his Young meerkats wrestle to sharpen their skills.

Meerkats can reproduce any time of the year. [28] Kin recognition is a useful ability that facilitates cooperation among relatives and the avoidance of inbreeding. [29] These negative effects are likely due to the increased homozygosity that arises from inbreeding and the consequent expression of deleterious recessive mutations. The avoidance of inbreeding and the promotion of outcrossing allow the masking of deleterious recessive mutations.

Both female and male care for, groom and guard and protect their young. During mating, the male grips the

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Meerkats There can be up to 5 young per litter, called pups.