(Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers), Lister with his drinking buddies during the early years on Red Dwarf ("The End"). This intellectual side has also prompted him to make various philosophical reflections, such as when he pondered the drawbacks of the Justice Field erected on Justice World and the dangers of planetary engineering. When he was nine, however, he went on the straight and narrow. From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. Add the first question. The man kidnapped the naked Lister, locked him in a box and threatened to chuck him into a river. According to Epideme, Lister can open beer bottles with his anus. He still finds himself falling into bouts of depression about his situation, as in "Dear Dave", but attempts to keep himself centred with his goal of finding Kochanksi and eventually making it back to Earth. A Timeslide of a 17-year-old Lister with his band at the Aigburth Arms(RD: Timeslides). The mail arrives from earth and Lister gets a letter from a pregnant ex-lover of whose child he may be the father. Family Lister also found the last remnant of a race that evolved from his cat, whom he simply named Cat. The cast of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1 reunite to tour the United Kingdom. She became part of his ultimate plan, to buy a farm in Fiji with Kochanski and open a hot dog donut stand. He was capable of piloting a spaceship very well, of operating Red Dwarf and had a knack for mechanical repairs, particularly amateur cybernetics. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Lister had been sexually active since he was very young, having lost his virginity at the age of twelve to Michelle Fisher in one of the bunkers on the ninth hole of Bootle Municipal Golf Course; "par four, dogleg to the right, in the bunker behind the green". However Rimmer's analysis was likely just to mock Lister. - Dave Lister ("Psirens") Third Technician David Lister (Sr. & Jr.) was the lowest ranking crew member of the Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf before the accident which killed the crew.. Revisiting and updating our design retrospective! After losing his arm in an accident, Kryten helped him play guitar again. His best shirt supposedly has two curry stains on the front and he never bothers washing his clothes; prior to going into stasis, he saved money by never buying soap or deodorant. Chicken soup machine repairman and intergalactic loser Dave Lister awakesuspended animation to discover he is the lone survivor of a radiation lis now three million years into deep space and the last surviving memberhuman race. As a result, Lister was raised by his grandmother, a tough as nails, pipe-smoking woman, who head-butted the headmaster when Lister came bottom in French and spoiled him to the point of making him overweight, earning him the nickname "Fat Boy" until he was a teenager. Lister as a brain-in-a-jar in an alternate future, Out of Time, Series VI. He ended up as a brain in a jar that his trademark dreadlocks are attached to. When Lister meets an alternate universe incarnation of Kochanski, he is given the chance to create a child. Use the HTML below. Search for "Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years" on Amazon.com, Title: Aside from financial considerations, Red Dwarf is quintessentially a sitcom, so Dave commissioning further series, which once again corrected from … Lister suffers from claustrophobia, which stems from an incident when a vengeful husband caught him making love to his wife in the stock room of the supermarket where he was employed. Political satire about television news company Globe Link and its team of workers such as anchors Henry and Sally, reporter Damien, editor Dave, execs George and Helen, assistant Joy and manager Gus Hedges. Lister has a tattoo on his right buttock, dedicated to the love of his life: it is a heart with an arrow through it and underneath it has in dripping curry sauce the text I love Vindaloo, and another on his thigh stating that he loves Olaf Petersen that he received whilst drunk. "at least now I'm only half crap" ("Nanarchy"). Czech Books At The Ready. The adventures of the last human on earth, an evolved cat, a hologram and a senile computer stuck three million years in deep space. The return of Red Dwarf (Dave) is a bracing reminder that the sci-fi comedy has been going for 32 years, with a few lengthy gaps. Lister also had some knowledge of the international language of Esperanto (he was better at it than Rimmer at least in the eight months he was living with him alive and about a year dead and Rimmer had been trying to learn it for longer). A six-week-old Lister was later found inside a cardboard box marked Ouroboros, a message he always believed described his parents' inability to name him ("Our Rob or Ross? With David Tennant, Katy Brand, Nish Kumar, Chris Barrie. After hearing the result, he commented. His best-known inventions include beer milkshake and a triple fried egg sandwich with chilli sauce and chutney. In the television series, Lister got the cat because he was lonely after Kochanski dumped him. Born aboard Starbug, three million years into the futureRaised in 22nd century Liverpool, Earth However, in Back to Earth, it is revealed that he had something of a breakdown during the nine-year interval that had since elapsed, slowly losing his faith in himself and resorting to the self-destructive habit of excessive drinking. Lister memorably went out with a girl named Lise Yates, but the relationship ended because he did not want to commit to a relationship, a fact that Lister has since secretly regretted. Dear Dave They are in charge of the vending machines. "I'm an animal! Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. I'm a tasteless, uncouth, tone-deaf, mindless, revolting, randy, blokeish, semi-literate space bum." Lister believed himself to be an excellent guitarist, but his belief was misplaced, Kryten describing him as a "ten-thumbed, tone-deaf, talentless noise polluter". The adventures of the last human alive and his friends, stranded three million years into deep space on the mining ship Red Dwarf. While not always successful, his daddy-discipline does eventually result in Lister taking more responsibility for his own well-being, causing him to enroll in a JMC robotics course and to take better care of his dental health. 171-year-old Lister, as seen in Future Echoes. He also had some skill in the kitchen, inventing new dishes such as the beer milkshake, Shami Kebab Diablo, and the triple fried egg, chili, chutney sandwich, (although it was inspired from a book on bacteriological warfare). Title: Their best song was called "Om", which earned them a few gigs and airtime on hospital radio, which resulted in driving several people out of comas. A three-part retrospective documentary about the science fiction comedy TV series Red Dwarf. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He is best known for his roles as When he was seventeen, Lister formed his own band named Smeg and the Heads along with his friends Dobbin and Gazza, which specialized in "sham-glam" and "loudness". Landing On Disc. The Bodysnatcher Collection contains behind the scenes content, unfinished episodes, commentary, interviews and an extended amount of bonus material on the show Red Dwarf. This FAQ is empty. Was this review helpful to you? With Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn. The founding member of the Boys from the Dwarf, in the pilot episode Lister awakens from three million years in stasis to find that he is the last human alive, but he's not alone. The first part of Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall's saga now smaller and softer. His hair is kept in dreadlocks on the back of his head, which he seems to have had for most of his life. Full disclosure: I am the reddest dwarf. Hologram David Lister, Brett Riverboat, Sebastian Doyle, Dave Hollins, Deb Lister, Spanners, Cloister the Stupid, Lister of Smeg, High Lister, Low Lister, Emily Berkenstein, Doppelganger, Tarka Dal, David Listerton-Smythe, Dave Lister Junior, Dave Lister (Alternate timeline), New Lister, Dave Lister (Timeslides), Future Lister, Dave Lister (Future Echoes), Dave Lister (Backwards), Dave Lister (The Last Human), Dave Lister (Stasis Leak) Lister finds himself in a bizarre love triangle with two talking vending machines - sweet-voiced coffee maker number 23 and the more vengeful chocolate bar dispenser number 34 - and ends up literally getting his leg over with 34. Add the first question. Alter Egos Lister was accepted at Art College, but dropped out on his first day when he learned his schedule would include lectures "first thing in the afternoon".