But as is the case with God and Satan, there are cricket commentators that induce warmth, and also those who make you want to jump down the mic and ring their neck. It’s an insult to the gay community, yet TV seems to get away with promoting it. I thought that Fleming and Henry Blofeld’s father went to school together. Cricket has coursed through my veins since the age of 8 when I first started following the England team. It is long and square.”, “Yorkshire all out 232, Hutton ill! Nor is it all those horrific Ashes defeats he put me through. However, as a general rule, ex players should probably start as summarisers. The rest could be debated though although Warne is very irritating and Hussain just a bore. Sixty years of TMS: The funniest moments. I’m afraid it’s the same with football commentary too, but that’s another story. Mark Waugh is quite funny though. to read our privacy and data policy, Maxie Allen, James Colmer, Martin Wells at MW Portraits, Benedict Collins. The other is Isa Guha. His interview with Shane Warne was bordering on obsession. Agree with the rest though. Here’s a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goiGhcwfc5k I recall it’s because Maxie (our ex-co-ed vaguely knew him). ‘Friends’ has a lot to answer for. Cricket Joke – 1. Still at times, these commentators goof up with their words and cause sudden moments of laughter for the viewers. The good news is that all cricket commentators (even the execrable Agnew) seem like a combination of Arlott and Johnson next to the almost universal rubbish used on athletics (with the honourable exception of Michael Johnson). It amazes me in this day and age anyone can get away with using Barbie dolls as presenters. He has never been known to utter a single positive word about Woakes, even in response to the recent century or past 5fers. Geoffrey Boycott – Please get me a coat if Boycott is ever happy because undoubtedly hell would’ve frozen over. He seems to jump on any bandwagon going and Ian Ward is sooooo chummy with the players it’s difficult to watch. I preferred ‘The Alderman’ as he kept up with the play whilst bringing other relevant topics into the equation. The pitch of their voice is far too high for the ears and in Ebony Rainford-Brent we have the most annoying laugh since Elaine Page. After all, it’s pretty awful when the ‘lads’ get too chummy like on C9 down under sometimes. Mark Butcher is fair. A 6 becomes a “DLF (or whatever) Maximum”. From our Aussie friends: “[Brayhaw is] far and away, without shadow of a doubt, the worst commentator in the history of the universe” while another said how happy he’d be if Brayshaw never went within 50 ft of a mic again. One of the best is Hazel Irvine, who combines a well researched genuine interest in whatever she fronts with a relaxed professionalism. On that basis, for me, the worst commentator has to be Agnew. In the back of Hughes’ mind must be the thought that he will dance down the piss and mitch one. A bat. Please click here Updated - Feb 7, 2020 2:57 pm. Only stopped one team from winning a test with the bat. Nick Knight comes across as trying to be more insightful than he is. Date I say it but there have been occasions when I have thought Michael Clarke has made some good points. All articles © copyright James Morgan, The Full Toss. Similar stuff applies to other boards. You always felt like a pupil at school watching with Benaud. I tend to think the worst commentators are, by definition, those who base their comments on personal prejudice rather than either informed opinion or what they are seeing in front of them. I’d prefer to listen to either of them than Mark Waugh though who’s ignorance of anyone or anything Australian is legendary. I just hope that whenever he gives a best man speech he doesn’t turn to the groom and say: “Mate, you would’ve done better if I’d picked your wife, she would have been better than this one. Kumar was an unbelievable player and he is obviously very well educated, but he really does need to learn to shut the fk up and let us watch in a bit of peace. So here’s presenting you some famous commentary bloopers by various television and radio commentators of the world. The non-stop clichés don’t help, either. What does an Irish cricket player put in his hands to guarantee there’s a wicket next ball? thumb_up 7. He was just another narcissist playing that role in a forced way purely for the attention. A fellow commentator asks Harsha whether Hirwani can bat. THANKS FOR INCLUDING ME!”- Danny Morrison, No mention of Sanjay Mandrekar or Alan Wilkins. This is a list of notable media commentators and writers on the sport of cricket from around the world. Sorry about the rant, but I do hate the show with a passion, even Phoebe. I believe their player disputes are about to celebrate their golden jubilee. They were friends. I always feel the ideal sporting commentator is one who adds to the picture painted by the camera. These quotes have been inspired from Quora. She found out I wasn’t there.’. Bit rough on Nasser IMHO, he and Athers are the most insightful commentators going around. We should also mention that Aggers agreed to do an interview for TFT once upon a time. He Infuriates the hell out of me by asking questions of the ‘experts’ and then answering them himself, so showing how knowledgable he is. The sad thing for us is that the fact that Nicholas – who has a demeanour reminiscent of Swiss Toni from the Fast Show (“Watching myself gladhanding people is like making love to a beautiful woman”) – seems to be trying to take over from Richie Benaud as the voice of Australian Cricket without, you know, being Australian. (As has the missus draining the colander upside down, but that’s another problem all together). It’s like he got invited to the top table because there was a spare seat and nobody else was around.