Billing will commence at time of shipment. The modem you receive may be new or refurbished.
This will help you figure out if the problem is with your device or connection. Eligibility for this offer is dependent on approved credit (OAC) and pre-authorized payments. A speed test lets you check your Internet speeds in real-time, including download and upload speeds.

Certain 2-year ValuePlans may have lower minimum service levels based on your starting services. As an existing customer, you may see different prices, terms and promotions unavailable to new customers. While there is no cable TV service in your area, you can still sign up for satellite TV. Let's make sure we offer services in your area. ©2020 Shaw Communications. If you're unsure of your device's speed capabilities, we recommend that you check its technical specifications or contact the device's manufacturer about potential upgrades or updates that might improve its performance. [詳細を表示]ボタンをクリックすると、アップロードスピードとレイテンシ (ping) が表示されます。FAST.comはインターネット接続時のレイテンシをロード済みとアンロード済みトラフィックの両方で計測します。2つの測定値の差をバッファブロートともいいます。 With Fibre+ WiFi Pods, you can eliminate dead spots and extend coverage, so no garage or basement gets left behind.

The equipment you rent or purchase may be new or refurbished. Possible features include, but are not limited to, the BlueCurve Home App and the ability to pause WiFi on devices, the BlueCurve TV voice remote, wireless set-top box, additional IP channels, and the ability to download recordings to go. 28 Shaw BlueCurve Gateway includes an 8x8 antenna configuration supporting a maximum theoretical throughput of 8.6Gbps compared to Telus Boost Wi-Fi which includes a 4x4 antenna configuration capable of a maximum theoretical throughput of 1.7Gbps. The BlueCurve Gateway is a powerful modem and router combo that makes it easy for everyone at home to have the ultra-fast speeds they need for a truly connected life. Smart lighting. Steps to perform speedtest for 2. Starting from $ 100 /mo 1 View plans Fibre+ 300 & Total TV Bring together high-speed Internet … 2-year Value-Plan or month-to-month Internet plans are available. Feel the speed of our Fibre+ network with up to 300 Mbps downloads 9, 15 Mbps uploads 9 and unlimited data. This is more noticeable on slower speed packages. If you have signed an Internet and TV 2-year ValuePlan, you are required to maintain a minimum level of service of Internet 25 and Total TV in order to keep your 2-year ValuePlan agreement and retain your ValuePlan discount. Try unscrewing the cable both at the wall and the modem, ensuring there are no splitters attached, and re-screw the connections finger-tight to ensure a solid connection. Shaw Home Services, sign up today for High Speed Internet, Cable Digital HDTV & Home Phone Bundles. New customers must not have subscribed to the selected Shaw service (Internet, TV or Phone) or bundle in the past 90 days. Please note that Shaw is not affiliated with these websites in any manner and provides this information for reference only.

If your offer includes BlueCurve TV equipment with wireless 4K players, a maximum of five (5) TVs can be connected, requiring five (5) BlueCurve TV Players. Each Internet plan will receive a free ongoing modem rental, model type will depend on the level of service. 17 Crave and all associated logos are trademarks of Bell Media Inc. HBO and related service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc., used under license. Shaw Speedtest will automatically choose the server closest to your location for its test. Smart phones. Does it matter what location or server I choose for my test? Network Security helps protect connected devices, however you are ultimately responsible for the security of the devices you connect to, the content accessed from and the data transmitted on the Internet.

Shaw Home Internet provides you with the speed you need plus unlimited data usage. Model type may vary and is subject to inventory levels. Check on usage. If you would like to view details about your Internet package and want to see what your Internet usage is (and you have a My Shaw account): Sign into My Shaw Click Internet from the My Services menu at the top View your current Internet package details under My High Speed …,, This free monthly modem rental offer applies to new customers only, who must not have subscribed to the selected Shaw service or bundle in the past 90 days. Check your Internet speed provided by your ISP for any Mobile and Broadband Internet's. Item has been added to your cart. Why am I not getting the speeds that match my Internet plan? The following methods may help improve your speeds: For more information on Internet speed or about speed test, refer to the following resources. BlueCurve Network Security effortlessly monitors and blocks remote access attempts, malware and dangerous links—all managed through your smartphone. Customers choosing to downgrade their service may no longer be eligible for their free monthly modem rental. "Up to" speeds are based on optimal conditions.

HD hardware is required for HD programming. Welcome to Shaw. Ultra-fast. Speedtest Net is a free and reliable internet speedtest tool which helps to test your internet speed from your mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet devices for both broadband and mobile data internet. Need to check who’s online past bedtime? An upfront payment equivalent to your first months’ charges, including tax, may be required. All rights reserved.

2 The 2-year ValuePlan is available as an Internet only agreement or Internet and TV agreement. All Shaw services are subject to our. We do provide services in your area. We recommend picking the closest location to get a true test of the network’s speed. Something went wrong and we couldn't check your service area. If the Shaw modem is within 10 feet and in line of sight of you when running the test. Not all customers will qualify. Shaw Phone services may be added or removed at any time outside of the 2-year ValuePlan. Pods are only available to customers with a Shaw BlueCurve Gateway modem. When subscribing to BlueCurve TV with an Internet 150, Fibre+ 300, Fibre+ 750 or Fibre+ Gig 2-year ValuePlan, customers receive up to two (2) complimentary BlueCurve TV Players. This is true, regardless of whether the device is wired directly to the modem or operating in an ideal WiFi environment. Internet only agreements require a minimum service level of Internet 25 over the term of the agreement. It's normal to experience slower speeds if you have many devices connected at once, or one device consistently uploading/downloading substantial amounts of data. Other offers may be available. You may not resell any Shaw services. Network Security is only available to customers with a Shaw BlueCurve Gateway modem. Try these related articles and discussions. In order to properly diagnose your problem, you can perform an Internet speed test. Early cancellation fees apply and will be calculated based on the number of months remaining in the 2-year ValuePlan multiplied by the early cancellation fee ($15 per month for the Internet only agreement or $20 per month for the Internet and TV agreement). Ultra-secure. To learn more, visit How To: Run an Internet Speed Test. Internet and TV agreements require a minimum service level of Total TV and Internet 25 over the term of the agreement. Note: This test will cause Use the information below to learn more about Internet speed tests and running a Shaw speed test.

Slow Internet speeds may be caused by Shaw network backbone or modem issues. With WiFi, there are several factors that may interfere with your speed test, such as other devices that may cause interference with your network.
Look around and discover what we can do for you. Some devices lack the capability because high speeds aren't deemed necessary for use. Please note that Shaw is … 14 Product availability varies by region.