Chibiterasu and Kagu are no match for this spirit, despite attacking it, and it vanishes. After the minigame, Chibiterasu regains Thunderstorm, and gains the respect of the Thunders as well as a traditional hand drum that has been handed down for generations with the ability to deflect lightning. [11] The game features locales from Ōkami as well as new areas to explore as part of its adventure. He later questions whether its faults may hurt it enough that the project may not even have been worth it. User Summary Ōkamiden is the DS game that is the sequel to the fantasy title Ōkami. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No time to beat score yet! She then purifies the blackened Knowing Jewel, and it bursts into radiant colors, then she dowses it for information for them. After a while, they go back to check on how Kurow and the attractive researcher are doing, and they've fixed up the grave. [8][20] Eshiro stated that: Eshiro further commented that he considered Ōkamiden more of a successor to Ōkami than a sequel, desiring to build upon the world for a franchise on the Nintendo DS platform. Chibiterasu and Nanami team up to rescue Kuni from Bullhead and enter the Five-Story Pagoda, the catfish's lair. Ōkamiden plays similarly to its predecessor, Ōkami, as an action-adventure game similar to games from The Legend of Zelda series; Zelda was an inspiration for both Ōkami's director Hideki Kamiya[6] and Ōkamiden's producer Motohide Eshiro. [6] Capcom employee Chris Svensson commented that a lot more people would have to buy copies of Ōkami to warrant a sequel to be produced.[7]. Afterwards, Kuni gives Chibiterasu Nanami and tells him to run- promising he'll take care of the demons and the tired Queen. "[48], Ōkamiden was the third best-selling video game in Japan during its release week at 84,472 copies sold. [38], The decision to put Ōkamiden on the Nintendo DS has received mixed reactions. Plays during dialogue sequences with Kurow. [39], The decision to put Ōkamiden​ on the Nintendo DS has received mixed reactions. It was designed by Kuniomi Matsushita, the director of the Wii port of Ōkami, and Motohide Eshiro, producer of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. É a secuela directa de Ōkami, un xogo lanzado para PlayStation 2, Wii e PlayStation 3 Ōkamiden: Chiisaki Taiyō (JP) RPGFan is a gaming website focused on roleplaying games and related genres such as graphic adventures, visual novels, and roguelikes. Other characters from Ōkami return, including Issun, Mr. and Mrs. Orange, and Sakuya. Sobbing, Chibiterasu cuts down Kurow, and the Dark Realm fades. [58] GameZone gave the game a 7/10, stating: "There are some players who will undoubtedly love Ōkamiden, either because the flaws (such as backtracking) are not as familiar or because they have the capacity to overlook its myriad mistakes. He is then surrounded by two demons but is rescued by Chibiterasu, who then brings the sun back out after the sky darkens. The Konohana Sprite Sakuya, a character from the original Ōkami, summons the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, but instead finds Chibiterasu, who looks like a young version of Amaterasu. Modes [18] Kotaku editor Luke Plunkett expressed disappointment that it was a Nintendo DS game rather than a PlayStation 3 game. The art style for Ōkamiden is softer and cuter than the original game, but gameplay is similar. It was nominated for "Best Handheld Game" for the Game Critics Awards,[49] and "Best DS Game" by IGN. The team originally thought to take the game several years in the future, but found by keeping a closer time frame, things would not change as much from the previous game, giving a familiar feeling to those that played Ōkami.