The court heard that in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans died following a crush on the terraces, Duckenfield told Football Association boss Graham Kelly and his press chief Glen Kirton that a gate at the ground had been forced. A married fitter from Birkenhead who drove to the ground with two friends, one of whom, Thomas Fox, was also killed that day. The Sun’s readership, encouraged to see Harry Enfield’s Loadsamoney character as a role model rather than satire, were probably not well-disposed towards the people of an economically deprived city with a reputation for hard-left Militant politics. 'The whole thing has been corrupt, evidence has been shelved. A large section of the crowd refused to listen in respectful silence and drowned him out with a chant of “Justice for the 96”. The new inquests began at Birchwood Park, Warrington, on March 31 2014 and ended on April 26 2016 - the longest jury case in British legal history. “Innocent people who, by virtue of being in the ground early, had their lives crushed out of them by a mob surging in late.”, Almost as if the heady days of Thatcherism had never ended, Sir Bernard told his correspondent, who had lost a friend in the disaster: “Liverpool should shut up about Hillsborough.”. 4 records for David Duckenfield. "When 96 people, they say 95, we say 96, are unlawfully killed and yet not one person is accountable. A labourer from Keighley, West Yorkshire, who was 18 when he went to the game with two friends. Thomas Steven Fox, 21 A production worker from Birkenhead. The youngest victim of the Hillsborough tragedy. Stephen Francis Harrison, 31. Mr Ashcroft attended the game after travelling down on a coach organised by Liverpool Supporters Travel Club. A bricklayer from Liverpool. Colin Wafer, Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton, Colin Mark Ashcroft. A landscape gardener from Liverpool. No one wanted to see it again. We, the families, have fought for 30 years valiantly.". He was said to suffer depression and memory lapses. Speaking after the verdict, Barry Devonside, whose son Christopher, 18, died in the disaster, said: 'I'm shocked and stunned by the verdict of the jury. Paul Clark, 18. Paul William Carlile, 19. Failing to identify potential confining points and hazards to the safe entry of 24,000 Liverpool supporters who would enter through the Leppings Lane end of the ground. At Mr Burke's inquest in November 2015, Ian Johnson, a Liverpool supporter who was in pen three of the Leppings Lane terraces, told the court he had seen a man he later identified as Henry after the crush, as reported by Liverpool Echo. "The question I'd like to ask all of you and people within the system is who put 96 people in their graves, who is accountable? By 2.45pm, thousands of Liverpool fans were still trying to get into the ground and pressure was growing outside the turnstiles.