You each start with a small area that the other can't enter. The Bombing Islands had colorful, high-contrast graphics, and a main character that carried a lot of whimsy in the way he moved and reacted. Controlling one of four characters on a selection of up to 45 different levels, players must either blow each other up in ‘Survivor Mode” or capture the most territory before time runs out in “Territory Mode.” Blowing up bombs won’t damage the ground below in either case, but bombs in Territory Mode will instead paint the ground a certain color depending on the player who lit the bomb. The game in general feels a little more challenging from the onset, however, with many of the introductory stages throwing in more level gimmicks than the early stages in The Bombing Islands, and without the cute little pre-level demonstrations from that game. While he’s worked on games like Sega’s Myst clone Obsidian and Disney Interactive’s Heaven and Earth, Kim’s prior repertoire goes beyond video games. While Charlie does have his own set of cartoony animations, these tend to be recycled pretty heavily and don’t really say much about his character, other than he’s a bumbling construction worker. it's in great shape and fully complete, a really rare feat :), Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned, Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Video Games. Your island's climate changes as you progress through the game, and occasionally a school of fish swims by, but not much else changes. There’s no denying these types of puzzles make clever use of the game’s engine in ways The Bombing Islands never did, but this doesn’t necessarily make them more fun or less tedious to solve. Charlie Blasts Territory offers N64 gamers of all ages a unique combination of interactive 3D action elements and thinking-type puzzles in one explosively fun and original game. We take a look and see if this is a good puzzle game to try out. One of the most interesting of these are the new levels designed by renown puzzle designer Scott Kim. It combines solving intricate puzzles and blowing things up using tons of TNT! Puzzles created by renowned puzzle creator Mr. Scott Kim. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 338: XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It combines solving intricate puzzles and blowing things up using tons of TNT! Like its immediate predecessor, Charlie Blast’s Territory has 60 stages and 6 worlds, though there aren’t a second set of levels to unlock afterward; beating level 60 gives a password (which is also handled with playing cards) for a “Level 61,” though inputting it seemingly does nothing for the single player “Puzzle” mode. While not exactly the chaotic orgy of flame and death that is a Bomberman‘s multiplayer session, the inclusion of a mode like this does enough on its own to justify Charile Blast’s Territory, which is otherwise kind of forgettable. While Charlie’s Blast Territory still features non-lethal spikes (in the form of suspicious-looking snakes in holes), jumping is now an ability he has from the get-go, and some of the game’s new and altered levels reflect this. Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Charlie Blasts Territory is categorized as a 3D-Puzzle Game, released in 1999 by publisher Kemco. When I first saw the title, I expected more of a mixture between puzzle game and platformer -- a combination that would make Charlie Blast's Territory more accessible to a mainstream audience. Ben Stahl Since each level is filled with a number of bombs, detonators, TNT crates and more, Charlie will have to figure out a way to take out the whole kit and caboodle in one explosive chain reaction. This won't be a game you'll pull out at a party. A good puzzle game is simple enough that anyone can pick up a controller and enjoy a level or two, but it must also have an inner complexity that appeals to the hard-core puzzle fanatics - like those of us who actually solved our Rubik's Cubes instead of rearranging the stickers or prying them apart with a screwdriver. Capturing territory is a matter of painting as much of the grid with one’s color, while avoiding being blown up by enemy bombs (as that erases the dying player’s color entirely). A major additions for this port is a jump button. Charlie Blast is an interesting game lacking purpose. Download the Charlie Blast's Territory (E) ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. By contrast, Charlie Blast just doesn’t have that same amount of character to it. In CHARLIE BLAST'S TERRITORY you'll need to combine your Zen-like puzzle-solving skills with your child-like desire to blow things up. Charlie Blast’s Territory released in 1999 is a Puzzle game for the platforms Nintendo 64. In The Bombing Islands, Kid Klown could jump, but only if you walked him onto a bed of spikes. The four of us don't find it intriguing enough to play for more than 15 minutes so I guess, it's good for a quick game. A simple debug graph can be enabled with the below code. Use Charlie and his demolition skills to destroy the dams with bombs to free the life-giving water from other lakes in order to refill Rainbow Valley Lake. The biggest flaw with the multiplayer is that it's too easy to accidentally lock up your spawning area, and you must concede all your territory to unlock it. Charlie Blast’s Territory is a puzzle game released on the N64 with the simple premise of removing all explosive materials from the playing field. The puzzles in this game are what really prevent it from getting a lower score. It’s an ugly game with barely a shred of personality, but that has no real bearing on the game’s real value as a puzzle game. Something went wrong. See if you can set up a series of bombs in time to blow yourself to the next level - before you get so nervous you explode. Disclaimer: This walkthrough is not endorsed or sponsored … You play Charlie Blast, an overweight demolition expert who looks exactly like one of those construction workers you see whistling at attractive women. You're put on a larger concrete island where you and your teammate combat it out for territory. If you're looking for a human challenge, Charlie Blast's Territory also offers a multiplayer function that lets you go head-to-head against a bomb-blasting friend. The sound effects are plain enough - bombs make booms, you make a springing sound when you bounce over a box, and Charlie gasps in pain when he steps on a spike. Version GameShark code … Charlie Blast's Territory, however, isn't one of them. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. on April 28, 2000 at 8:50PM PDT. The multiplayer mode doesn't exactly open a new dimension in the game. Have fun playing the amazing Charlie Blast's Territory (E) game for Nintendo 64. But as ingenious of a puzzle designer as Scott Kim is, the new puzzles in Charlie Blast’s Territory aren’t a massive improvement over those in The Bombing Islands, and in fact several levels in this game are lifted straight from Kid Klown‘s. By "Teary Eyes" Anderson. As such, there are few puzzle games out there that really appeal to the nonpuzzle gamer. Charlie Blasts Territory offers gamers a decent challenge, but it's just too slow. The multiplayer games provide some salvation as you try to blow up your friends, but Bomberman this ain't! In between the time it took for Kemco to decide to release The Bombing Islands stateside, Realtime Associates would develop their own version for the Nintendo 64, featuring different characters and an altered level set. Charlie Blast's Territory has you playing the role of a blue-collar demolition expert named Charlie as he sets out to obliterate each island he happens to find himself on. Charlie Blast's Territory; Developer: Realtime Associates Publisher: Kemco Platform: Nintendo 64 Released in US: April 30, 1999 Released in EU: June 18, 1999. Then again, as there’s still no lives system, and since restarting a level is just as easy as ever, figuring out the early levels and some of the new mechanics/obstacles never feels like a demanding task. - Charlie Blasts Territory (Nintendo 64, 1999). 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