thesis, 67 pages, 5 appendix pages June 2017 This thesis inspects the usefulness of web analytics data in a context of an eGoverment web service. What makes this sample distinctive is that it is researched for the Australian government and has its own official format. Advanced segmentation abilities included data on customer household, their value segment, and proximity to any brick-and-mortar locations. There will always be competition in business. All rights reserved. 198+ Analysis Templates in PDF | Word | Excel | Google Docs | Apple Pages | Google Sheets -, 9+ Case Analysis Examples - PDF, Word Examples. Studying a broad field in the business industry can be overwhelming. Access to data points, such as customer proximity to a store, allowed Peter Glenn to target customers for store events using advanced segmentation and more aligned channel marketing strategies. If you are a business owner with multiple competitions, you might want to consider starting a case study with the help of the one provided above. This sample from James Cook University provides the format of the two basic kinds of case study analysis which are problem-based case studies and analyzing case studies with questions. Mostly, it is about singular or remarkable phenomena. Called upon by the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and leading enterprises, Daniel is a globally sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of … “Our business depends on Google Workspace,” he says. Analyzing a case study can be demanding in a lot of aspects, and one of the best ways to give its demands is to learn from example. Company description: Formerly known as VMob, Plexure is a New Zealand-based media company that uses real-time data analytics to help companies tailor marketing messages to individual customers and optimize the transaction process. As of now, numerous companies claim to assist business leaders in the finance domain, specifically, in aspects of their roles using AI. Above is a case study that presents how a company is doing against its competitors in the shoe market. A Novel Approach for User Navigation Pattern Discovery and Analysis for Web Usage Mining, A Web Analytics Tool Selection Method: an Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach, Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster, Practical Web Analytics for User Experience: How Analytics Can Help You Understand Your Users, Three Uses for Analytics in User-Experience Practice, Understanding User‐web Interactions via Web Analytics, View 6 excerpts, references background and methods, View 4 excerpts, references background and methods, View 11 excerpts, references background and methods, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. How has this become achievable for researchers? It tackles how the human resources practices at Starbucks Coffee Company affects its reputation as this generation’s leading coffee shop. “It’s simple to use, yet feature-rich and very cost effective. CASE STUDY Google Analytics 360 The Google Analytics 360 Suite increases Domino’s monthly revenue by 6% Well-known pizza purveyor Domino’s is dominating pizza delivery sales in countries around the world. From the title page down to the references section, this sample has got you covered! Coca-Cola Amatil sales reps used Trax Retail Execution image-based technology to take pictures of stores shelves with their mobile devices; these images were sent to the Trax Cloud and analyzed, returning actionable reports within minutes to sales reps and providing more detailed online assessments to management. Goals • Engage supporters • Reach and influence persuadable voters • Activate supporters to vote. Daniel Faggella is Head of Research at Emerj. Coca-Cola Amatil gained 1.3% market share in the Asia Pacific region within five months. Above is a sample case study analysis of reputable fashion company ZARA. Check them out; it’s always best to stay a step ahead! If you’re analyzing a case study that can be summed up in only a handful of sheets, you might want to consider the samples above. This is not always an easy thing to do when implementing cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The sample showcases different types of analysis including the significant SWOT and PESTLE, which are hardly found in other case study analysis formats. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, right? Business intelligence case studies that show how these technologies have been leveraged with results are still scarce, and many companies wonder where to apply machine learning first (a question at the core of one of Emerj’s most recent expert consensuses.). If you have been enrolled in a course that frequently requires you to examine researches, especially case studies, then you just found the right template to make your student life easier! AgilOne Analytics’ Dashboard provides a consolidated view across online and offline channels, which allowed Peter Glenn to view trends between buyer groups and make better segmentation decisions. For example, a customer located near a McDonald’s location on a hot afternoon might receive a pushed ad for a free ice cream sundae. Use of the Conversion Optimizer allowed Global Tech LED to better allocate marketing costs based on bid potential. Get Emerj's AI research and trends delivered to your inbox every week: Daniel Faggella is Head of Research at Emerj. Business courses often demand a lot of case analysis. You've reached a category page only available to Emerj Plus Members. Company description: Under Armour, Inc. is an American manufacturer of sports footwear and apparel, with global headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Refer to the above sample from Ashford University. Surely, they have used and followed the best templates from the expert ones. How Trax Image Recognition for Retail is being used: Company description: Peter Glenn has provided outdoor apparel and gear to individual and wholesale customers for over 50 years, with brick-and-mortar locations along the east coast, Alaska, and South Beach. © 2020 Emerj - Artificial Intelligence Research and Insight. Obama for America (OFA) was the official re-election campaign for President Barack Obama • Website: • Headquarters: Chicago, IL. App users receive individualized content based on weather, location, time of day, as well as purchasing a and ad response habits. STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF SEARCH ENGINE GIANT: A CASE STUDY OF GOOGLE INC is a platform for academics to share research papers. The report suggests this growth will be fuelled by aging, rising populations, the growth of developing markets, advances in medical treatments, and rising labor costs. When businesses make investments in new technologies, they usually do so with the intention of  creating value for customers and stakeholders and making smart long-term investments. Remarketing campaigns triggered by Smart Lists drove 5 times more clicks than all other display campaigns. In most universities, it has become customary for students to critique certain researches. This is mostly done through case studies since they provide exhaustive accounts of what happened, what is happening, and what can happen to a company over a period of time. Above is an example of a case study about Dabur India Limited followed by an analysis of that same case study. Discover the critical AI trends and applications that separate winners from losers in the future of business. Tuomas Paukkeri: Utilizing web analytics: a case study of a digital construction permit web service M.Sc. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions. Real-time images of stock allowed sales reps to quickly identify performance gaps and apply corrective actions in store. Albarrak’s sample case study above showcases the objectives and strategies used by Ikea, their financial standing, their SWOT analysis, as well as the major issues that they have faced. If you’re looking for a sample case study analysis that includes compilations of different case studies, you’ve clicked on the right link. Google Analytics for Firebase Introduction National Public Radio built the NPR One app to draw new audiences and deliver a great listener experience. Companies can now use machines algorithms to identify trends and insights in vast reams of data and make faster decisions that potentially position them to be competitive in real-time. Sometimes, businesses need to undergo proper scientific methods in order to assess organizational factors such as work productivity and employee retention. Sign up for the 'AI Advantage' newsletter: In the past few decades, insurance companies have collected vast amounts of data relevant to their business processes, customers, claims, and so on. How Azure Stream Analytics is being used: Company description: Coca-Cola Amatil is the largest bottler and distributor of non-alcoholic, bottled beverages in the Asia Pacific, and one of the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products in the region. The “Cognitive Coaching System” was designed to serve as a personal health assistant by providing users with real-time, data-based coaching based on sensor and manually input data for sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. Enterprise seems to be entering a new era ruled by data. Thanks for subscribing to the Emerj "AI Advantage" newsletter, check your email inbox for confirmation. Peter Glenn saw a 30% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) as a result of its automated marketing campaigns. Formulating your own complex format of a case study analysis might just consume your time and energy. In 2017, Emerj conducted research into the applications of machine learning in marketing with 51 different AI-focused marketing executives. Peter Glenn used this information to launch integrated promotional, triggered, and lifecycle campaigns across channels, with the goal of increasing sales  during non-peak months and increasing in-store traffic. In the last few years, a shift toward “cognitive cloud” analytics has also increased data access, allowing for advances in real-time learning and reduced company costs. | 6 Liberty Sq PMB 95052 That may be because they have confidently trusted in case studies related to them. The click-through rate of Global Tech LED’s remarketing campaigns was more than two times the remarketing average of other campaigns. Of course, you have to take these terms into account, depending on your study. Different cases require different methods of analysis. You are currently offline. According to Deloitte, global healthcare spending is expected to grow annually by 4.1% from 2017-2021, up from just 1.3% in 2012-2016. In our previous report, we covered 6 use-cases for AI in business intelligence. Some cases need a meticulous process of analysis while some can be done even with few pages. Download it now. Not only does this serve as an example but it also provides templates for both kinds of case studies. Prior to using Trax’s imaging technology, Coca-Cola Amatil was relying on limited and manual measurements of products in store, as well as delayed data sourced from phone conversations. Luckily, a sample study on the said field from University of Chester is here to help you kick off your own case study analysis with its particular format and presentation of charts.