These resources are offered to help those who are struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time and to enable Christians to worship in solidarity with one another even if it is not possible to gather in a church building. Can Bible study groups or home groups now meet in person? Download our printable banners and posters for use in and around church buildings. […] have correlated with some recent personal efforts and interests. But we encourage everyone to think hard about proceeding with such events at this time. After a discussion I had with a sound engineer who has been doing this much, much longer than me he said that-, Church and H.O.W. The guidance also states: “It is strongly advised that only essential aspects of the ceremonies take place at this time”. It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the law. The following advice documents have now been published in finalised form. As churches have moved to offering more online worship services, the questions keep coming in as to what is legal to stream and what is not. However, a number of permissions are required before you make an audio or video recording of a worship service, wedding or funeral. As worship planners and leaders, we realize we are now in a different place than we were in March 2020 when we were all scrambling to figure out . The Government recognises that communal worship comes in all shapes and sizes with some regular services as well as some additional services that mark important milestones in the faith calendar. Were they the item of discussion or was the meeting being held in the church? August 19, 2014. Contact details for your local health protection team can be found, Since 15 June, the Government has allowed access to places of worship for individual prayer and funerals. However, having said that… which is the current law's provisions … I can also tell you that under certain very limited and specific conditions, one or more music license companies (CCLI, LicenSing, MAY… and I emphasize, MAY… allow you to record and distribute SOME music in your services to shut-ins. It instead comes from section 110 “Limitations on exclusive rights: exemption of certain performances and displays” paragraph 3. “However, for activities and social groups where there is a significant likelihood of groups mixing and socialising ( and where it will be difficult to prevent mingling and therefore breaking the law) should not take place in a community facility.”. We anticipate further updates in the next few days with further additions to the FAQs and we also continue to review the downloadable guidance papers which will be updated accordingly. You can now meet physically in a church or a church hall if the guidance for the safe opening of these buildings is followed and good physical distancing and hygiene measures are employed. If your church is opening for Individual prayer or public worship, please complete a risk assessment. Check out and Another good feature of Sony Sound Forge is that it does not require a plug-in. The religious service exemption doesn’t give churches the right to record or distribute music. This advice had previously been issued as. This also doesn’t cover recording the audio as part of an audio or video recording – that’s a reproduction issue and paragraph 3 provides an exception for performance, not reproduction. The following information will help you understand your legal and moral responsibilities when considering live streaming your services, or recording them to upload to a website. A group can meet in someone’s home as long as there are no more than six people in the house in total, including those not taking part in the group at that time. This would be covered by one of two ways: (1) asking permission of the copyright holder; (2) obtaining a mechanical license from the Harry Fox Agency. ( Log Out /  Free Bonus: Click here to download The Church Growth Calculator Spreadsheet – a ready-to-go spreadsheet calculator for accurately tracking & measuring church growth. We acknowledge and share the sadness many are feeling at not being able to meet together as we used to do. What advice is available if domestic abuse is suspected? But, that is outside of my initial search parameters for playing music during a church service proper. People must not be part of a group of more than six unless they are from the same household or support bubble. If reproducing bible verses, or liturgy, usually there will be copyright information in the front of the publication, and usually they will allow for a certain proportion to be reproduced. In outline, these recommend that, to reduce the risk of transmission, children and young people who attend should be kept in small, consistent groups, and of no more than fifteen children and at least one staff member. It is possible to carry out construction work. These are the 8 main reasons your church should reconsider recording its services. In these days of YouTube and streaming t.v. And during communal worship, there should be no mingling between groups of six and even within those groups, people should continue to socially distance from people they are not living with or are not part of a support bubble with. Who needs to wear a face covering during weddings? Permission should also be sought from the owner(s) of any other creative works included in the service. Sermons are public addresses, again unless the event or service in which the speaker is providing the message has been made known to be a private or for members only gathering. through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, . Donating blood is an essential activity, and has been permitted in churches throughout lockdown. Video Recording/Streaming. Please see our legal questions on conducting public worship.