", Odessa Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, aspen groves, creek, wildflowers, mountain range views, views of South Park, wildlife: moose, Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, photography, snowshoeing, camping. You can also install chains or an alternative traction device (like AutoSock) to be in compliance with the law if your tires aren't adequate. The Official Site of Colorado Tourism © 2020 Colorado Tourism Office. Kenosha Pass Take a stroll along the famous Colorado Trail and soak up the glittering aspen hillsides at Kenosha Pass. Great ride. The Trailhead is located just before the 2nd parking area, and will be located on the right (south). 3h 23m, 22mi This is the final safety measure before the highway is closed. The initial trail segment enters with a gradual ascent into the aspens, then at 1/2 a mile into the hike the woods opens up to incredible views into South Park. Took 20 min to fix my chain. You will be greatly rewarded, though, with a fall scene of densely wooded, fiery aspen trees. 5,204' Up 25mi You will see, however, the changing fall colors of dense willows and Rocky Mountain bristlecone pines. 22.8mi Great conditions, some downed trees especially on steep section of W Jeff Trail. Kenosha Pass is located about 65 miles southwest of Denver along US 285. From Bailey, continue driving approximately 19 miles on 285 to the Kenosha Pass Trailhead. Anticipate very slow speeds.Located 17 miles southwest of Boulder, Nederland is a historic mining town that now embodies an eclectic vibe — as an example, it's the home of the Frozen Dead Guy Days, an annual spring festival celebrating one resident's amateur attempts at preserving his dead grandfather. On 7/11 rode from camp to Kenosha Pass © Copyright 2010-2020 Dayhikes Near Denver LLC, We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Trail is in great shape. Restrooms can be found on both trailheads. Helpful. ", Plan a multi-day itinerary in the Grand Junction area >>, Fall Getaways: 5 Color-Drenched Colorado Scenic Byways, For those whose October-through-June song is, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful …” outdoorsy types in the...Read more, Colorado's four National Parks — Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison — are home to some of the world's...Read more, Whether you’re an adventure seeker, history buff or birding fanatic, the beauty of Colorado’s...Read more, Whether you’re looking for a way back in time or simply want to see the majestic landscape in all its present-day glory, your best bet is to hop...Read more, Left your hiking boots at home? Great place to do a picnic. Incredible. 1586.17 m Up — It's a great way to get up to some primo singletrack high country riding in the early summer. 951.03 m Down, 51.5 mi This winding alpine drive is convenient and easy to find, ending with the option of a short, moderately difficult hike. 弊社サイトの現バージョンは、日本の日本語の利用者を対象としています。 別の国や地域にお住まいの場合は、ドロップダウンメニューから、国または地域別のサイトを選択してください。 詳細, 入力された日にはオンライン予約可能なツアーやアクティビティがありません。 別の日付をお選びください。, 機械翻訳で日本語を表示できます(内容の参考程度にご利用ください)。 翻訳を表示しますか?, 最後の週、 7月7日金曜日、私達がまだ columbines を連ね、インドペイントブラシてあった。キノーシャ " パスの南側ハイキングした。 デンバーからも容易にハイキングコース、車で簡単にアクセス, キノーシャ " パスの最上階からはパークカウンティ風景を眺めながらの食事は全体的に何かである。 私は何度も夏の間に showshoes の冬で、コロラド・トレイルの一部の Cathedral Rock や West Fork 've 。 のストップに人気の場所、時間をその価値はあります。, 285Co ノース沿いにドライブし、フェアプレイ " とデンバーの間が、キノーシャ " パスドライブにしてサポートしてくれる。 ストップ価値はあります。素晴らしい景色にハイキングをして、コロラド・トレイルの少しいずれの方角にしています。 秋に、ここはほぼ車抜けない数マイルにわたっていずれの方角には、ビジター " の素晴らしい色を見に来るにして、車を止めている。 チップはピークカラー前の人ごみの中で最悪のを避けるのに当ることである。 が、シーズン中は、ストップ価値はあります。, キノーシャ " はコロラドのすばらしい部分の始まりです。 高速道路からは少し偏差は、ジェファーソン湖、 boreus パス、南公園、 terryale(SP の美しさを経験しますか ? ) 22mi Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. For even more scenic drives, check out our quick guide to Colorado's 26 scenic byways. 25.6mi Took alternate route using rd 37 & rd 429. The drive is a well-maintained paved road traversing the monument. beat the crowds, but also beat the aspens. On 7/10 rode from camp up to the lake, then did the top of the loop. Elevation and technicality made the last few miles tough. Follow the paved road through the valley past the town of Eldora, until the pavement ends. Truckers are required to carry chains from September 1st to May 31st between Dotsero and Morrison. Kenosha Pass(フェアプレイ)に行くならトリップアドバイザーで口コミ(47件)、写真(70枚)、地図をチェック!Kenosha Passはフェアプレイで6位(18件中)の観光名所です。 All doable, but walk the bike. Awesome views and great place for a family visit, Hiking trails - Make sure you have time to do a hike. Spam? This drive connects both of these areas via high-altitude Kenosha Pass, which is wide and well maintained, with easily navigated turns. 24mi — Kenosha Pass, elevation 10,000 ft (3,000 m), is a high mountain pass located in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States . The climb continues at a gradual pace and hikers will emerge to a second panorama at 1.5 miles. 4h 15m, 22.1mi 951.28 m Down, 9.6 mi This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Fall drives to see brilliant changing leaves are a Colorado right of passage.