I requested and gathered my hospital and surgical records.

Once pregnant, I should feel better for at least the nine months of pregnancy. It was definitely a rough experience! As I went to put on my dress, I was in so much pain I crumpled to the closet floor in tears. I cry just thinking about it. I was on a gurney in the post-op recovery area (PACU) after having an exploratory laparoscopy to determine the source of my persistent pelvic pain. 2020 drseckin.com What are your dream?

In the middle of July, only six weeks after the ablation surgery, my husband and I were visiting his parents when my pain escalated with a vengeance. Here are some ones that I recommend. The thought crossed my mind that maybe it was time to end things. That was also when I started my blog. March 23, 2018 ribbonrx Comments 7 comments. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Seckin Endometriosis Center is determined to be here for you during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond. I had my last one July 2016. My first period came 12 days after my procedure.

I was bedridden with pain.

Watch a good comedy show, incorporate game night, and just have some fun! Even if it does not happen I am so grateful for the son I have and being a mom is the best title.

I did ask the doctor if the endo was the reason why I was not pregnant and the response was yes.

I can tell you some symptoms that I had that have disappeared and I feel they were associated with endometriosis: My belly would growl and I always had to eat.

Don’t worry this is a benign tumor but it is really rare. It was only when the urine culture came back as group B strep (GBS) that I realized the infection had been caused by the Foley catheter inserted into my bladder during the surgery. Sue, 23, recommends using the days before surgery to buy your favorite snacks, handle medicine and absences from work and arrange for a family member or friend to look after you. According to sleep.org, women who had less than seven hours of sleep were fifteen percent less likely to conceive than women who had seven to eight. I had surgery with an endo specialist, which was really lucky. It feels like a poke here and there near my right pelvic region. As I was more closely reviewing my operative report from my ablation surgery in June, I noticed something disturbing.

You experience severe pain or abnormal symptoms, You develop vaginal bleeding heavier than a menstrual period, persistent nausea, fever, vomiting, or increasing pain not relieved by your medication, You have any additional questions or concerns. I really wanted to keep my ovaries. I cannot say enough great things about Holly, Asiye and Kim as well.

I ended up having excision surgery five months after this surgery. I suggest if you are in the same position, look for a change that will help you reduce stress. I changed my work schedule to work exclusively night shift at the hospital pharmacy, which would allow me to have every other week off. Perhaps the anesthesiologist thought the nurse anesthetist had given pain medication and vice versa, and through a miscommunication, I got nothing. The chances of it coming back are not common so that is good news.

However, I did not have the horrible cramps where you feel like you are going to die. He suggested a diagnostic laparoscopy to find out for sure.

Take Gas-X (simethicone) every 8 hours to help with gas pain. I only remember crying. Our endometriosis specialists work with patients to understand symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for endometriosis. I love reading your posts about it! That is the team I have and the same doctor removed my endo. Also, I like being really active by cleaning the house, walking the dog, walking but at some point I need to realize that I am doing too much.

I don’t feel this way and now I have to remind myself to eat. They deserve 100/ 5. I’m so sorry you had to go through that experience. The team offers support groups and if you need emotional support I recommend finding a support group. Now that I have that hope, expectations are super high. Here is a selection of books that you can read to give you hope. The thing about that process that was difficult and strange is that after surgery, there was no follow-up. The thought of living like that for the rest of my life made me despair. It’s awful to think back and remember when I was waking up. Since I have no friends that can relate to my situation, I found a therapist.

Following a laparoscopy, the patient will most likely experience pain, nausea, fatigue, and minor bleeding. There is no need to cover your incisions with band-aids. This can be bought over-the-counter at any drugstore. If you need to visit the Emergency Room, please make sure to go to Lenox Hill Hospital 100 East 77th Street.

By a letter to Elise., August 23 in Miscellaneous. Take a stool softener such as Colace 100mg (docusate sodium) twice per day. I hope you’re feeling good now! I recently had surgery to first diagnose endometriosis and, after it was found, remove the tissue via excision. We are now offering Telemedicine Consultations. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Having laparoscopic is major surgery and the body needs time to heal.

I was given birth control pills for the past ten years but honestly, it didn’t help at all. You’re right Snow, we did have our surgeries at the same time! I examined the part of the report that recorded every medication administered at every point during the surgery.

We also had a discussion about my long term treatment plan and that was that. The following are post-surgical symptoms that are normal and can arise within the first few days of surgery. Required fields are marked *. I was given antibiotics that helped a little, but didn’t eliminate the pain. The cause had been found (it was endometriosis and my appendix! I really think it is amazing how God works. No one should ever be subject to that amount of pain. I could rarely miss a meal or I would feel this horrible feeling in my stomach/pelvic area.

Imagine that. Here are some cookbooks focused on eating healthy for endometriosis.

) I really hope you remain endo free! Recommended Posts.

Did you have an excision since then? Always seek medical advice before trying something new for your pre-pregnancy health.

You may shower the day after surgery. Also, I like being really active by cleaning the house, walking the dog, walking but at some point I need to realize that I am doing too much.

1424- Powered By Domino Media, Why Endometriosis Can Return Even After Surgery. Toradol: 50 mg (instructions on the bottle), Advil (ibuprofen, Motrin): 600 mg every 6 hours around-the-clock for 5 days, Tylenol 1,000 mg every 6 hours around-the-clock for 5 days, Alternate Advil with Tylenol, so you will be taking some kind of pain medication every 3 hours, Pyridium 200 mg (for bladder and UTI prevention), The bowels can become “sleepy” after surgery, but it is. I was told I woke up from my surgery almost a year ago with a smile on my face, and I haven't stopped since. I would even shower again when I got home in the mornings to help decrease the pain that had been steadily escalating as each shift dragged on. I thought I was doing a good job fooling everyone about how much pain I was actually in.

What a treatment.

I was shivering from both the anesthesia and the fact that I was positively freezing. When I saw my OB/GYN, he said it was possible that I had “microscopic endo” that he hadn’t been able to see that was now flaring up. Since about 25% of women are colonized with GBS in their vaginal and rectal areas, this means that somebody didn’t do their job properly when preparing to insert the catheter during my surgery. My recovery wasn’t delayed.

I was revoltingly nauseous, but the hospital was out of the only antiemetic that worked for me.

It was a sad and rude awakening to me that perhaps something was still not right.

When the surgical pathology came back, it revealed that endometriosis had basically destroyed my appendix, resulting in something akin to a chronic appendicitis. ❤️. Three little holes, but the pain was horrific. Or at least, I was told I was screaming. LIFE AFTER ENDOMETRIOSIS SURGERY Post-Op Follow Up. So I don’t know what really happened. Fantastic. I was there for hysterectomy but then I found out that I also had endometriosis.My both surgeries went excellent and I feel great!.I am so thankful to Dr.Seckin and all his team for making my journey smooth!

This way the baby will be born around the holidays. I am very passionate about telling my story, hoping it resonates with other parents struggling with health, infertility, and parenting. Start walking around as soon as you get home. Do not lift more than 10 pounds or engage in abdominal exercise of any sort for 6 weeks after surgery. Sleep was nearly impossible. Maybe longer and that has to be okay.

Doing laundry consisted of running everything through the washer and dryer and then letting the clean clothes sit in laundry baskets. Surgery for Endometriosis. It involved cutting around and underneath the endometriosis lesions, lifting them out and leaving no cells behind to grow back. (This is apparently the diagnosis radiologists come up with when they have a woman with pelvic pain whose STI swabs come back negative and they don’t have an identifiable ovarian cyst or other pelvic pathology.) (And I believe you were my first follower, so you’ll always have a special place in my heart! Every, Being kind is the only way to be! Dr. Seckin, Dr Liu, and Dr Goldstein are not only beyond words talented and amazing Doctors, but they are also genuinely wonderful and caring people. Her exact words were "I can do the surgery, but if you were MY daughter- I'd send you to him." The word itself sounded like gold to me.

I called a couple of offices and a lady called me back. At my follow-up appointment with my new OB/GYN, who had overseen my care in the hospital, I boldly announced I thought I had endometriosis. The money I earn goes towards making this blog awesome and I thank you for that! I had severe pain again when I had my period in January and was advised to go on taking a low hormone dose anticoncipient pill.