National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration I had 16" in Oregon City just from December 20-22. It looks west on Cherry Avenue from Front Street, aka First Avenue. Snowfall                                  Precip, 2020-21: 0                         2020-21: 3.38", 2019-20: 23.5"                   2019-20: 58.54", 2018-19: 63.5"                   2018-19: 66.33", 2017-18: 30.3"                   2017-18: 59.83", 2016-17: 49.2"                   2016-17: 97.58", 2015-16: 11.75"                 2015-16: 68.67", 2014-15: 3.5"   Pasted as rich text.

Salem to Eugene had two major events last winter. But the theory is the coming solar grand minimum will change this? Pretty sad showings in 1985-86 and 2008-09, considering how much many places in the Puget Sound region saw those winters. Spotter FAQs I would guess for the airport location last winter was probably a little below 08-09 and 03-04. A winter storm watch was in effect from Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon, with between 6 and 10 inches of snow expected to fall throughout the Seattle area, Q13 News reported. SEATTLE, WA - Well, it's over. Drivers are also being warned to drive as if the roads are covered with ice because of hidden slick spots. All market data delayed 20 minutes. I really wish SLE had recorded snowfall in March 2012. Pretty sad considering that's where you have the real longevity in the climate record. There has been a glaring lack of huge events like 1892-93, 1915-16, 1936-37, 1949-50, and 1968-69 also. Seems like lazy measuring. Downtown obs for both Portland and Seattle leave a lot to be desired.
That little system on the 22nd was a beast in the Salem area. If they were keeping records at Sand Point it makes zero sense since Kirkland which is just across the lake supposedly had a couple of feet on the ground at one point. The Salem to Oregon City corridor really maximized snowfall on both the 14th and again with that little system on the 22nd. I really have no idea. I think in actuality they had about 15" that winter. All rights reserved. Bottom line is SLE needs to get their together and actually record snow again.

I remember at least four separate snowfalls in Portland that month...there might have been five. Table of Contents

Questions? The Weather Forums They also only recorded exactly 3" on both the 20th and 21st. Holiday Climatology, Safety A tree rests on a vehicle, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, on a residential street in Tacoma, Wash.

Officials from the Washington Department of Transportation told the Seattle Times that drivers have hit four snowplows in recent days, putting them out of commission. Lake Breezes Total overkill too. WINTER STORMS CLOBBER PARTS OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST, CALIFORNIA AND MIDWEST. Early morning on the 1st and the 13th. Watch Queue Queue The National Weather Service takes its official snow measurement at Sea-Tac Airport (for the record, that measurement stands at 20.2 inches so far this month). Most of Salem picked up an inch or two with that one as well.

We picked up about 8" from that one in Silverton. March 2012 was ridiculous. But according to a certain snowman, Eugene is the new Redding. MISCELLANEOUS SNOWFALL RECORDS Longest Periods With at Least 1.0" of Snow on the Ground 64 days January 8 through March 12, 1978 62 days December 20, 1976 through February 20, 1977. The crappy nature of the COOP stations around here doesn't help, either. The February 2019 snowstorms brought unfamiliar scenes for many, but the snowfall paled in comparison to this legendary storm: The Big Snow of 1916..

Even though Seattle averages just a bit over five inches of snow each season, many years don’t get much snow at all. Sandpoint for example only measured 1.6" on 12/18/2008, on a day when much of downtown Seattle had 4-5" per reports. Area Information Winter Weather Observations State Observations

Good to know. 2008-09 still didn't make the cut for a top 10% winter for the Portland and Seattle areas collectively though. This is one for the books.”. NWS NWS DSS Table ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Very valid point. I remember the Statesman Journal publishing that Salem had 16.5" of snow in 08-09, though I do not know what their source on that was since SLE doesn't measure. I think 2013-14 was probably better than 2008-09 or 2003-04 for south Salem (per reports from my dad and brother). A lot of your problems are related to the continuous expansion/poleward migration of the Hadley Cells since the end of the LIA. Also...can you think of a good reason why it has been so easy for us to get Arctic outbreaks in December, but almost impossible in January? Cool. See how much snow fell in your city and across Puget Sound since the Feb. 4 storm. Yeah there's no way downtown Portland had less than 20" that winter.