Two clubs separated by 30 miles, but who have settled into a sort of loveless marriage over the years. Bruno Fernandes’ Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out He Will Captain Man United For PSG Clash, The 50 Best Defenders In World Football Ranked After Danny Murphy’s Virgil Van Dijk Claim, Virgil van Dijk Has Reportedly Ruptured His ACL, Could Be Sidelined For 7-8 Months. Probably 'the one to beat' when it comes to football rivalries in the UK. They are Brazil’s most successful clubs and the importance of each game between them is shown by their supporters reactions of the pitch. The difference is a religious one, with Rangers supporters typically being Protestants and Celtic’s being Catholics. Interestingly the rivalry itself has more of a basis in life in Northern Ireland than Scotland. Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 2007 - By Thedamo at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) Sure, the likes of Chelsea will be keen to beat them, but there’s not the same fire in their belly as their is against more successful sides such as the two that participate in the North London Derby or West Ham. Oxford United v Swindon Town: Partly born out of the fact that there was nobody else nearer, … When Francisco Franco became dictator in Spain his National Faction but Barcelona at the top of its list of organisations that needed to be ‘purged’. What draws the attention regarding Tranmere is that they’re based on Merseyside, yet their location on the Wirral peninsular means that they’re not really an enemy of Liverpool or Everton. In amongst the religious differences comes connections to politics and how connected to Britain or Ireland each set of supporters feels. A study has revealed which are the biggest rivalries in English football, based on the hatred each team has for the other, and some fans might be surprised by the list. The Cottagers are based in South-West London, but the truth is that they’ve never really been caught up in the sort of London derbies that most other sides based in the capital have. There are some brilliant rivalries in world football, so it’s only right that we have a look at the best of them. They exist on the outside of that rivalry, soaking up any folk that want to watch football but don’t want the stress of having to hate another club all of the time. Regardless, football is an incredibly exciting sport in its own right. Revie had them playing a type of football that can best be described as ‘physical’, but was often rough and violent. They are the two most successful clubs North of the border and it’s estimated that they’re worth about £120 million to Scotland’s economy. Nowadays they’re known as a behemoth of the Premier League, but that wasn’t always the case. A similar study revealed some more interesting findings about rivalries, with each teams top five rivalries showing some interesting results. In the Premier League fans of 10 clubs named Manchester United as one of their top five rivals. When it comes to English football there is no greater rivalry than that of Liverpool and Manchester United. Spurs felt that should have gone to them as the 20th placed team but instead the vote went to Arsenal, who had finished fifth in the Second Division that season. According to the survey, Portsmouth vs Southampton is surprisingly top, with Exeter and Plymouth second, they really hate each other on the south coast. It would be untrue to suggest that this rivalry is mostly about geography, but that’s definitely a big part of it. Suddenly a side that nobody cared about was winning everything in sight and no one but Chelsea supporters liked it. Below we have included some of the biggest footballing rivalries in the UK, taking a look at what’s … He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. Another side that has always been the darlings of the press even when they weren’t successful is Manchester United. The 20 fiercest international football rivalries. As the World Cup approaches, we ask: What are the 20 fiercest rivalries in international football? As much as Everton and Manchester City supporters might try to stake a claim against their city neighbours, it’s the Red Devils and the Liver Birds that dislike each other the most. That should tell you everything you need to know. As well as a clash of footballing philosophies (Real Madrid has long been seen as the team of ‘Galacticos’, buying titles, whilst Barcelona have tried to play the best football in the country in order to win) there’s also been a political dimension to the rivalry. Perhaps it was because of a perceived arrogance from the team, personified in Eric Cantona’s flicked up collar. As much as Everton and Manchester City supporters might try to stake a claim against their city neighbours, it’s the Red Devils and the Liver Birds that dislike each other the most. It’s not just a matter of trophies, however. What takes football to the next level, though, is when the stakes are high. Topics: Spurs, Liverpool, League Two, North London derby, Football News, Manchester United, League One, Southampton, Premier League, Arsenal, championship, Portsmouth. Once you understand the rules and how the game works you can appreciate both the minutiae of tactical changes as well as the way matches can ebb and flow as the ninety minutes tick by. Here’s why: When it comes to English football there is no greater rivalry than that of Liverpool and Manchester United. Add in Liverpool’s football success in the 1980s and Manchester United’s in the 1990s, combined with Alex Ferguson’s determination to ‘knock them off their f*cking perch”, and you’ve got one heck of a rivalry. Also known as the "right, you'll do" derby. We’re not suggesting that the stakes get higher with each rivalry we mention, but deaths have thankfully been few and far between when it comes to both Liverpool v United and Celtic v Rangers. Pompey, now in League One, and Premier League Saints haven't played each other since the 2011/12 season, when both were in the Championship. Chelsea had finished 19th and should have been relegated but were allowed to remain in the top-flight, leaving one space left. This includes club teams … You might think that the majority of them involve inter-city clubs hating each other over the battle for supremacy within their own town, but that’s not always true. Sufficed to say it’s too complicated to get into here, but when religion comes into the argument it makes a dispute about a ship canal seem rather quaint. Football is no exception to great rivalries and whether they are based on logistics or success, the sport thrives on them and for many, they are the highlight of the season. 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Sport is all the better for rivalries, with atmosphere becoming ever better the more intense the rivalry with another team is. The two cities are about forty miles away from each other and for all that they have in common there is also a great cultural divide that separates them. Players for each side have to think twice before heading out in public, with assaults on them by opposition fans not exactly unheard of. It’s also fair to say that the Magpies lost a lot of love during the tenure of Mike Ashley as their owner, owing to the terrible way in which the Sports Direct boss seemed to run the club. Leeds United fit nice and snugly into that bracket. In some cases this is because of their geographical location, whilst in others it’s because there’s just not very much to dislike about them. Riots are a reasonably common occurrence when the two sides go up against each other, as are fights between fans. In the 1990s they played some of the best attacking football in the country, coming close to winning the Premier League in 1996 but winning plenty of hearts in the process. This list deals with football rivalries around the world. Another club that sort of ticks that box is Fulham. Barcelona fans weren’t keen on Franco, unsurprisingly; both the city and the football club were seen as being opposed Franco and his regime. Maybe it was down to the fact that they always seemed to get refereeing decisions, to the point where the manager had the period at the end of the game named after him. Whatever the reason, Manchester United remain a side that everyone’s delighted to see lose. He won, but the club has had the tag ‘dirty Leeds’ ever since. Over the following decades the pendulum of success and power swung from one club to the other, with Arsenal being the more successful of the two in recent times. By far the most entertaining encounter was in 1982, when a smoke bomb was thrown into the Oxford penalty area from the Swindon end, allowing Swindon to score in the havoc. Our first departure from British shores takes us all the way over the Brazil. When Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 he changed the face of British football forever. Some football matches that have ended 0-0 might seem boring on paper but have actually been thrilling for the spectator. If Liverpool v Manchester United is a fiery rival South of the border then it’s nothing when compared to the Celtic and Rangers match up in Scotland.