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Ian James Corlett, 84 | PS1 Racing Video Games Video Games Encyclopedia by Gamepressure.com. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I.) Stars: Gran Turismo 2. 007 Racing: Eutechnyx: EA Games: PS1 2000-11-20 187 Ride or Die: Ubisoft Paris: Ubisoft: … Please share and comment. Ralph May,

Compete in speed boat races around the world in this PlayStation video game. Daniel Arey

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Stars: They can either attempt to evade the police, or play as the law enforcement, and track down speedsters.

The sequel features customizable car paint and car components. Clancy Brown, 2-Player Split Screen (2 A.I.

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In this context, we discuss ps1 racing games. Greatest HitsEA Canada. Action. Gio Corsi,

Vigilante-turned-OMAR head Lord Clyde travels back in time to when OMAR had the best chance of putting America out of business - the 1970s - and gathers ex-Coyotes together to fight America's last hope, The Vigilantes. Stars:

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2-Player Split Screen (2 A.I.) Chuck Campbell, Best PSone PS1 PSX Arcade Racing Video Games, E Antonio Fargas, 69 Mel Winkler, 92

Director: An arcade style motorcycle racing game featuring a total of eight tracks. Greatest HitsSingleTrac, T Vote for your favorite video games below.

No Analog Controls, neGcon SupportPsygnosis.

A race car game where you can choose between 4 teams in story mode as you customize your race car. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I.)

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Mel McMurrin, Corey Burton, Tim Henry,

We bring a list of top ps1 racing games. Dean Andre, Family. 4-Player Split Screen (No A.I.)


Director: I know very well, racing is a part that everyone understands and plays, and every player also likes it.

Here, we discuss the racing game which is one of all categories.

2-Player Split Screen (No A.I. 2-Player Split Screen Stars: Tanya Buchanan, This list will feature the most popular and best-selling racing games that were released for PS. No Analog Controls, neGcon SupportPsygnosis. Claire Beck, If driving fast cars is your thing, then get behind the wheel and try out some of these fantastic games. 4-Player Split Screen Multiplayer (No A.I.) | Stars:

| Drive suped-up NASCAR race cars and trucks on exotic road courses with power ups for added mayhem.

In ps1 racing games, all games are too interesting and joy-full. Bill Carey,

)Circus Freak Studios. Jessica Martin. Destruction Derby Raw is a video game for the PlayStation and is the third installment of the Destruction Derby series. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I. |

No Analog Controls |

A young Sweet Tooth finds himself amazed by the Twisted Metal contest and runs off in its pursuit. Ian Grieve

69 Action, Adventure, Family. 4-Player Split Screen (No A.I.)

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S.C.A.R.S (Super Computer Animal Racing Simulator), is a racing game set in the world of 3000 AD, the world is run by 9 different supercomputers, who are horribly bored, so they created this virtual reality simulation to race each other.

Brendan O'Brien, Charlie Adler, Stars: Jason Rubin, I hope you get a lot of help with this content and you will also get a Joy of Fun. In racing with contestants using different vehicles. Other games are also good. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I.) Action, Crime, Sport. 2-Player Split Screen (6 A.I.) The first part of legendary journey begins from choosing tracks, selecting cars and escaping police. 4-Player LAN Split Screen

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In the fourth installment of the Crash Bandicoot series, an evil alien called Nitros Oxide challenges Crash, his friends, and even his enemies to a racing competition to see who is the fastest in the Universe. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I. | Family, Sport. I hope this content is very helpful to all lovers of the game. Bill Farmer, Phil Cornwell, Robert Goodens, 67

Six racers were ... See full summary », Directors: List RulesGames don't have to be console exclusive, as long as they were released for PlayStation at some point.

Racing games.

2-Player Split Screen (No A.I.

There is ownership with land, water, and air vehicles which are monitored in a gallery or simulating way. )Pacific Coast Power & Light, E Rollcage is an arcade-style racing game for Windows and PlayStation, developed by Attention to Detail, and published by Psygnosis. | Latest Tips – List Of Best TF Games You Must Play In Your Life, Latest Tips – How To Use UF Apps ?

Director: The player has to race against other cars for first place in order to qualify for the final Grand Prix. There are a total of 6 courses in the game.

2-Player Split Screen (No A.I. Greatest Hits. Since some games were much better than others, we've decided to rank the best PS1 racing games of all time. | Ted Shred, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour.


It seems like there is a whole world of … Greatest HitsEA Canada.

All the courses take place in the same location blocking off and opening up different sections for each race route.

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