I’m guessing their pursuit of both Draper, and reportedly Todd Goldstein, means that Billy Longer will be bid farewell? You think this is what Tim kelly’s management meant when they told Geelong to get creative? Jake Riccardi (born 7 September 1999) is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League (AFL). Weight: 93kg    

In terms of forward pressure, there are not many better in the league. A young team in need of a forward presence and a body unafraid to crash a pack could be a good home for him in the twilight of his career. Want more Mongrel and the chance to have input into our site and what we cover? That leaves Freo pick 11ish to use on Liam Henry who looks top 10 but is a Freo NGA. Jarrod Brander is the price. The Traders review JLT week three Currently Uncontracted – Hamish Brayshaw, Jackson Nelson, Lewis Jetta, Matthew Allen, Tom Hickey, Unrestricted Free Agent – Chris Masten, Will Schofield, Fraser McInness. "Jeremy was told in his exit interview that the club was open to exploring options ahead of the trade period," Trotter said. A young player and a future first rounder? GWS has a trio of key position forwards in goalkicker Jeremy Cameron, 23-year-old Harry Himmelberg and 23-year-old Jeremy Finlayson who have combined for 122 goals this year. Age: 24yr 5mth Games: 46 Born: February 9, 1996 Origin: Hills Eagles. That really doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

The Dogs would have to cut a deal with Port if Ryder wanted to head to the Whitten Oval. Currently Uncontracted – Current team has the first right to sign them. I read a report on Twitter that Jack Lukosius wants out already. I reckon. I wonder if Himmelberg's late season form makes Patton less of a must-keep. A fitter list would obviously help a lot. Matthew Kreuzer – Unrestricted at Carlton, but strikes me as fiercely loyal. Hopper has a sought after midfield spot and is progressing nicely. We even have a place for donations now. I would not be surprised if they had not tabled a huge offer to him to extend his current deal the minute this season is over. Height: 195cm Weight: 84kg. It also helps the site out. Phillips is the heir apparent to Kreuzer and will probably become their number one ruck sometime over the next two years as the battle-beaten body of Kreuzer hits its 30s.

Currently Uncontracted – Andrew Phillips, Caleb Marchbank, David Cunningham, Jack Silvagni, Liam Jones, Matthew Kennedy, Nic Newman, Michael Gibbons, Unrestricted Free Agent – Kade Simpson, Levi Casboult, Matthew Kreuzer, Dale Thomas. Did you know he was leading the league in spoils until the Saints dropped him for their game against GWS and Jeremy Cameron? The addition of Sydney Stack and the emergence of Shai Bolton and Liam Baker make him somewhat less required, so I expect him to be a little dissatisfied with a new contract offer. ... edit: not making a go at you here footywire suggest he's kicked the 2.7 this year (dammit AFL, ... Finlayson and Himmelberg are 13th and 14th on the Coleman table. Robbie Gray will be banking some serious dollars from the Power. So there we go. Sam Jacobs – Forced out due to the excellent form of Reilly O’Brien, Jacobs has been a workhorse for the Crows, and as a restricted free agent, the Dogs could probably make an offer the Crows would not match, costing them nothing in terms of a deal. Includes historical and current season data. Jeremy Finlayson (born 9 February 1996) is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League (AFL). Remember the rumours of McVeigh to Gold Coast in a Luke Hodge-type role last off-season. If I’m the Suns, I start looking at players like Mav Weller, who I reckon would be a nice fit with his brother. The athletic goalkicker credited his work with GWS sports psychologist Darren Everett as a major reason behind his form this year. Still, it’ll make his next deal an absolute bargain. . Look! With a couple out, maybe he could stake a claim for a bigger role (and pay cheque) or it may be in his best interests to look elsewhere, whether he wants to or not. I’ll be asking the same of Eagles supporters soon, but Freo fans, what are you willing to give up for Tim Kelly? A few clubs (Melbourne in particular) already making noise about Alex Keath, but the Crows would get plenty back for him should he choose to look elsewhere. The Josh Kelly rolling deal has really thrown the modern AFL contract situation for a loop, hasn’t it? Cats fans, what would be appropriate compensation? We’ll get to him later. Westhoff… well, he had a career-year in 2018, but has dropped away significantly this season. So, big question, as I asked Freo fans – who on the list is worth giving up to get your hands on Kelly? The real question the Dogs must answer is who they target to assist Tim English in the ruck as he develops? Currently Uncontracted – Brayden Sier, Jack Madgen, Levi Greenwood, Taylor Adams, Tom Phillips, Travis Varcoe, Unrestricted Free Agent – Ben Reid, Tyson Goldsack, Jamie Elliott, Lynden Dunn, Daniel Wells. The Tigers will have the chance to match the offer if he entertains interest from others, but will they? As an unrestricted free agent, he’ll cost the Dogs nothing if they’re willing to shell out. To check the draft order (updated weekly) see the thread here. He has been a warrior for the Roos and will be a great boon to their young ruck, Tim English if he makes the move. There is no way you get out of this cheaply, either. I expect him to explore opportunities after this season, and do it on great terms with the Swans. Unrestricted Free Agent – Player can sign with whichever team he wants without restriction. And if teams are willing to sell the farm to get their hands on Kelly, what can we expect for names like Stephen Coniglio, Ed Langdon, and Shane Edwards. uzer decided to test the waters this off-season and see if anyone was willing to bite? That has to sting, and for all Ken Hinkley talks about Ryder’s love for the club, and the club’s love for him, if it demonstrated by long stints in the seconds, that love will wear thin. AFL Career State Leagues; Year Age Club # List Games Goals Votes Awards and List Movements League Club Games Reserves Under 18s; 2013: 17: TAC: NSW-ACT: 1: NEAFL: Greater Western Sydney: NEAFL: Sydney Hills: 3: What the Dees offer Garlett will be interesting. Possible trade targets to help these things: Key forwards: Josh Schache, Peter Wright, Jeremy Finlayson, Tom Hawkins (older but will straighten us up a lot), Sam Weidemann (Doubtful). Okay, we need to talk about the Saints, who are so baffling. More than the top end players strangely. Hickey is a winner at clearances anyway, so even with a completely healthy Nic Nat, the time Hickey spends in the middle is good value. Are you willing to part with a future first rounder? However, I’d also be looking at players like Ethan Hughes, who has the makings of an excellent defender, and oft-injured but impressive Griffin Logue will probably be a discount re-sign. It all comes down to what you’re able to get back for him as to whether or not you’ll be happy, and at the moment, there will have to be a fair bit of manoeuvring from either Fremantle or West Coast to secure enough assets to make a trade worthwhile for the Cats. And who does it want to see wander off to greener pastures?