Harold sacrifices himself and is eliminated in DJ's place. Team Amazon check out all the servers on the right side of the main page (just scroll up!). Tokyo, Japan! DJ is chosen by his teammates, but initially refuses because he is convinced that he is cursed by the mummified dog that he broke in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. Ew! If survival Minecraft isn't your thing, we have many other game servers! Team Amazon's passports are seen instead of Team Victory's passports. Leshawna is surprised and giggles about it. OUR FIRST OFFICIAL LIVE SHOW BACK ON A REGULAR SCHEDULE. However someone else sacrifices themselves, to save a friend. In the scene where Team Amazon was looking for props. Courtney complains about their voices being dubbed in English and Chris explains that it is because the Japanese locals "don't like the cast's voices", and admits he is not sorry about it. I mean, seriously?!" Total Drama Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Chris calls them all down to the common area to discuss the challenge. Canada (taking gum out of his ear) Is this her gum? This is the only episode of Total Drama World Tour in which all three teams have the exact same amount of members. This prompts Cody and Sierra to handle the commercial themselves. Location The contestants after watching the Total Drama Action Japanese promo. I was starting to get a little claustrophobic in the plane anyway. He stated that when he touched it, it exploded, along with the pyramid they were in. Ting-Ting and T'sing-T'sing are most likely named after the famous panda, The lightsaber that Harold stabs himself with is an obvious reference to the trademark weapon of the, Harold stabbing himself through the chest is a reference to the ancient samurai practice. DJ finishes in second place, after hopelessly trying to run away from his panda (scoring many points by doing this), and gets devastated when he accidentally harms his panda, T'sing T'sing, in the process. While three teammates clash, two others are forced to work together, and someone continues to believe he may be cursed. This was really for the best. After finishing the song, the contestants land in a giant bowl of rice. Next destination? Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in their commercial. After the hole is blocked by a large crate, Harold says that he could have done the same, but he "wants to leave the ladies wanting more", to which Bridgette and Lindsay giggle, and DJ says that what Leshawna wants is more Alejandro. July 5, 2010 As the contestants scream and fall, the bell chimes, indicating the start of a song. There's only so many cubic feet of air in the average airliner and so—(grunts) I will miss Leshawna and seeing the world and—gosh! The next challenge is introduced after seeing a dubbed version of the Total Drama Action trailer. We've got a great Pixelmon server, a fun 1.7.10 Pack server, a Creative server and many others!. This time on the Super Fun Time Trivia Podcast, we discuss Thor's goat carting, a new toy that will be all the rage this holiday season called "My Little Donkey", and how and if there's aliens, they're Turkish, for sure. Total Drama World Tour after he sees the Japanese commercial, his shoulder and neck are disconnected from his body. Owen covers the plane's hole after being sucked off of his seat. S1, Ep9 Still don't see something you like? This is incorrect, because "Samurai" is both the singular and the plural form of the word. Chris throws him one and then the episode ends. The teams must survive a torturous Japanese game show challenge and then shoot a commercial for candied fish. When Tyler high-fives Harold, the end of his left sleeve is colored white instead of red. Original airdate A hole opens up in the side of the plane. Tokyo, Japan He leaves the plane with "honor" by stabbing himself with a fake light saber and then falling out without a parachute. Harold and Alejandro use the word "Samurais" to mean "more than one Samurai". A lot of South Park episodes of late have tended to present multiple storylines that don't have much to do with each other, and it's nice to see "Super Fun Time" so tightly constructed. If survival Minecraft isn't your thing, we have many other game servers! However, when Leshawna is holding DJ's passport in her hand, he is frowning in the picture; and when DJ is holding up his own passport, he is grinning in the picture. Cody interrupts saying that they have a great commercial, just have not thought of a title yet. This excites Lindsay and she expresses her wish of the prize being candy, or shoes, or even shoes made of candy. Cody volunteers to do the challenge for his team when Courtney, Heather, and Gwen won't stop arguing about who will do it. Harold intends for the film to be a metaphor, but most of the contestants, Chris, and Chef view it as total nonsense. Harold Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fishtails?! Leshawna is nearly sucked out of the plane, until Alejandro saves her. This time on the Super Fun Time Trivia Podcast, we discuss not wanting any short Bic man, Tiffany Hitler, and the time that Bill Clinton patented invisible semen. When Lindsay picks up her passport DJ is smiling on his. The scoreboard used during the challenge has only five places for digits, but after Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot scores 462,000 points, it has six places. Next destination? DJ becomes upset over accidentally injuring T'sing-T'sing. Tyler is really excited about this, saying that he loves Japanese game shows. She yells about how everything Harold knows about Japan just sent them "free-falling out of a plane". Super Fun Time is a gaming community that revolves mainly around the awesome game called Minecraft! For winning the first challenge, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot chooses first. Song(s) When Team Victory was coming to pick their props, they pass through Alejandro and he wishes them luck. In economy class, Alejandro consoles a depressed Harold, telling him he still has his honor. Episode3 Team Victory's commercial, "A Samurai's Lament". Harold gets happy with his comments and agrees. Team Amazon doesn't seem to have a commercial prepared, so Courtney as the team's "leader" begins to tell Chef and Chris that they didn't make one. This is the first episode in which Harold is eliminated where he isn't kissed by another contestant.