Follow the instructions in Step 3 to ensure Document Management is enabled for the Case entity. Apart from the standard configuration required for entity form or web form, you must set the following properties to enable document management: Entity Name and Form Name: Enter the entity and form names customized in the previous step, respectively. b. You will also be redirected to provide your consent for the changes to be made in the Azure AD application. c. Review and ensure the following properties are set: d. If you’ve made any changes to the form, select Save. チームワークの力になるコンテンツ、知識、アプリケーションを共有し管理します。情報がすばやく見つかり、組織全体でシームレスに共同作業できます。, イントラネットで一体感を高め、従業員に情報を伝達します。組織の効率を高めるために、共通のリソースやアプリケーションをホーム サイトやポータルで共有します。自分のストーリーを美しいコミュニケーション サイトで伝えます。Web と SharePoint モバイル アプリで自分に合わせたニュースを受け取り、最新の情報を入手します。, ワンクリックするだけで、探しているものが見つかります。強力な検索機能がインテリジェントに情報、専門知識、インサイトを発見してくれるので、十分な情報に基づいて意思決定し、次の行動に進むことができます。SharePoint の豊富なコンテンツ管理機能に加えて、Yammer で明らかになる有益なつながりと会話を活用すれば、組織の知識のスピードは最大限に高まります。, 生産性を高めるようにプロセスを変革しましょう。通知や承認のような単純なタスクでも、もっと複雑な業務ワークフローでも、SharePoint のリストとライブラリ、Microsoft Flow、PowerApps を利用すれば、フォーム、ワークフロー、カスタム アプリを使ってどのデバイスからでもデジタルに処理することができます。, 他のユーザーや Microsoft のエキスパートからヒントやアドバイスが得られます。, これらの生産性向上に欠かせないツールは常に進化しています。Microsoft 365 なら、いつでも最新バージョンを利用できます。ホスト型のソリューション SharePoint Online は、単体で購入することも、Microsoft 365 サブスクリプションで利用することもできます。SharePoint Server 2019 はオンプレミスのソリューションです。, SharePoint は、チームワークを強化します。動的で生産性の高いチーム サイトをプロジェクト チーム、部門、部署のそれぞれが作成して、ファイル、データ、ニュース、リソースを共有できます。チームの作業を合理化するようにサイトをカスタマイズできます。Windows PC、Mac、モバイル デバイスのどれでも、セキュリティを維持しながら、かつ容易に、組織内外のチーム メンバーとの共同作業を行うことができます。, セールス担当者と直接お話しいただけます。 一般法人向け製品の販売サポート I'm still confused. The Portal Site Connection is used to link one site collection to other one collection. Instead, just connect through your web browser. Step 2: Set up SharePoint integration from Power Apps Portals admin center Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System. If your user is already an Administrator, then the above entity permission need not be explicitly assigned. Enabling or disabling the SharePoint integration will update the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) application for the portal and add or remove the required SharePoint permissions, respectively. When SharePoint integration is enabled, the following action becomes available: Disable SharePoint integration: Allows you to disable the SharePoint integration with your portal. e. In the Set Properties dialog box, set the following properties, and select OK: Name (This can be any name): CaseDocuments, Label (This can be any label name): Case Documents. To use the document management capabilities of SharePoint, you must enable SharePoint integration from the Power Apps Portals admin center. Save and publish the form once the subgrid is added and configured. Enabling or disabling the SharePoint integration will not be complete and an error message will display. Select the Enable Entity Permission check box on the form to allow a user to read the documents. Accessing a site that is hosted in SharePoint Online, part of Office 365, may be a little different than sites that are hosted on your network. Permissions on the entity of the entity or web form: Select the Parent Entity Permission to the entity permission record created in previous step. In the Default Solution, go to the Case entity > Forms. You must be a global administrator to perform this action. Can someone please explain to me what the "Portal Site Connection" on the Site Collection Site Settings page is meant for. Ensure that your web role has this entity permission added. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization, across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Ensure that an Entity Permission record exists by the name of Customer Service - Cases where contact is customer. If you set the Mode to Insert, the document upload will not work because the parent entity record is not created until the form is submitted. Document management must be enabled for the entity for which you edit the form. Find and open Customer Service - Edit Case entity form. Go to the Web Role record that is associated to the user.

Microsoft Learn: Document management with SharePoint, Set up model-driven apps to use SharePoint Online, Enable SharePoint document management for specific entities. The below example demonstrates configuration using the Case entity which needs the Dynamics 365 Customer Service application as a pre-requisite.

The default SharePoint site record is used by the portal. You don't need to install any software to use SharePoint. Power Apps portals now supports uploading and displaying documents to and from SharePoint directly on an entity form or web form in a portal. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact A portal is a Microsoft SharePoint site on your intranet that has a large number of site viewers who consume content on the site. Two entity permission records are required to establish the necessary access to view and upload documents. While the SharePoint integration is being enabled, the portal restarts and will be unavailable for a few minutes. A corresponding child entity permission on the Document Location entity needs to be created for each instance of the parent entity permission record that exists on the entity of the entity or web form where documents need to be shown. Depending on how your company has configured its connection with Office 365, you may not be prompted to log in to Office 365. The minimum privileges to allow read access to documents are. Server-based SharePoint integration allows model-driven apps and SharePoint Online to perform a server-to-server connection. A message appears when SharePoint integration is disabled. Can you also provide a demo so I can see it in action. Sign in to portal to ensure document management is enabled for the Case entity. There was with SharePoint 2010 but not with SharePoint 2013. More information about configuring a connection to a portal site for your reference:, Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. Set the Mode to Edit to allow document uploads. Select the SharePoint tile on the on the Microsoft 365 home page, or in the app launcher. Create a new entity permission, enter the following details, and select Save: Name (This can be any name): Customer Service - Related Documents, Parent Entity Permission: Customer Service - Cases where contact is customer, Parent Relationship: incident_SharePointDocumentLocations, Privileges: Read, Create, Append, Write, Delete. site connection. You can specify name and label as per your requirement. For this sample, we’ll assume that the user has an Administrator web role. b. You may access your site through the main Office 365 portal URL. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The subgrid adds a section to the form, which allows you to work with documents from within a portal. For information on how to enable document management for entities, see Enable SharePoint document management for specific entities. Identify the form where you want to use document management capabilities. Simple sharing and seamless collaboration. Sign in to your work or school account at If you have a site collection you want to link to, the site will be added to the global breadcrumb navigation for the current site collection after you configure a portal Customize your site to streamline your team’s work. The default SharePoint site record is used by the portal. Follow Step 5 to make sure entity permissions are granted to the users. Select Enable in the confirmation window. A message appears when SharePoint integration is enabled. The Portal Site Connection is used to link one site collection to other one collection. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization, across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. f. In the form editor, select Save and then select Publish. b. Click on an existing Case record from the list. Although this sample uses the Case entity, it is just an illustration of the steps mentioned above and can be followed with any other custom entity or any Common Data Service entity that supports managing documents in SharePoint. Go to Set up SharePoint integration > Enable SharePoint integration. Follow the instructions in Step 1 to ensure that server-based configuration is complete for your envoronment and SharePoint integration. Go to the Case Documents section on the page and see the document list added. Typically portals have relatively few people who create and author the site and its content. c. Open the Web – Edit Case in form editor. Follow the instructions in Step 2 to ensure that the portal has permissions to integrate with SharePoint. More detailed steps about how to enable breadcrumb for your reference: According to your description, my understanding is that you want know what the “Portal Site Connection” is and how to use it. This allows portal users to view, download, add, and delete documents from a portal. SharePoint empowers teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division.