This exceptionally powerful, colour therapy system was created to promote both personal and spiritual transformation. However, the perfect time has finally presented itself and I have some time to write a post and do a few more free readings!

Procyon starseeds will play an important role in revolutionary technology like time and space travel. 9 Signs You’re an Orion Starseed! Procyans are rare starseeds, therefore very little is known or discussed about them.

ALSO CHECK OUT: 8 Unbelievable Truths About AI That Will You Realize That The Future Is Closer Than You Think. They have great hand-eye coordination and quick reactions.

14 Hidden SIGNS That Prove You Have An Arcturian Starseed Soul. 10 Personality Traits You Didn’t Know Made You A Pleiadian Starseed, 20 Signs Your DNA Is Transforming & You’re Shifting Into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Their visions are bright, bold and colorful and they hold no doubt that this new time will arise in due course. So Procyans love sunny climates. If you are a resident of California, you have the right under the CCPA to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties. RELATED POST: 14 Hidden SIGNS That Prove You Have An Arcturian Starseed Soul. ( Log Out / 

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. RELATED POST: 10 Personality Traits You Didn’t Know Made You A Pleiadian Starseed. Other starseeds tend to bring change in forms of spiritual revolution, spiritual teachings, healing, breakdown of previous beliefs etc.

I have been informed that the Procyonians have been activating their starseeds and that I should expect a continued wave of connections with Procyon starseeds.

However, this has now been replaced by a feeling of excitement as many now have the opportunity of returning after their current incarnation. The archetypal dreamer of the golden age, these imaginative Starseeds frequently visualize the dawning of the ‘heaven on earth’ paradigm. Their ascension mission is achieved through physical work and not spiritual endeavors like many other Starseed flavors. Customized to your exact birth date and name, this personalized numerology report will shed light on your core numbers and life purpose. They may not be wealthy but they are generous with money. They are also playing an active role in reconditioning humanity so we can more easily align with the new earth matrix. Procyans can be a catalyst to overcome the duality of body vs spirit. Do You Originate From the Galaxy’s Most Significant Constellation? Please leave a few comments below to let me know how many of these traits you can identify with and if you feel you may be one of these unique Starseeds.

So let’s take a look at the 10 main traits of Procyon Starseeds: It is thought that the Procyonian’s love warm, sunny climates such as California, Australia, Floria or Hawaii. Your birth details help us personalize your experience and content.

Our physical bodies have uncovered abilities that can work as a pathway to spiritual development. Kinesthetic learners are typically very coordinated and have an excellent sense of their body in space and of body timing. So let’s take a look at the 10 main traits of Procyon Starseeds: 1. 9 Signs You’re an Orion Starseed! I have felt the need to write about Procyon for a few weeks now due to a large influx of Procyon starseeds contacting me but I have been too distracted to take the time to do so. The Procyonians told me of an underclass of  lower dimensional beings that also lived on the planet. This sentiment is quite common among all starseeds because they are a minority on Earth, but it can be quite intense for Procyans. These rare Starseeds are slowly improving the farming industry and overhauling the methods in which we cultivate energy. To Get Your Weekly Cosmic Update, Enter Your Details Below... Keep an eye on your inbox for next week's guide to the most remarkable & mystifying cosmic events ahead (& other goodies), GET FIRST DIBS ON ALL THINGS ASTRO-NUMERO BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, The #1 Thing Your Zodiac Cares About This Week (Psst… It’s Not Mercury Retrograde), 5 Ways Venus Has Your Back This Week In Matters of Love & Money, Your Weekly Tarot: How To Stop Libra’s Gentle Vibes Turning You Into A Doormat, The #1 Question You Must Ask Yourself If You Want Success In Business This Week, Why You Need To Be Careful As You Make Your First Step To New Beginnings, Calculating Your #1 Core Number: The Life Path Number, Calculating Your #2 Core Number: The Expression Number, Calculating Your #3 Core Number: The Soul Urge Number.

The beings I met in this city were about the same height as humans, they had large eyes with large dark irises, they had light sandy coloured hair and bronzed skin.

Procyon starseeds may have the following characteristics or traits in common: Many Procyans are very psychic. Due to their rarity it is possible for a Procyan to not know any other Procyans. Apparently, there are a lot of Procyon starseeds that know where they are from but are looking for validation and I hope that this post will help them with that.

Other starseeds tend to bring change in forms of spiritual revolution, spiritual teachings, healing, breakdown of previous beliefs etc. Due to their rarity it is possible for a … Other starseeds tend to bring change in forms of spiritual revolution, spiritual teachings, healing, breakdown of previous beliefs etc. This is vital for their wellbeing as they unconsciously, fully absorb and harness sunlight energy to achieve a fully functioning Lightbody. I guess Procyans just know they need to be in the sun.

Love for freedom makes them suited to freelance work.

This is an interesting one because there are two very distinct types here. Agenda: Protect and guide.

Being so physical, they enjoy activate participation in life via exercise and have a very healthy appetite for sexual intercourse with their significant other. clairaudient =  psychic hearing via stichomancy, automatic writing or meditative mantras.

Enter your e-mail address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. Before the shield was lifted, many were blocked from returning and so exist with a deep sense of isolation. Once fixed on an idea, they will find it almost impossible to change their opinion, even if new evidence is presented to prove otherwise. Don’t hold your breath to meet one as they are one of our most scarce starry volunteers.

The home star of Procyans (whether it is Procyon or not) was filled with brilliant glowing light. 8 Unbelievable Truths About AI That Will You Realize That The Future Is Closer Than You Think, Are You A Lyran Starseed? It’s a unique kinesthetic kind of psychic power. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hayden works closely with the Colour Mirrors system to help you achieve the best results in the quickest time. Adore The Sun Wie Sirius ist Prokyon ein Doppelstern – der Hauptstern Prokyon A, ein weißlich-gelber Stern der Spektralklasse F5, hat einen leuchtschwachen Begleiter 11.

He gives overwhelmed women permission to explore and rediscover their inner wisdom so they can live life with more joy and purpose.

If you live with one, good luck with try to entice them away from their work if they are on a roll! It is slightly fainter than Rigel in Orion and a little brighter than Achernar in Eridanus.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These beings are the Procyonians. Procyon starseeds will bring in new forms of technology and social reform that will catalyze the ascension of the physical world.


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During certain times of the year, the small sun would go behind the larger sun, emerging two months later on the other side of the larger sun.

Skin tans very well unless there was painful past life in Procyon, then skin may not tan at all, excellent at visualizing complex and abstract ideas, may have a hard time taking a break from a task when they are “on a roll”.

There are three basic modalities of perception. Origin: Procyon / Canis Minor, 25 Cancer 47. Spending time in the sun is not a luxury but a necessity for Procyan’s well-being because Procyans assimilate the sunlight energy.

They are noticeable and known for being impatient, jealous, temperamental, eccentric, and stubborn.

The first are the ones who can tan really nicely in the sunshine. Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris), image: Wikisky. What Is A Natal Chart & What Does Your Astrological Birthdate Say About You? Procyon starseeds are here on Earth with a purpose that is more centered on ascension through physical work rather than through spiritual work. Approaching spirituality in a physical way through bodily sensation like eating, exercising, and making love. In fact, too much sexual drive could be an issue. Do you have these Sirian Starseed Traits? Procyans love to be in loving relationships and they probably make great lovers.

They have the characteristic of using the Sun’s energy as a source of nutrition and energy (that is, on some level, they know how to nourish … However, if one of their incarnations on Procyon was particularly devastating then the skin color will be extremely pale.

kinesthetic (through bodily sensation, including smell and taste). Get your FREE Colour Mirrors Insights HERE to discover your biggest blockage to living a life full of love, abundance and happiness.

Because the Procyonian civilization enforced an energy shield around their home star for security reasons, some of them feel at a loss of what to do with their lives here on earth. Procyonian Starseeds come from the Procyon in the Gemini constellation. Procyon is a white-yellow-ish star in the Canis Minor constellation and is the 7th brightest star in the sky.