INSTANCES OF ABERRANT COLORS AND PATTERNS AMONG THE INDIAN HERPETOFAUNA: A REVIEW. ): 103-147. Pre-pay for multiple images and download on demand. This is a very beautiful species founded in a variety of colours. Note on the largest length record of Common Wolf Sanke Lycodon aulicus (Linnaeus,1758). 48(4): 1201-1204 -, Ansari NA.® is a registered trademark© 1997-, Hopi rattler: an orange rattler crossing the path, The yellow-spotted wolf snake: the krait mimic. Sorry, this image isn't available for this licence. Herpetological Review 47(3): 480. Display comments as Go to: main text of page | main navigation | local menu, You are here » Preprint, Researchgate -, Patil, Sunny & Zeeshan A. Mirza 2007. Reptile Rap: Diversity of Snakes in and around Durgapur City, West Bengal, India. Bhattarai S, Pokheral CP, Lamichhane BR, Regmi UR, Ram AK, Subedi N. 2018. 2013. Soc. Bücher Kreth, Frankfurt/M. Terms and conditions  ~   “They lay eggs in April and May and many people try to kill them, although they contribute to ecological balance,” he stressed. Revalidation of Lycodon hypsirhinoides (Theobald, 1868) from Andaman islands (Squamata: Serpentes: Colubridae). 2009. Hist. Azalées, 168 pp. J. Asiat. Incidentally, such snakes are still found in the geographical area where the text was originally composed. FIELD GUIDE to Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal. The Amphibians and Reptiles Collected from Different Habitat Types in District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. -, Murthy, T.S.N. Reptile Rap (11): 2-4 -, Trutnau,L. Edit. Early naturalists have suggested its resemblance to the venomous common krait as an instance of Batesian mimicry. (H. R. Cottle, govt. J. Bombay Nat. 32 (6) (4.s. The Fauna of British India, Ceylon and Burma, Including the Whole of the Indo-Chinese Sub-Region. Snakes of Rameshwaram. Entomol Ornithol Herpetol 4: 136. doi:10.4172/2161-0983.1000136 -, Ganesh S. R., Asokan J. 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A new species of Lycodon from the Philippines, with a key to the genus (Reptilia: Serpentes: Colubridae). 18: 101-129 -, Wall, FRANK 1921. Soc. A slender-bodied small snake that ranges from barely three feet to less than one meter. 21 (2): 80-88, Mahony, Stephen; Md. Russ. Average size for this snake is around 40 cm. 1891. 1889. Ophidia Taprobanica or the Snakes of Ceylon. 1961. The distribution of reptiles and amphibians in the Annapurna-Dhaulagiri region (Nepal). A. Thasun Amarasinghe 2011. Coluber aulicus, Print, Lycodon aulicus, commonly known as the Indian wolf snake, is a species of nonvenomous snake found in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The updated checklists of amphibians and reptiles of China. It is known to defend itself when barred of escape, and can cause severe lacerations with its fine sharp "fangs". Taxonomic reassessment of the Common Indian Wolf Snakes Lycodon aulicus (Linnaeus, 1758) complex (Squamata: Serpentes: Colubridae). 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and Gavhane Usha V. 2020. Nature Reserves Survey Seminar. Soc. Russ. -, Tank, C. and V. Sharma 2016. I have come across 2 to 3 species of wolf snakes and I find yellow-spotted wolf snake the most beautiful because of its color pattern. Checklist of the Reptilian fauna of Himachal Pradesh, India. Note on record of body length of the Common Wolf Snake Lycodon aulicus. A checklist of reptiles of Kerala, India. Herpetofauna of a Ramsar Site: Beeshazar and Associated Lakes, Chitwan National Park, Nepal. 1990. There is also a distinct white coloration around its neck. -, Taylor, Edward H. 1953. A note on snakes of Kanha National Park and surrounding areas. Copyright complaints  ~   International Journal of Scientific Research in Biological Sciences 6 (5): 76-84 -, Jackson, K. and T. H. Fritts 2004. Russ. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy. International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology 4 (11): 599-604 -, Palci, Alessandro; Mark N. Hutchinson, Michael W. Caldwell, Michael S. Y. Lee 2017. ‘The common wolf snake, Lycodon aulicus capucinus recently colonized Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean’ ‘When Muhammad Anees brought home 25 eggs from a house in Bangalore, he didn't know he would have 25 cobras, four wolf snakes and 10 rat snakes on his hands.’ Zur Schlangenfauna Nepals. Social workers Ganeshraj and Rajesh Prabhu, on the directions of Gururaj Sanil, rescued the snake and released it in the neighbourhood. 1999; Daltry & Wüster 2002; Das 2010; Vogel & David 2010; Vogel et al. Zhao, E.M. 2006. & Adler,K. -, Swan, L.W., & Leviton, A.E. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). ARCO-Nepal e.V., 625 pp. The genus Lycodon comprises 65 recognized species.. Lycodon albofuscus (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854) Reptile Rap (7): 3-6, Das, Abhijit; Uttam Saikia, B. H. C. K. Murthy, Santanu Dey and Sushil K. Dutta 2009. RUHUNA JOURNAL OF SCIENCE 6: 21- 41, Karthik, Pandi; Ayuthavel Kalaimani, Rathinalingam Nagarajan 2018. 1987. Nanhoe, L.M.R., & Ouboter, P.E. & Das, K. R. 2012. India is home to 13 species of wolf snake, so I would like to say that this is one of the largest family of snakes in India.