[17] Belts, chains, shafts, and gears are common methods of powering a supercharger, placing a mechanical load on the engine. Inside the combustion chamber it slows the flame, acting similar to higher octane fuel. Today, the term "supercharger" is typically applied only to mechanically driven forced induction devices. Turbo is a 2013 American computer-animated sports comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. With common firing order 1–3–4–2, two scrolls of unequal length pair cylinders 1 and 4, and 3 and 2. A reduced density of intake air is caused by the loss of atmospheric density seen with elevated altitudes. "[40] Lou Lumenick of the New York Post gave the film three out of four stars, saying "Let’s just say there are no surprises here, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a film that’s aimed mostly at the under-10 set. Thus, for a given volume and pressure of air, the turbocharged air is cooler, and as a result denser, containing more oxygen molecules, and therefore more potential power than the supercharged air. There, they are captured by Tito, a taco truck driver, and are brought to a snail race held by him and his co-workers. "[52] Jen Chaney of The Washington Post gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four, saying "Turbo" is a derivative but nevertheless good-hearted movie that's peppered with enough clever touches to engage adults as well as moviegoers of the smaller, squirmier variety. https://turbo.fandom.com/wiki/Turbo_(character)?oldid=8924.

In twin-scroll designs, the exhaust manifold physically separates the channels for cylinders that can interfere with each other, so that the pulsating exhaust gasses flow through separate spirals (scrolls). It is based on an original idea by David Soren, who also directed the film in his feature debut. According to Dogg, the song is "something upbeat that everyone in the house can enjoy. The car that Theo got the nitrous oxide from that made him fast is a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. [3], The 1905[4] patent by Alfred Büchi, a Swiss engineer working at Gebrüder Sulzer (now simply called Sulzer) is often considered the birth of the turbocharger. MotorBooks International, 11 July 2004, Compressor Performance: Aerodynamics for the User.

For other uses, see, Additional technologies commonly used in turbocharger installations, Top-mount (TMIC) vs. front-mount intercoolers (FMIC), Marine and land-based diesel turbochargers, Porsche Turbo: The Full History. Twin turbochargers are primarily used in Diesel engines. To compensate for the increase in temperature, turbocharger units often make use of an intercooler between successive stages of boost to cool down the intake air. Inertia, friction, and compressor load are the primary contributors to turbocharger lag. [26], In Chile, this film was the first feature film to play in the 4DX motion format, featuring strobe lightning, motion, wind, water sprays, and aroma effects, which premiered at a Cine Hoyts theater in La Reina. "[46] Linda Barnard of the Toronto Star gave the film two out of four stars, saying "Turbo's colourful trek to product placement-littered Indianapolis is as rote as it gets, but little viewers won't care about predictability. A television series based on the film, titled Turbo Fast, with only Ken Jeong and Michael Patrick Bell reprising their roles, was put into production a year before the film's release,[10] and it first aired on Netflix on December 24, 2013.[11]. Pilots must make smooth, slow throttle adjustments to avoid overshooting their target manifold pressure.

"HowStuffWorks "What is the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger on a car\'s engine? This is representative of the extra air pressure that is achieved over what would be achieved without the forced induction. Even under ideal conditions, the compression process always results in elevated output temperature; however, more efficient compressors produce less excess heat. "[45] Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times gave the film three-and-a-half stars out of five, saying "Honestly, they pretty much had me at "racing snails. He is a snail who dreams of being the fastest racer in the entire world. ", "Insignia BiTurbo Diesel: A New Chapter For Opel Flagship", "FMIC vs TMIC | Which One Is Right For You? This helps the turbocharger accelerate more quickly and reduces turbo lag. This is because if the pressure rises high enough, a compressor stall occurs—stored pressurized air decompresses backward across the impeller and out the inlet. [7] The film cost $127 million to produce[5] and DreamWorks Animation spent over $150–175 million to market it. A flash-animated[82] television series, titled Turbo Fast, debuted exclusively on Netflix on December 24, 2013, when the first five episodes of the first 26-episode season were released, with subsequent episodes following around holidays throughout 2014. The table below is used to demonstrate the wide range of conditions experienced. This article is a disambiguation page for Turbo. Allowing some air to escape at this location inhibits the onset of surge and widens the operating range. Suddenly, he is sucked into the supercharger of a Chevrolet Camaro drag racer, fusing his DNA with nitrous oxide. [34] In a parallel configuration, both turbochargers are fed one-half of the engine's exhaust. In 1987, another game named RoadBlasters was plugged in across from TurboTime. Measurements and shapes can vary, as well as curvature and number of blades on the wheels.